The People's Voice with Shabnam Shabnam Palesa Mohamed and Dr Peter McCullough
9 May 2021

MUST WATCH: This is the first South African interview with renowned internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist and professor of medicine, Dr Peter McCullough. It was a challenge for SPM Media to get this video uploaded. Youtube took it down immediately, because we speak about early treatments challenges and success, and the censorship of adverse vax/jab reactions. [Also watch important interviews Dr McCullough did in the month/s following this interview.]


Here's a breakdown of the 60 minute interview:

1 - 8:20: The censorship of C19 early treatments

8:20 - 14:14: What are the best C19 protocols?

14:14 - 20:10: The HCQ controversy, Lancet fraud. John Hopkins predicted SPARS pandemic

20:10 - 22:59: The duty of doctors to fight fear. The failures of big institutions globally.

22:59 - 30:56: Ivermectin and legal cases. Doctors must decide on treatment, not public health institutions. AAPS treatment guide.

30:56 - 34:20: What is the best early treatment in countries with demographics like India and South Africa? All stages of the infection.

34:20 - 42:10: Natural immunity is 100 fold better than interventions. The immunity of Covid recovered people is robust, durable and complete. Asymptomatic people should not be tested. PCR tests and false positives.

42:10 - 57:14: Censorship of vax/jab adverse events is dangerous. Reservations of leading virologists and immunologists. Eg: Vax/jabs during a pandemic never done before.Vaccine breakthrough infections. Paper by 57 authors against mass vax/jabs, demanding answers on safety and efficacy. What is the standard to stop a medical trial? Ordinarily, over 5 unexplained deaths would lead to a blackbox warning. Swine flu example: 25 deaths stopped the jabs Why not now? Spike protein dangers. Why safety data and adverse events must be independently monitored and adjudicated. Stakeholders cannot be involved. CDC FDA denial. Pressure of coercion and threat of reprisal.

57:14 - 60:00: Message to clinicians and the public. Early treatment protocols. Covid recovered people should live life normally.

Call to Action: Please share this interview widely and across all platforms, so people have access to information from a doctor who has no conflict of interest issues and cares only about health.

Dr Peter McCullough: "Shabnam Palesa Mohamed is considered one of the most dynamic media personalities in South Africa. She is courageous in getting to the bottom of things." [Dr McCullough after our interview].

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The People's Voice
with Shabnam Palesa Mohamed
25 April 2021

Watch the shocking cover up of vaccine injuries and more in South Africa. Courageous Guests: Dr Nathi Mdladla, Dr EV Rapiti and Dr Ivan Jardine.

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Using vaccines as pretext and negotiation tool


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