CBS recently made a documentary on Ukraine that was critical of the conflict and posited that only 30% of weapons actually reached the front lines. They deleted it after the US government ordered them to, but here's a download of it

It's bad, it's getting worse, and it's only going to get worse. Today's worst inflation will be next year's best possible outcome

Original Video Uploaded by Interactive Investor:

Video(s) from Tayler Hansen on Twitter, clipped together for convenience

A Lecture from Regent Law Professor James Duane on why you should never, under any circumstances, talk to the police.

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In honor of pride month I am uploading this documentary, I would have omitted the original description but honestly its more damning than anything I could write, these people are disgusting, oh and one last thing, everyone who appeared in this documentary died from their degenerate lifestyle within 10 years of the documentary being published:

As many men in the community become condom weary, and some even consciously desire HIV infection, disturbing new trends of risky behavior have pushed the rate of new infections back into a rapid rise, all to the mantra of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."
Using Internet sites for promotion and connection, a community of barebackers (those who have sex without a condom) is flourishing. This includes bug chasers who host conversion parties where men actively seek the gift of HIV infection.
Doug, a central character of the film, is a bright, articulate young man who moved from the Midwest to San Francisco in search of a gay community. He became a bug chaser and actively sought the gift of HIV infection. When Doug became infected with the virus, he felt a sense of belonging to a community. He is now dealing with the unexpected severity of his illness.
Also featured in the documentary is noted psychoanalyst and community activist Walt Odets, MD, author of In the Shadow of the Epidemic. Dr.Odets examines the loss, grief and anxiety experienced by HIV negative
men living with the AIDS epidemic, and he speaks out about why prevention has failed and what needs to be done.
It is the filmmakers' hope that The Gift will create dialogue within the community and raise awareness of the issues of isolation and division in the gay community around HIV status, thereby leading to a renewed prevention effort.

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I'm so glad I share a country with these people, I feel so enriched

VOD originally uploaded on Metokur's Loonicorn Archives:

A video montage of one of the greatest shitstorms ever stirred up by RW Twitter

An episode of Louis Theroux's newest series featuring members of the America First "movement" and the happenings around AFPAC 2

Some men have this reaction to the birth of their child, but beardson, a nearly 40-year-old married man, doesn't have any of those, and instead collects Pokémon cards.
This guy is definitely going to save the White race though don't worry about it.

A speech uploaded in April 2021 by Cody Wilson on his company's YouTube channel

An interview of Cody Wilson by ReasonTV, posted on their Youtube Channel and mirrored here by me :)

Original Interview:

From Yesterday's stream with guest Brandon Tatum

Richard Trask, virulent anti-Trump activist and FBI agent was arrested for strangling his wife and bashing her head against a nightstand after she refused to cuck him at a swinger's party. His punishment for such a savage attack was two days in jail and zero dollars in court fees since the government paid for it all. This is the face of the FBI, this is the morality of your average system enforcer, they are rotten, wicked, and evil to the core.

More info here:

Mirror from a MEGA link from Kiwi Farms of a debate Nick Fuentes had recently where he admitted to several damning things that I will list below, all info is from the post at the following link:

>Nick talks about being an unironic misogynist and how it's really fun when women get hurt. He says that Baldwin shooting that woman was the funniest thing.

>Nick defends the broseph tweet as a bad joke and tells the other guy to stop tone policing. He says that there is no such thing as based women and that they are all dumb whores.

>Nick talks about his views on women and marriage where he says he doesn't look forward to getting married and its all just an means to an end. He says its cringe when people love their spouse and that everyone should be like trump.

>Nick compares himself to Thomas Aquntios, Aristotle, Jesus, and God by saying that they all think the same about women.

>Nick compares marriage to things he hates like brushing his teeth and showering.

>Nick talks about being a martyr and says that he went to the capitol to save the white race.

Needless to say, this is all very homosexual behavior, the only people I know with this much hatred for women are almost always gay men.

Mirror of Mr. Metokurs stream tonight and perhaps his last stream for some time

0:00 Starts
1:48 COVID
4:17 Health & Mersh
8:16 Censorship
19:05 Afghanistan & state of the Biden admin
35:46 Q
39:50 Chris chan
51:42 Break - Remix Maniacs - Blues Clues
56:28 Returns - streaming platforms
1:01:27 OnlyFans
1:03:03 Nick Fuentes & Baked Alaska
1:05:57 E-celeb trials - EDP, Boogie, Ralph, Owen Shroyer
1:10:48 Selected superchats

An archive of a video published by the San Francisco Gay Choir detailing their intent to "convert" the children of right wingers into become homosexuals. This same choir was then exposed by Anons on 4chan for having several members who were convicted pedophiles.

A meme edit of one of the most autistic threads in internet history.

Tucker Carlson segment where he attacks the ADL for its contradictory positions on the sovereignty and immigration policies of the USA vs the sovereignty and immigration policies of Israel

While there are several copies of Empire of Dust on Bitchute and elsewhere, most of them are highly compressed and in an even lower resolution than the documentary itself was released in, this is a copy of the documentary in its original resolution, the plot is below.

Plot Summary:
Lao Yang and Eddy both work for a company called CREC (Chinese Railway Engineering Company). They have just set up camp near the remote mining town of Kolwezi in the Katanga province of the RDC. The goal of the company is to redo the road - covering 300km - that connects Kolwezi with the capital of the province Lubumbashi. Lao Yang is head of logistics of the group. He is responsible for the equipment, building materials and food (mainly chickens) to arrive in the isolated Chinese prefab camp. The Congolese government was supposed to deliver these things but so far the team hasn't received anything. With Eddy (a Congolese man who speaks Mandarin fluently) as an intermediate, Lao Yang is forced to leave the camp and deal with local Congolese entrepreneurs, because without the construction materials the road works will cease. What follows is an endless, harsh, but absurdly funny roller coaster of negotiations and misunderstandings, as Lao Yan learns about the Congolese way of making deals.

Link to Internet Archives Page:

This video should give you all a glimpse into the future of this country, the establishment is moving full speed ahead in their attempt to turn any and all dissent against the government into an act of "domestic terrorism".

The Neoliberal Police State is here, and what it does, and the response to it by the populace, will not be pretty.


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