gen:LOCK/Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot

Ben 10/ Jackie Chan Adventures

(Asura's Wrath vs Record Of Ragnarok)


The Town That Dreaded Sundown/My Bloody Valentine

Persona 3/RWBY

Super Mario Series/Celebrity Deathmatch


Arknights/Demon Slayer

Undead Knights/Stubbs the Zombie Rebel Without A Pulse

From the fan-made comic 5 Years Later by Kuro the Artist

(Fathom comic/Darkchylde)


RWBY/Jackie Chan Adventure's


Tak and the Power of Juju/ARMS

An episode of Celebrity Deathmatch that says it all

Salem vs Shendu

(RWBY/Jackie Chan Adventures)

Kragg vs Crustle

(Rivals of Aether/Pokemon)

Olimar vs the Third Overlord

(Pikmin/Overlord (Video Game))

Tyrian (RWBY) vs Fester (The Adams Family)

Shockwave(Transformers) vs Valentina (gen:LOCK)

Kiryu vs Tigerzord

(Godzilla/Power Rangers)

Alice Liddle vs Red Riding Hood

(American Mcgee's Alice/Woolfe The Red Hood Diaries)

Lady Edlegard vs Nariko

(Fire Emblem Three Houses/Heavenly Sword)


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