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Promotional video for the 8 p.m. EST premiere of tomorrow's (3-17-23) Ides of March Interview with Christopher Cantwell, host of the Radical Agenda and creator of SurrealPolitiks on substack, where they go over Chris' latest filings in the Charlottesville civil suit, the state of the alt-right, Trump vs DeSantis, subversion in fringe politics and much more, only on

In an extremely unhinged rant, Infowars founder and host Alex Jones lashes out at his former employees, particularly David Knight, takes Jesus' name in vain and acts demonically throughout. Youtube takes down videos exposing Jones so this is a bitchute exclusive!

On May 2nd, 2020, hundreds of protesters returned to Concord to protest the Gov. Chris Sununu's ongoing forced shutdown of the state economy due to the fear of coronavirus/covid-19. Unlike the April 18 rally it was a very pleasant sunny day, more children were out playing in the park area, and even a few counter-protesters showed up.

On May 2nd, 2020, hundreds of protesters returned to Concord to protest the Gov. Chris Sununu's ongoing forced shutdown of the state economy due to the fear of coronavirus/covid-19. Unlike the April 18 rally it was a very pleasant sunny day, more children were out playing in the park area, and even a few counter-protesters showed up.

In this special Tuesday edition we cover Richard Spencer getting humiliating audio leaked only days after calling Christians "scum", how Gavin McInnes is a grifter degenerate, the first recipient of Alex Jones' activism award, and the antics of Infowars' D-list e-celeb reporters plus much more!
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Questioning Authority is an uncensored, live call-in talk radio show broadcast Saturday nights at 10 on

After a year hiatus, James from AZ calls in to Questioning Authority and insults Vincent, picks a fight with his studio audience, and threatens Mark's kid after bragging about avoiding getting arrested.

Vincent delves into the fake controversy being spread about the upcoming Joker movie, the shady figures behind #MAGA e-celebs, and much more!
Listen and call in live Saturdays at 10 p.m. EST on!
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Vincent delves deep into the rabbit hole about the origins of government mind-control experiment MK Ultra, as well as its even more secretive sister program Project Monarch, their methods, and just how Satanic today's music videos have become, particularly Billie Eilish. Topics also covered: Israeli election and is Mike Pomep going to be the next Henry Kissinger?
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Vincent gets fired up while reading about the New Hampshire Youth Movement in his college's newspaper.

In his most explosive episode to date, Vincent spends the first hour going over President Trump's tacit support of authoritarian populist leaders ranging from British PM Boris Johnson's dissolution of Parliament over Brexit to Indian PM Narendra Modi's military occupation of Kashmir.
In the second hour Vincent exposes an insidious plot to fool the American public into accepting domestic martial law through executive orders signed by the President putting the country into a state of emergency, a military counter-coup against the "Deep State's" soft coup, and shared talking points by both mainstream and alternative media figures.

Matthew North's channel for deeper info on this subject

Vincent spends the first hour covering President Trump's recent statements and behavior that's lead some to believe he's the Beast from Revelation 13, Christian end times prophecies, the effect Zionism has on US and Israeli politics, and another White House figure facing anti-christ accusations: Jared Kushner.

Vincent then spends most of the second hour discussing Alex Jones' Charlottesville conspiracy theory, the Democrat primary and 2020 election in relation to the alt-right with Radical Agenda host Christopher Cantwell.

Radical Agenda host and Charlottesville headliner Christopher Cantwell responds to Alex Jones' claim that a majority of the Charlottesville Unite the Right attendees were "gay hired actors", contests Jones' claim of being the most censored person on the internet, and shares his own thoughts regarding Charlottesville being a set up.

Surprising no one, within the first 10 minutes of the 8/22/19 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex Jones decries the Squad's desire to see Israel blown up (I've yet to find the proof of any of them expressing this) and claims that native Palestinians aren't real.

On the 7/14 Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, host Alex Jones goes off on a side rant accusing the alt-right protesters who participated in the 2017 Unite the Right rally of being liberal gay hired actors. Jones claims to have evidence to support these claims, but in his usual fashion doesn't actually show any.

Several weeks after getting banned from alternative media platform, Radical Agenda host Christopher Cantwell postulates that there's more to Andrew Torba's stated reason for his banning.

A caller claiming to have a first date at the zoo calls in to ask Radical Agenda host Chris Cantwell for advice.

"Conservative" activist Laura Loomer goes into hysterics on the Alex Jones Show after getting banned from facebook.
Those listening to the live audio feed at the time could hear Loomer say the "fuck", which obviously got dumped by a board op, but the sheer number of times she got delayed probably has something to do with the audio being out of sync at times. Either way it was incredibly unprofessional on Alex Jones' part to keep her on after dumping her out the first time, thereby endangering his affiliates.

On a surprise appearance on Questioning Authority, Christopher Cantwell goes into his position in the alt-right in light of the recent infighting.

Something possesses Vincent into spending the first hour talking about the cryptocurrency market and recent news stories that provide hope for a not-too-distant future bull run, ISIS down but not out for the count in the Middle East, and then the show falls apart in the later half of the second hour when Christopher Cantwell crashes the studio and clears up some things regarding the recent bout of alt-right drama.

Alt-right shock jock Christopher Cantwell joins the show to talk about topics such as the decaying of civil discourse, white nationalism, the state of the alt-right movement, and much more!
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Apparently tired of my constant criticism of him, "Alex Jones" calls in to voice his grievances...

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An old rough cut of an Off the Air LIve promo I had made, dating back to March of 2017.

Guest Christopher Cantwell explains his rationale for why he hopes that martial law will be declared in the near future.

A hysteric caller claiming to be a former Free Talk Live co-host calls into Questioning Authority to confront guest Christopher Cantwell regarding the psychological abuse he inflicted on her by just existing.
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A compilation with commentary on former libertarian radio host turned Trump shill Alex Jones and his associate Mike Adams the "Health Ranger"'s fear mongering in favor of a pro-Republican, pro-Trump martial law.


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