Original video in full available at I saw this video detailing how revolutions are all inspired by the top ranks of the spy agencies in the United States to direct "democracy" around the world and essentially they put in or take down any regime they want. One of the calling signs of the most sought after revolution experts is a fist. This is interesting because this symbol began to show up in the United States in 2015 but was also used in the 60's when there were major shake-ups that have the same logo as these guys. This is a clip from a longer video on out telegram channel

I put together a compilation and remix of a couple of hot clips that have been cycling, I know you haven't seen this because I created it and gave original created to sources from some of the original work. The clip of the national guard is the guard turning their back on B1den's motorcade and the song is from a clip from a Pr0ud b0ys clip so I don't know the original author but the song itself is one of the most powerful and on-time songs I have heard. I have been getting emotional about our duty to protect America

Man Attacked in his car while driving and when He got out to hit the guy back He was jumped by other people in the neighborhood

The #BuildBackBetter was never #Biden's slogan but I guess you guys already know that. #NWO/#GreatReset = #Communist overthrow of the ūüĆé This is No #ConspiracyTheory It is a real live #Conspiracy

Huge tax increase coming in for the top earners that stay according to recent proposals to increase the state tax rate on the highest income bracket or those earning over $5 million. This will push the effective tax rate for top earners in NYC close to 14.7%, the highest in the nation. I also saw this video that seems very similar to what the main stream of thought seems to be trending. It's interesting that His plan is exactly the same one being pushed by the global world leaders. Taxes will be going up and I would probably get your money out of the bank before they begin restricting what people can remove via capital controls.

Trump lined with what looks like commanders in the military speaks to the media and asks do you know what this represents? She asks what Trump: "Maybe this is the calm before the storm" What storm? Trump: "You'll find out"

A large group of National Guard Marching through DC ahead of the "transition of Power"

This seems like a Freudian slip from the commander of the national guard of Virginia he said in this interview they are there for a smooth transition to military power. There are now 65,000 national guard troops in Washington DC. and active duty Military working

Powerful speech from Josh Hawley who seems to be wide awake. We may have a true patriot here who has called out the threat by name and their New Global Order. I won't lie I tear up listening to this pumping my fist in the air because this country truly needs saving and there is only one hero left to save America. We're on the cusp of losing everything and people think this is just normal

Food shortages in China are something the Government doesn't talk about much yet since all information is totally controlled. These videos are being scrubbed from the other censorship platforms but it shows how crazy things are at a grocery store. They are locking people in their homes and dragging people away again!

Powerful speech from Josh Hawley who seems to be wide awake. We may have a true patriot here who has called out the threat by name and their New Global Order. I won't lie I tear up listening to this pumping my fist in the air because this country truly needs saving and there is only one hero left to save America. We're on the cusp of losing everything and people think this is just normal

This is just crazy how nearly every method from the book on communist coercive methods for eliciting individual compliance from the Biderman report on communist brainwashing. The tactic is to bring in this great reset which would make sense why the pandemic began in Communist China because they simply have total control and no real evidence would leave the country but what the government wanted to be seen. They acted like it was bad and the methods they imposed on their society which have also been used here are almost textbook for eliciting compliance from subjects. That is really at the heart of our problem here, that the government views us as subjects to be managed and always hope someone else will fight their wars

The great reset is being sold to us as a great thing because they have created these fake problems that we need a global government to solve all of the sudden. The Globalists absolutely could not allow Donal Trump to win in 2020 and we see they have spared no expense. I think this will eventually fail because It is just way too fast to just order Americans to no longer be free, This is the reason for the total censorship even to the degree of taking down entire companies to prevent the people of the United States from being exposed to the Truth. This is no game if you look into what these people are saying they propose the dissolution of America as we know it and the leader of America should represent America' interest. One thing is clear making everyone in the world slaves to the global government is certainly not my idea of better

Protest in the Netherlands over lockdowns and all the propaganda designed to make us all betray each other and brainwash us into communism. I love how they embodied the web of propaganda all around us.

I wanted to talk about the power of We the people. All of this requires our consent and we know they ask more and more from us as the days go by. All we need is for people to begin to stand up because you are not alone and there are plenty more behind you waiting to see you stand against our common enemy. We are strong and they fear us or they wouldn't be so desperate to bury us

Denmark breaks out pitchforks and torches to oppose the lockdown of their country

There has been a lot of talk about the recent events at the US capital and a lot of lies. The point of this video is to shine some light on this darkness and attempt to rectify the extreme injustice committed against "trump supporters" and the huge effort under way to suppress their right to protest or assemble. The tech companies are burying information and shutting down private companies who will not comply with their abuses. All of the extreme events were centered around this "kick the fascists our of DC on Jan 6" protest which met at the Washington monument which is also on video. The crew then proceeded to go create the staged videos and the woman who allegedly was shot was with this separated group. The other thing between this group that actually entered is a 50-foot wall that prevents the actual people from accessing the area they were allowed to produce the videos. The police are involved in this clip and they are possibly the worst actors on the planet. The reason they are pushing this lie is the most alarming as they have announced new laws to persecute and use federal agencies to harm American citizens. Biden has also announced plans for a total gun ban in the US and has promised to end the NRA forever!

Huge stop the steal march in Osaka Japan for Donald Trump as the world looks on in shame for an attempt to steal an American election. You can hear what sounds like stop the steal in Japanese but I don't speak it. It's inspiring that the world looks on our struggle and is standing for freedom

NYC hotels and for that matter hotels, in general, have received the short end of the stick and it couldn't be more pronounced than the collapse we're witnessing in NYC. Tourism has really stalled and the demand shock could continue to pressure the cities economy. In the beginning of the 2020 recession, they were already warning the city was bankrupt and thus needed a bailout and has been dealing with a significant drop off in economic activity. When the luxury hotels started opening up their doors to the homeless in the (lucrative) deal they made with the city people were saying it was a bad idea because the hotel could be ruined or have their reputation ruined. However, the hotels that didn't get that deal likely won't endure the severity of this recession. Some industry analysts are suggesting due to hotels not submitting data the NYC hotel occupancy rates are currently less than 10% rather than the 40% they are asserting, the problem is this time last year there was a 92% occupancy rate for the 700 NYC hotels. Now 200 of those hotels remain closed no doubt due to lack of demand as tourism and business travel dwindles away.

Wake up they are disarming the american people. Self proclaimed best second amendment president in history is now actively implementing gun control. Wake up with all the talk about new laws the constitution has been completely forgotten. The problem is most of talking heads in the media especially pro 2nd amendment ones discuss defense of self and hunting. Is that really what it was written for, the truth is we are grossly unmatched. Trump ran as the greatest second amendment president ever (self proclaimed) He is doing the exact opposite. No one should be surprised this will take a lot more than voting

America has had dramatic changes in birth rate. We have reached a level that is not sustainable. Many people do not study birth rates in relation to economic activity. While increasing levels of debt have been required to sustain liabilities the rapidly declining population will result in a world economic collapse.

China has had a 9.8% drop in production this is a massive drop as over 41% of Chinese gold mines say they have no idea how to meet growing demand. As China is also the world's largest gold consumer this could have major impacts on global gold demand.

Warning the deep State is working to seize full control of free speech on the internet. We are entering the dark ages of information if this plan is complete. When we go back to find out how we arrived in total darkness we won't know because this message will be gone.

what does the quran really say about terrorism. Why this is not isolated and will continue. The truth is if we don't wake up it will be too late. This message is the death penalty in many parts of the world.

Kevin spacey ends up having almost every mainstream media outlet begin to praise him as he is caught molesting children. The problem is far deeper than most of us can imagine when the media is complicit in covering up heinous crimes.


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