There are a lot of us out there who want to make our kitchens a bit nicer (without spending a fortune) and my Dad and I put our heads together and came up with the idea of making carved appliques which you could glue on to the cabinet doors to make your own scenes..... the ones in the videos are just prototypes but we think they turned out pretty well and are now getting ready to order the Oak and make the final pieces ;-) So stay tuned to see how the next ones turn out.

If you have any questions let me know and I'll be happy to answer them

Just a quick update on a simple upgrade....... basically I put in to small a fuse for the VFD and it kept blowing so we just replaced it and put the wiring back together ;-) Now we are good to go and no more live wires sticking out to ZAP me or Mia ;-)

Ok as many of you know I have been looking high and low for the last 6 months to find a new rental place and because I have my work shop I need some sort of place that has a place for my tools. You also know that I have met some pretty crazy landlords along the way...... Well here in Moldova we have a lot of empty houses in the villages so that is where I am focusing my search. At the moment I have 3 different homes I am looking at that are all FREE but....... they kind of resemble the picture on the front of this video. So I will be choosing the best of the three this upcoming week and once we are moved look forward to all new content and repair videos!!

Well it's time to do another Mia related Video..... as you can see my daughter is part monkey and there is no where she can not go ;-) Well while I was sleeping my little girl decided at 2 am she would wake up and check the fridge and freezer for me.....unfortunately she forgot to close them and the evaporator filled up with ice and all my food went bad..... fortunately there wasn't that much food in the fridge at the time. Now when this happens you have two choices..... call a repairman or DO IT YOURSELF!!

Well since I can't leave anything alone..... (ever) and I finally got time to get around to collecting up the last of the parts I needed and now I can finally put my master plan into action!! So today's video is all about putting in some new power cords....... Basically the idea was to take the power cords you get from your desktop computers or laptop power supplies and add that to the cnc so I had yet another way to switch the machines on and off as well as making it easier to move when we go to the next shop in about a month ;-)

In today's episode of Mia VS!! We are doing an electrical cord repair and replacing the broken 3 plug end with a new 5 plug end...... Why do we need to do this? Well after having a chair dropped on it several times......and being slammed in the door a few times...... It has gotten just a little dangerous with broken sharp plastic, a missing corner..... and things just don't plug in quite as well as they used to ;-) So time to take a few moments and see if we can fix it!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a very FRUGAL (or some would say thrifty..... or even cheap ;-) so they know I will never throw anything away if it can possibly be made into something else ;-)

My two year old pulled over a chair and unfortunately broke it.... So today's video will be about making a simple chair repair ;-)

Today I wanted to explain what went wrong with my wood carving and why it split and cracked on me. In a nut shell the problem comes down to carving on wide planks of wood, this causes cupping which when excessive can cause the board to split and crack in two. Best way to solve this is to use edge glued wood so that one part of the wood pulls up and the next piece pulls down creating more stability in the carving ;-)

Well I am off to the villages to see what I can find for under $15,000. It will definitely need some work but that's 1/2 the fun. What am I looking for? Obviously something cheap, a fixer upper I can live in while I do the repairs, and something that has lots of room for expansion. ;-) Let's begin the hunt!!

I had what looked to be a HUGE floor drain in the middle of my garage/shop floor..... but when the thunderstorm went through it flooded enough water into my garage that it overwhelmed it and started to flood my kitchen, hallway, dining room and office!! Check those drains and make sure they don't have small throats on them that can clog easily...... or you might just get a nasty surprise ;-)

In today's video I wanted to talk about DIY when it comes to tools for your home / business shop. Why should you do it..... the simple answer is you get more tools for less money and you don't have to worry about making enough money to cover tool payments each month ;-)

We were almost there..... had the contracts in hand..... just about to sign on the dotted line and then the owner just loses it..... Personally I think he rented it to someone else for more money and just didn't want to say. That's alright I decided to look for an older farm house on the city outskirts that I can rent cheap.... have some land and room to move and get myself a couple of dogs ;-)

Just a little Daddy Daughter walk on a nice day in Moldova ;-)

All is in place going to sign the contract and I will get the new shop space!! Let's see how it goes!!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about Prepping...... Why you should do it and how you should start it. Start simple with the basics just buy 1 extra when you get something. Keep a months receipt to see what you purchase and then just buy a little extra and you will be amazed at how much of a pantry you have in 6 months.

Should you get a Grid Tied system? Or go completely Offgrid? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each? Now personally I like the Offgrid system as you have full control of its design and use ;-)

Well finally got the new power supplies installed and decided I needed to know the volts and amps everything was pulling.......ok I didn't really need to know I just wanted to ;-)

Finally got my new 48 volt power supplies and unfortunately they arrived damaged......fortunately though I was able to repair them and get them installed in the Cnc Control Box ;-) Lets see how they work ;-)

Just me rambling about why you need to choose a voltage and giving you some reasons why I settled on 24 volt and why I recommend it for beginners putting together there own DIY system ;-)

Just me talking about my experiences living off grid as a kid (because we were poor and had no money ;-) and then when I am older living in Hawaii. Hopefully you'll take something positive from my mistakes and save some time and money.

How I setup my power supply and why I set it up this way. Stay tuned next week when the new parts come in I'll finish doing the upgrades ;-)

Welcome everyone today I am talking about my personal opinion on the all in one Solar Systems or whether you should go modular. Now I am all for modular in my own personal setup. I also mentioned Midnite Solar and my knowledge was a little out of date on them they now have a lot of Modular components they didn't have back when I was setting up my own system. They are excellent quality but a bit expensive as well, that said have a look around for yourself and see what works for your area, or what is even available in your area ;-)

Having a rough day in the shop? Grab the Vodka!! Not only does it help you to feel better about your day but it also helps to remove grease from your work pieces, clothes, free up stuck ball screw nuts, and makes a decent bug spray as well ;-)

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As I said in the last video I made a little to much noise so I had to build a Sound deadening wall to make sure I didn't cause any more trouble before I move to the new location (a warehouse shop)


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