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This week we discuss the recent awareness day #TimeToTalk, Theresa May and Personal Independence Payments. Yay, benefits!
Mostly we discuss the need for these days and the hollow participation of public figures like Theresa May.

Also, we highlight some truly excellent and important voices in mental health on Twitter that deserve a bit more exposure. They certainly don't need my help, but I would feel remiss if I didn't discuss it.

An honest self-examination in light of the death of singular talent, Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries.

Rolling Stone article on O'Riordan's last few days:

Vice documentary on Fentanyl:

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Another installment of Biographies. Sorry about the audio quality here. I'm going to buy another mic soon.
This one is about an outburst I had one Christmas.

Biographies is a new series of audiobook-style production. Real life, true stories written and delivered in a literary manner.
If you have a story you would like read here, by all means, contact me here: [email protected] or on twitter @rosswgilchrist

In which we discuss the Arsene Wenger supposed press conference gaffe, Logan Paul's Suicide Forest video and suicide as it should be presented in specific kinds of media.

The Arsene Wenger article:

And hopefully make some decent jokes at the same time.

The trailer... What do you want from me?

In which we talk about Logan Paul being a complete fanny in the Suicide Forest.
In Scotland we say 'wean'.

TheOddSusie Rant
The first video

Vice Documentary

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In which we look at the article 'Actually, my mental health does define who I am'', and attempt to be critical, yet fair, regarding the ideas contained therein.

The article:

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In which we discuss the Young Turks Nerd Alert video called, 'A Music Career Could Hurt Your Mental Health' available here:

Discussing the University of Westminster study Can Music Make You Sick' available here:

My video on social media and mental health:

Some of the data I used for that video:

In this episode, we discuss the inquest into the suicide of Polly Ross, a mother of two who killed herself after allowed to leave the mental health facility she was staying in, even though she was under suicide watch.

The article we discussed:

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Thanks for watching and for contributing to the betterment of the image of mental health.

In which we take a brief look at the news, and dive into the broad implications of my analyses of your responses to last week's episode 'W.E.R.K, Werk' (available here:

Also briefly mention Episode 0, My Story (

Trump and the Daily Mail's rather tasteless mistreatment of mental health issues here:
The Guardian's expose of race related mental health institution detentions here :

Thank you so much for getting in touch, I greatly appreciate it.

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In which Sko discussing the Stevenson Farmer Review, 'Thriving at Work' and concludes that the future of the often fraught relationship between work and mental health is on a positive course. The review is available for your perusal here:

The inspiration for this video came from the BBC article by Katie Silver, 'Depression Lost Me My Job': How mental health costs up to 300,000 jobs a year.

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Sorry for the awkward intro, I encountered a difficulty with my hard drive which meant I couldn't actually recover some of the files required to smooth it out. My apologies, wont' happen again.

Heavy one this week. Social Media, Envy and God.
This week we talk about the difficulties in social media implied by recent and older research, philosophy and sociology. We discover that a version of this was predicted by Nietzsche oh so long ago.

The Metro signs the media charter:

Finland's dabbling with universal basic income.

Mind's discussion regarding suicide rates:

The stats themselves:

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and their attitude towards tech in their parenting:

More Information Than You Ever Wanted: Does Facebook Bring Out the Green-Eyed Monster of Jealousy?:

In this Episode, we jump from the springboard of Jeremy Hunt and recent articles discussing the current state of the NHS to discuss what it really means to have socialized medicine in a society.

We also get quite personal on this one so not only am I worried about the length of this video, I'm worried about the suitability of its content.

I think what's important to note is that there are places far more appropriate and far more useful to admit to certain ailments, especially those related to psychosis. Not that we shouldn't discuss those things in public, I think we should, but some of the minutia is not suitable, in my mind, for public discourse.

Jeremy Hunt article

Dale Thomson

Theresa May

Thank you so much to everyone who watches even just a minute or two. I greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, and until next time, cheerio.

In this episode we dive from the platform of mental health apps to discuss the nature of quick fixes, why they are so appealing and why, while they might seem appealing, they are ultimately, merely, just that. Quick fixes for long term problems.

Prince Harry's call to the Army:

Kati Morton:

Buzzfeed's Mental Health Thread:

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Rambling and incoherent thoughts on societal compassion and mental health. We jump off from a recent survey about people feeling uncomfortable discussing their mental health with their bosses to wondering why we can't seem to get over the mental and manner hurdles of telling those nearest and dearest to us how we really feel.

Colin Evans story

Dakota Fanning

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Incoherent and rambling thoughts on Scottish Sun journalist, Bill Leckie, speaking about how he has treated his depression on BBC Radio.
First attempt at a blog, if I do another I promise the framing issues and presentation will be all the better for me having slightly messed this one up.

Take care of your heads and keep hold of your hearts.




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