June 27th. Immediately banned on Facebook and Twitter. Can't find it anywhere in the States. Thanks to Bill Still. Make sure you visit his youtube site

I am fed up to here by the sheer lunacy being displayed around me every day!

Lots of bad glass. Want to maintain original frames but need to replace every single piece of safety glass.

I found when it sat out in the rain that the floor was getting wet. Upon further review we found rust and corrosion behind the dash from the leaks. 1st order of business get the windshield replaced and stop the leak. Then get the car detailed and dried out. And finally pull the dash out and find the corroded wiring and repair it. Thanks to the professionals at Novus Glass for helping me out.

See part 1 for the initial description. The final result leads us to a bad ground strap. Ground straps are very important on these vehicles. I will eventually find and repair it but until that time I will be adding a new ground strap from that manifold bolt to the alternator support.

Watch as I go through and determine why this Jeep cranks but does not start. Currently the engine cranks, has no power to add relay, fuel pump or injector power supply. Also gauges are not working. They come on but do not show fuel level, batt voltage, oil pressure. The solution came ccx with the help of the geniuses at Action Auto Repair in Coos Bay Oregon.

See description in part 1.

Was asked by the property owner to remove this abandoned bus. Towing it out was cost prohibitive so the decision was made to make it driveable then drive it to our impound lot. This was the assessment of condition video so we could determine what it was going to take. It had been sitting here for 19 years. The story of this private impound is a long one and we won't be undertaking it here. We did get it running and drivable after much work. Those videos will follow.

Deciding what I'm going to do for flooring.

Just taking advantage of a beautiful day with a new phone. 25 mpix video is massively cool.

How do you really know what you got? Here's a quick way to determine what that motor is in your old Ford Pickup (or car for that matter)

Not absolutely confirmed as a TF 600. Trying to positively ID this pump. Cannot find any images or information that match this pump exactly. This is a quick vid outlining the unloader valve system on it.

Years of experience. For everyone. Watch and learn

Just a quik vid to help someone id the air lines

More initial walkaround stuff. These three videos were the first ones made.

The vines had taken over. Some good shots of the entire bus as I did my first visual inspection. The plants were taking over.

Moving it up, pulling it out of the vines/grass so we can get a better look at the engine.

A quick video of the body and some of the components.

Twin Cylinder Air Compressor off my 671 Detroit (1954) teardown and inspection to determine why it's not making any air.

We Got Brakes! (Sort of)

2 months into the project and it starts!

Doing the initial assessment, checking fuel, oil etc.

Water in the cylinders

Holy Patch Batman!

Hose clamps and little bits of rubber


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