The lead lawyer in the case against Fauci explains what he has been arrested for.

The facts about the so called "fact Checkers".

7 universities tested 1,500 samples from people who tested positive for covid-19. They found ZERO covid-19. All samples contained Influenza A or influenza B.

Dr Sherry Tenpenny is recognized as possibly the world's expert on the facts about Covid-19 and the "Vaccines" (that are not vaccines) This is a very recent update. If you want the absolute truth and facts this is the doctor to listen to.

One of many reports of Vaccinated people shedding Spike Proteins that infect people that just get close to them. Girls as young as 3 menstruating, people of all ages with huge blood clots and bruising, women having multiple periods in a month or bleeding profusely, all because they just got close to vaccinated people.

Great video exposing solid and important information.

I like this guy. He tells it like it is with a little English humor mixed in.

It is important to make preparations for what is coming. There is not much time now to sit around.

Thousands of people who are guilty under the Nuremberg Code are being arrested all over the world for pushing, persuading, coercing people to accept the deadly Covid-19 vaccines. Also guilty are those who carry out the vaccinations without getting informed consent, explaining the risks, etc. This short video explains the Nuremberg code. The penalty is death and saying "I was just following orders" is no defense. You have been warned.

If you are not already preparing for this you really should make preparation a priority. This mostly applies to the US but is very likely to happen wherever you are.

An update on the massive war that has been going on for a few years with the troops of the alliance taking out the Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs), underground cities and thousands of miles of tunnels of the Satanic Deep State. Tens of thousands of children have been rescued from conditions more horrific than you can imagine.

The terrible and often horrific problem of child trafficking and the good men who are trying to stop it

So many apparently isolated things are looking like they are all part of the Satanic Plan for humanity and are intended to work together.

More clarification of what is going on

The storm is close. Everything is being prepared for the people to take back the USA.

Again we get the truth that 94% of the supposed deaths by Covid-19 were NOT Covid-19 deaths at all. Other reports from the CDC said the remaining 6% were old and frail people who were "presumed" to have died of Covid-19. In other words ZERO confirmed deaths from Covid-19. There is/was no pandemic. It is all lies to scare people into accepting the deadly vaccine.

The entire situation with the vaccination and the pandemic went too far. The airline industry faces a pilots deficit because people are dying due to getting the covid-19 vaccine. Besides the pilots’ deaths, accidents occur, and maybe the airlines will shut down for lack of staff. Clif High, with his latest report, shared everything. High explains why the shot is dangerous and what it does to the body. At the end of the video, he emphasized how people can protect themselves, even after getting the vaccine.

It is quite well known now that vaccinated people are spreading deadly spike proteins infecting everyone around them. For women and girls it causes horrible symptoms like Menstrual bleeding in all ages from young to very old. Some women are having multiple periods in a month or worse. Now little children as young as 3 years old are going home from school or day care with their panties full of blood because they got close to someone who has been vaccinated. When will people stand up and say NO to this insanity?

This really is a very important message for everyone in every country

So much is happening on the front lines of the current world war of good against evil. Indications are that the "ten days of darkness" may start in the next few days. It has been promised a few times and nothing happened so there is no guarantee. Blackouts, explosions (many are underground bombs destroying DUMBs) and internet shutdowns have been happening world wide on an unprecedented scale. If it happens expect large scale power and internet shutdowns while the white hats all over the world go all out to destroy the already seriously damaged Satanic Deep State. The worlds armed forces are primed and ready to go. If all goes well the world will change over to free Nicola Tesla energy, the unhackable quantum finance system controlled by you, not the banks, will be in place and many wonderful surprises will be announced. Avoid people who support the deep state and those who are vaccinated. Sit back and enjoy the show.

Vaccidents, Vehicular accidents caused by vaccinated drivers losing control, are now common but a much more serious problem is now showing up as pilots are dying or losing self control. Add the fact that vaccinated people are shedding the deadly spike protein, infecting everyone around them and its pretty sure that soon only non-vaccinated people will be flying.

It looks like the Satanic Deep State are in a flat panic since it was discovered that the test swabs contain one of the most dangerous cancer causing chemicals known, They are recalling them and telling people to throw them in the trash (To destroy the evidence maybe?)

Enough is enough. Thousands are dying with the numbers escalating

If you have not already been keeping up with what is happening with the "vaccines" this latest information and research will blow your mind.

An excellent expose of the New World Order and their plan to rule the world.


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