The lying and cheating is extreme but slowly being exposed

Now we see why doctors do not come forward and tell the truth. They are being threatened with serious consequences if they tell the truth that Hydroxychloroquine is absolutely safe and can rapidly end the scamdemic but the Satanic Deep State have their poison claws in the system. They will destroy thousands of doctors if thats what it takes to get everyone on forced toxic vaccines instead of safe medicines.

More real solid science and common sense. People really need to see and understand this.

The Satanic Deep State Plans to arrest the entire Trump family, using fake charges of course, if he wins or loses the election. They plan to take over the White House by force and if they can't do that they will set up a fake government in congress.

The Deep State can no longer keep it secret. Hydroxychloroquine IS the answer to the Covid-19 problem and the US can open up right now.

His explanation makes perfect sense. You decide for yourself.

The Deep State are in a flat panic since frontline doctors representing thousands of doctors where on line explaining that Hydroxychloroquine is an excellent and safe medicine for Covid-19. Their video got over 20 million views before it was deleted by FB, Youtube, etc. They came back the next day to redo the video. Now the deep state are somehow controlling the supply of Hydroxychloroquine so it is suddenly hard to find. They are desperate to stop people knowing that it is a cheap and very effective medicine for Covid-19 because people will reject the toxic vaccines and tracking chips they want to force on the world population. They are now working on destroying the reputations of the doctors.

Corrupt big tech deleted the video of doctors who represent thousands of America's doctors explaining that they have the cure for covid-19 and that there is no need for all the fear. Covid-19 can rapidly be wiped out with safe, cheap medicines but the Satanic Deep State don't want you to know that so after tens of millions of views the video of the doctors was deleted from FB, Youtube, etc. This is the Doctor's response. They came back for another video. They want to save lives with the truth and good, safe medicine we already have. There is a perfect example of a demented dem trying to mess up the video.

This lady knows exactly what the plan of the Satanic Deep State is and has experienced it. Most people don't realize that this is not Trump against Democrats. It is Trump leading the way, trying to stop a serious world wide threat to all nations.

This has obviously been heavily edited but it is funny

This is getting crazier by the minute. The UN is apparently under the impression that they can give orders to the President of a sovereign nation and are ordering President Trump to pull out the federal law enforcers from Portland!!!! The President needs to tell the UN to get the Hell out of the US and mind their own business. They are just another part of the Satanic Deep State.

People are waking up to the truth about vaccines so big Pharma is panicking and going all out to bring in forced vaccines while the social media companies are censoring and blocking the truth every way they can. The WHO are lying to the people.

More and more doctors are fed up with the lies and bullsh1t to keep people under control and make the people believe that a vaccine is the only solution. These front line doctors have had enough and are speaking up.

Dr. Vernon Coleman is truly brilliant at explaining the facts in an interesting but accurate way.

Natural Immunization, Homeoprophylaxis and Fundamental Freedom Of Choice

Well now we see that many democrats are not as stupid as they seem. Many have had enough of their party trying to destroy the US for the Satanic Deep State to take over. 85,000 have defected in 60 days. I suspect many more will follow.

Exposing the plans for todays scamdemic, lockdowns and masks, corrupted education, social credits, forced vaccinations, Agenda 21 and 2030, brainwashiing, etc, etc. This is a good introduction for those who who are new to being awake.

What's next? Forced vaccines and much more if we don't fight back.

We are already being forced to comply with an artificial intelligence system designed to totally control us in the near future. Can we stop them?

We have a lot of mind blowing videos on this page but this one beats them all by a wide margin. If you are one of the many impatiently waiting for news on what progress President Trump is making to destroy the Deep State, especially the horrors of child trafficking, rape, torture, Adrenochrome, etc this is the news you have been waiting for. I guarantee you will be shocked and happy.

Dr Carrie Madej, a very courageous and brave doctor, tells us very important things we need to know about the Covid-19 vaccines being developed. I have heard most of it before in bits and pieces but not all put together and not from a concerned doctor before. One thing I am not sure she mentioned is that these vaccines will change your DNA and therefore whoever owns the vaccine owns the people that are vaccinated totally, like a slaves only much worse. You will be totally owned and if you survive and have children they will be owned by your owner also.

A Closer Look At The CDC, Chicken Pox, And Rotavirus Vaccines & Retroviruses

Episode 5 HPV and Hepatitis B Vaccines.mp4

Episode 1 of 7

Another source of the fake numbers the Deep State are using to scare people into believing there is a second wave. Just like the first one it is 90% fake.


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