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Welcome to my let's play channel!

My all time favorite past time is video gaming. Id like to imagine that, for a lot of people out there, it is a favorite past time as well. Sometimes however, life and other obligations can get in the way of someone wanting to play a game but cant decide if its worth the time and effort to play such a game. That's why I've decided that I will go ahead and take a shot at a let's play series! I will play a game and you can decide for yourself if its something you would be interested in playing too!

Hopefully everyone can get some entertainment out of my experiences playing these games regardless. I plan to focus mainly on games I've never played before. But occasionally there will be a few favorites of mine in the mix. Please browse the playlists section to navigate the game I've played. Subscribe for daily videos, and click that Home tab for organized playlists for a ton of video game playthroughs!