The gang arrives at the second campsite.

The intro to Five Finger Fillet with Lenny.

Arthur encounters a homeless veteran.

Arthur captured Kieran Duffy, shows important dialogue and cutscenes.

The first scene where you rescue John Marston.

Part two of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel with the Jedi Consular.

Qyzen Fess Character Interactions.

Lara saves a fellow archaeologist from being killed.

All scenes and dialogue from Destiny 2: Forsaken DLC.

The guardian looks down upon a defeated Uldren Sov.

An introduction to all the leaders of the Scorn.

The vanguard mourns Cayde-6, the guardian decides on retribution.

Lara explains her motivations to Jacob.

To kill the bear you have to use the poison arrows to slow it down and then shoot it with arrows.

Lara meets Konstantin and Trinity for the first time.

Lord Rak'nore travels to a ship aligned with Baras to find codes that will allow Rak'nore to travel to Corellia.

Lord Rak'nore travels to Dromund Kaas to carry out Darth Baras' final moves in Plan Zero.

Lord Rak'nore travels to Taris to confront the War Trust.

Master Krasivaya-Roza travels to the imperial space station to confront Darth Malgus.

The ending to the third chapter of the Jedi Consular story.

Master Krasivaya-Roza travel to an Imperial Dreadnought to try to take it over, but the Imperials have other plans...

Jedi Master Krasivaya-Roza travels to Belsavis to recruit the Esh-kha.

What happens if you try to reason with Todd?

All outcomes for Stormy Night, when Alice and Kara attempt to escape Todd.

What happens if you miss the bus?


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