Cipher Nine travels to Voss to find information about the Shining Man.

Cipher Nine travels to the Tytun Rings to retrieve information from a HoloNet archive.

Cipher Nine travels to Belsavis to infiltrate the conspirators Megasecurity Ward 23.

Cipher travels to Quesh to deal with Ardun Kothe.

Cipher Nine travels to a space station that has surrendered to the empire.

Legate "Cipher Nine" travels to Hoth to find an old crashed republic ship, the Starbreeze.

Cipher Nine travels to Quesh to find a cure to his brainwashing.

Cipher Nine travels to Dromund Kaas to learn more about his brainwashing.

Cipher Nine travels to Taris to hunt down a rogue Jedi.

Cipher Nine returns to Dromund Kaas to receive an new mission from Keeper.

Cipher Nine travels to Hutta to find The Eagle.

Cipher Nine travels to Alderaan to track down Denri Ayl, an agent of the Eagle.

Cipher Nine travels to Tatooine to hunt down a group know as the Ghost Cell

Cipher Nine travels to Dromund Kaas to meet with Darth Zhorrid.

Cipher Nine travels to Nar Shaddaa to track down a serum known as Cyclone.

Risha Drayen Interactions with no romance.

Guss Tuno Interactions

All scenes of the Corso Riggs Romance

Bowdaar Interactions

The ending of chapter 3 sees Captain Koribama finally confront The Voidwolf.

Captain Koribama travels to Corellia to confront the Voidwolf and his minions.

Koribama travels to Tatooine to confront Rogun the Butcher.

Captain Koribama travels to Voss to track down the source of Voss beasts being shipped off world.

Captain Koribama travels to Hoth to find a Republic Agent.

Koribama travels to Port Nowhere to learn what the next plan will be.


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