Satellite of Discontent

Satellite of Discontent

SoD / NPM News for 08/08/2018 - Infowars Censorship, Trump hollywood star, Vibrator woes

SoD / NPM - talking about the sky news interview and Blair's facebook video response

Skip to 41 minutes if you just want to see the facebook video response

The banned Blair Cottrell Sky News Interview

Downloaded from periscope
rotated, converted to 720p, raised audio and ran through vocals enhancement compressor

Patrick Gowan from NewsHub takes on Lauren and Stefan

New Zealand shuts down Lauren Southern and Stefan Molynuex
Speaking Event

#pedowood Talking about Isaac Kappy

With Nonpartisan Media

SoD Show 32 - Sharia in Australia

Lauren Southern Video -
Today Tonight Video -

Nonpartisan Media News for 27/07/2018

Nonpartisan media news for 26/07/2018

Rebels at the round table costream

News 16/07/2018 with NonPartisan Media

SoD Show 31 - On the evolution of religion and female nature

News 09/07/2018 with NonPartisan Media

SoD Show 30 - Talking about Italian politics with an Italian

Thanks to Nonpartisan Media for his help.
Link to his channel is

SoD Show 29 - Talking to an Afrikaner about South Africa

Thanks to Nonpartisan Media for his help.
Link to his channel is

Debate on Christianity and Atheism

News 28/06/2018 with NonPartisan Media

SoD Show 28 - Talking to Jack Offington from Minds

The Marrakesh Political Declaration

WE, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, of the Interior, of Integration, in charge of Migration and high representatives of the following countries:, AUSTRIA, BELGIUM, BENIN, BULGARIA, BURKINA FASO, CABO VERDE, CAMEROON, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, CHAD, CONGO, CÔTE D’IVOIRE, CROATIA, CYPRUS, CZECH REPUBLIC, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO, DENMARK, EQUATORIAL GUINEA, ESTONIA, FINLAND, FRANCE, GABON, GAMBIA, GERMANY, GHANA, GREECE, GUINEA, GUINEA-BISSAU, IRELAND, ITALY, LATVIA, LIBERIA, LITHUANIA, LUXEMBOURG, MALI, MALTA, MAURITANIA, MOROCCO, NETHERLANDS, NIGER, NIGERIA, NORWAY, POLAND, PORTUGAL, ROMANIA, SÃO TOMÉ AND PRÍNCIPE, SENEGAL, SIERRA LEONE, SLOVAKIA, SLOVENIA, SPAIN, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, TOGO, TUNISIA and UNITED KINGDOM; High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship; and high representatives of the Economic Community of West African States Commission ; and Algeria and Libya as observer countries;

SoD Show 27 - Shooting the Shit

Alex Jones vs Joe Rogan

SoD Show 26 - Are The Elites Pushing the Racewar


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