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I'm not near a computer right now(hence the awful quality) but I wanted to put this out real quick. Usually people losing their shit over miniscule things someone else did is cause for laughter to me, but this nonsense makes me lose hope for humanity. I'm at a loss for words. Is the human race really this weak?

EDIT: when I said Pewdiepie was venting at the game, I meant the player in the game. Small error, but make no mistake, he did call someone a nigger.

The video on racism I mentioned:

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An unscripted rant on a rant. This one gave me a migraine.

Original Video:

Elite Daily Article:

A follow-up to "There's No You In YouTube" and a update on things in general

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0:27 thank you 1:17 catching up on the Google Memo situation 3:34 perspective api
5:54 future of the youtube channel 6:51 what happened to your last video on youtube?
7:46 have you made the switch from google 8:32 Talking about Gab and Andrew Torba
9:46 talking about the alt left and alt right



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While the idiots of the world try to push us on the brink of another civil war, let's all
have a laugh.

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Somebody got off to this...

Jerked off to it? Well it probably sucks and I'll cover it at some point.

Jerked off to it? Well it probably sucks and I'll cover it at some point.

If Google can't learn to let us express ourselves the way we want to, maybe it's time
we learned to use a different platform.

PS sorry about the crappy quality. It's my first time using Adobe Premiere.

Computing Forever's video on YT TV:
YouTube TV Will Create Two-Tier YouTube - YouTube

The Jordan Peterson Debacle:

Googleblog on the Trusted Flagger Program:

An archive of the Google employee's memo:

Googleblog on fighting "terrorist" content-

Susan Wojcicki's plans for "diversity" and YT TV:

Susan Wojcicki doing some classic bay area moralizing:

A gateway into the cancer that is "Creators For Change"-

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