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This is a detailed description on a law course on why you should never talk to the police.


In this video Will Kniesche Breaks down the "Plan"
The plan to expose a so called cabal.
Personally I have no idea if this is true or another PsyOps. but interesting if it all comes true.

This is a BBC documentary about the Tyrant Dictator of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu

This is a short video detailing the true scope of academia, politicians ans subversives in our country that wish to bring down America by brainwashing our kids to hate the country they live in.

The fall of America is Upon us and this is how it's coming.
Yuri Bezmenov

Where do our right come from? This is a video with Judge Napolitano at Mises Institute.

Google and the Alphabet co. is the worst company on the planet.This video show in detail how google is the worst and most evil company ever.

Chris Rock tells it like it is.

US debt, us debt crisis.


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