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Democrats have finally taken control of the House of Representatives for the first time in over eight years. Nancy Pelosi has been elected Speaker of the 116th Congress. Throughout the primary season Nancy promised a moderate platform that would focus on real world solutions for better lives for Americans. They weren't going to focus on the impeachment of President Trump. The American people didn't want impeachment, after all. Thursday, Nancy Pelosi committed once again to that pledge.

Just kidding! California Democrat Brad Sherman introduced articles of impeachment against Trump on day one. Oh, and Nancy Pelosi said that a sitting president can absolutely be indicted, contrary to what the Department of Justice says.

Let the great Democrat Impeachment Circle Jerk begin!

Senator Elizabeth Warren made a shocking admission Friday. While giving a commencement speech at the historically black Morgan State University Senator Warren finally admitted once and for all that she is not a woman of color. This announcement comes just a few weeks after Elizabeth Warren released her disastrous DNA test and turned everyone on the Left and the Right against her.

I'll tell you the cynical reason why Elizabeth Warren decided to come clean about her ethnicity now.

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Darrell Scott, a black pastor in Ohio, calls Donald Trump "the most pro black president" on television this week

Hillary Clinton advocates for a strong Russia as good for the world

Now Special Counsel Robert Mueller on video prior to the invasion of Iraq, pushing the lie that Saddam Hussein had WMDs

gun control, parkland, school shootings

Michael Caputo says there were multiple spies in the Trump campaign and that it was not just Stefan Halper acting as an FBI informant. He states that Brennan and others will be "in orange jumpsuits" when he's done with them.

Seattle city council member and avowed socialist Kshama Sawant is interviewed by a local news station where she attacks voters who showed up to protest the city's tax on employees for homeless housing as "right-wing NIMBYists." She later refuses to state that she is harming the debate by attacking Amazon and other businesses that don't want to pay for employing people in the city of Seattle.

Watch Ted Cruz twist Mark Zuckerberg into knots over Facebook censorship, and especially watch Zuck's face when Cruz asks him about Palmer Lucky's firing.

In November of 2016, the impossible happened, Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th president of the United States.

Relive the gloatfest that encompassed that fateful night for all Trump supporters.

Pious Joe Scarborough likes to castigate President Trump for "uncouth" behavior and remarks, yet he's had his own fair share of them. Here is a video of Psycho Joe calling Fred Thompson's wife a stripper.

Trump takes down CNN yet again, even with Don Lemon taking the field! Sparta Report's submission for InfoWars Great Meme War Contest.


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