Today we discuss the topic of suicide, our different perspectives on it and close with a question of what we're willing to do to address the root cause.

A casual discussion of the Second Amendment and how it fairs today.

Finally processed after over 3 weeks of trying!

Salty Patriot joins us again in a discussion about social media and related issues it involves and impacts.

Salty Patriot co-hosts to discuss his perspective on parallels between modern leftist accusations against Republicans & conservatives and the Nazi tactics of the 1930's and 40's against their dissenters.

When they come for our monuments, they're coming for our society. Will we suffer those who can't build for themselves?

Something to ponder while celebrating.

Echo taps recorded by Patrick Gleason
Accompanying video made by warchiefoflegion

Just following orders? So did many Germans during WW2. How did that work out for them?

I am not calling for violence, merely preparedness for it. It is each individual's right and responsibility to defend themselves them those closest to them for there is no liberty without person responsibility. Peaceful change is preferred, but I wasn't born yesterday.

X won't move until Y does but Y won't take action because X hasn't taken action. The confluence of Youtube creators, censorship, and income.


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