Original Upload Date: December 27th 2020
This was meant as my final video showcasing Nicholas/BT's degenerative life, It was ultimately taken down due to BT abusing YouTubes report policy on "cyberbullying" Hope you enjoy.

Original Upload Date: August 25th 2020
This was just a one off thing that we did since we we're bored during the coronavirus lockdown. Wasn't meant to be a TERR0RGANG revival/reunion. Was taken off YouTube like half a year later after gaining about like 7-8K Views. Enjoy!

Original Upload Date: December 15th 2019
This was considered a bonus to the Christmas grand finale, It was taken off YouTube a few hours after being uploaded unfortunately.

Original Upload Date: December 8th, 2019
The TERR0RGANG magnum opus.

Original Upload Date: October 21st 2019
Part 2/2 of the compilations solely focused on BT. Enjoy

Original Upload Date: August 30th 2019

Original Upload Date: August 22nd 2019
This was the first of 2 videos that highlighted nothing but Oddkast, From the first night he was discovered up until the time this was originally uploaded to YouTube.
(Double upload for today)

Original Upload Date: August 6th 2019

Original Upload Date: July 7th 2019

Original Upload Date: June 27th 2019

Original Upload Date: June 18th 2019
Fun thing about revisiting these is rediscovering clips that I don't even remember us doing. Anyways, Enjoy.

Original Upload Date: June 13th 2019
This comp contains easily the most well recognized clip that ever happened in Terr0rGang. I'm referring to the infamous Peter Muskrat incident on Sea Of Thieves, Which blew up like a whole year later after this was originally uploaded lol. Enjoy.

Original Upload Date: June 2nd 2019
Lot of classic clips in this including "smash trihards with rocks" Apologies for the lower quality this is the only way video could be uploaded to Bitchute properly.

Original Upload Date: May 26th? 2019
Pretty sure we made #8,#9,and #10 in a span of like 2 days at most. This was basically the "trihard gold rush" for finding streams at this time considering almost every stream you clicked had an open discord lol. Enjoy.

Original Upload Date: May 24th? 2019
Some really good classic clips in here. The rainbow six siege & super smash bros clips are easily some of my favorites from back then. Enjoy.

Original Upload Date: May 20th? 2019
This video was a little bit different than the others. It's more in the vein of old Public Access trolling or C-Span. A majority of the calls were done by Panderson with a few appearances from TRB,DaOrange,CumJug. Enjoy

Original Upload Date: May ? 2019
Essentially the first video with the infamous Nihilistic scream. This video was also the final video on Nihilistic's original channel after multiple takedowns from YouTube this video was removed just a few hours after being uploaded. Enjoy

Original Upload Date: May 8th 2019

Original Upload Date: April-May 2019
This was originally supposed to be the final video showcasing Oddkast but he was deemed too popular to get rid of. Enjoy

Original Upload Date: April-May 2019
The first of many to be taken down by Jewtube.

Original Upload Date: April ? 2019
Another Classic from the vault.

Original Upload Date to Youtube : April 2nd 2019
Taken down after gaining around 15K views due to Youtube's Hate Speech Policy.
The very beginning.

Nicholas attempts to do a sleeping stream. Much to his dismay i don't think he will be getting any rest whatsoever.

First clip is downright probably one of the best BT clips i've ever seen in my entire time of watching him.

The demise of Florida's most prolific MethHead.


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I'm basically here just to showcase my videos of a so called "streamer" named Oddkast & as a somewhat archive too any old Nihilistic Trihard videos after the final ban from YouTube. This is just my backup incase my YouTube were ever to be taken down for hate speech/whatever bogus reason they give me. If you enjoy I suggest possibly checking out my main YouTube or subbing to this. Thanks.