Performance from clips from a 2014 show combined with backing video clips. (banned from youtube for violating their "violent criminal organizations" policy. HA HA!!!

Social Media is Mind Control

Laughter of the Skygoers is the debut album from Chinnamundā inspired by and based on text describing the Chöd ritual. A single 38 minute track of dark, ritual ambient composed of seven movements planned for release in 20202.

Live performance of the track "Cathedral of Noise" at The Haltom Theater in Texas for Shadowplay Saturday hosted by DJ Joe Virus Feb 01, 2020. Video and audio recording by Andrew Neal

Music video for the track "Penance" from the album "Exorcizando Eiciunt Daemonia"
includes lyrics

Contains artwork by Kim Holm under a
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
also contains some public domain graphics

Live performance of Death Hour in Dallas, Texas October 1st 2016
Filmed by Andrew Neal

track "The New Dark Age" from the album "Apocalyptic Metaphors"

track "Cult of Aton" from the album "Apocalyptic Metaphors"

track "Leper" from the album "Apocalyptic Metaphors"

Track "Babylon" from the album "Apocalyptic Metaphors"

Track "Pestilence" from the album "Apocalyptic Metaphors"

Track "The Gate" from the album "Apocalyptic Metaphors"

Track "Hunab-Ku" from the album "Enigma".

Track "New Nightmare" from the album "Enigma".

Track "Sleeping" from the album "Enigma".

Track "Tyrant Flycatcher" from the album "Enigma".

Track "Question Two" from the album "Enigma"

Track "Angel of the Devil" from the album "Enigma"

track "Eucharist" from the album Enigma

Track "Death Hour" from the album "Enigma"

Static of Masses promo video with bio, reviews, live performance clips and contact info.

Brief clip from a recent rehearsal of one of our new pieces, titled Cathedral of Noise.


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Static of Masses is an Industrial Dark Ambient music project from Texas.