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These roots are awesome!

I had this Sulcata tortoise for about 5 years now . He was around 3 or 4 months old when I got him, and back then could fit in my hand.

My jungle garden in SW Florida updates and lots of new plants.

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You got to work with what you got !

Bigger then the smaller coyote you usually see in South Florida

Saw this I would guess around 5 year old Gopher Tortoise today and had to share it with my tortoise/turtle loving friends.

These bananas are from a plant that got very big in my yard. The bananas started leaning down and eventually hit the ground . I cut the stalk, and the bunch has been in my garage for a few weeks. Today I wanted to check out what I have .

In the canal near my house.

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Another big female gopher tortoise is trying to cross the Tamiami Trail .

What a great guy Rev Sanchez is. He didn't even know who Tony Clifton was till I showed him a picture of his brother from another mother. Andy Kaufman would be proud of me for this lol.

Just another giant pothos for you guys to marvel at .

Larry the Sulcat Tortoise continues to grow . He is now close to 6 years old.

This is the first time that I have done this and it was rather easy . Just be careful that you don't push down too hard on the decal until it is exactly where you want it.The chain guard on my new Manta ray (Stingray) was pretty ugly and adding this decal made it look great !

1971 Schwinn Mantaray maiden ride with its new owner

Cool pan flute music

I have had this plant for several years and it is a albo Monstera borsigiana that was grown from a cutting when people were paying too much for this plant. The thai Constellation I also have as bigger leaves and doesn't travel as fast as this plant. I was surprised today when I found fruit for the first time .

Saw this very cool Anhinga dry it's feathers today.

How could I pass up this great deal. I see guys spending hundreds of dollars an here I am getting stuff practically for free ! Deals are out there to be found if your up to it 😆

These Schwinn Manta Ray bikes were only made for 2 years 1971 and 1972 and are pretty rare. They were 24 inch bikes made for bigger kids or adults. I know it's not perfect but it is a great rider and it's the only 24 inch Schwinn Stingray stick shift type bike from the muscle bike period.They were also made with rear disk brakes. I will be adding some add on to this bike and will post a 2nd video when I am done .

Pastor Arthur Pawlovski's wife's testimony 7/24/22

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