The NHS litterly letting the cat out of the bag about masks.

Jaclyn Dunne is a death certificate solicitor. And is talking about the serious fraud that is going on with Coronavirus death certificates in the UK.

America's Frontline Doctors (Doctor Simone Gold).

Dr David Sencer in 1984 on using his own vaccines (Head of CDC).

America's Frontline Doctors full response on 07/28/2020 to social media companies, after they took down videos of the summit the day before.

German doctors speaking about the danger of an untested vaccine for the Coronavirus.

America's Frontline Doctors response 07/28/2020 (Short Clip)

Stella Immanuel wants people to share their hydroxychloroquine stories.


This is the full 2 hour 42 minutes banned video of press conference inside the US Supreme Court on 07/27/2020.


This is the full 45 minute banned video of the press conference outside the US Supreme Court on 07/27/2020.


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