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Episode 32 - The Afghanistan Episode is now available on YouTube and BitChute! We know not everyone has the time to hear us chat for two hours, so here are the wave tops in twenty minutes. The Afghan war was and will always be about money laundering. No apologies for the spoiler alert. Enjoy the clip, and thanks for your support!


Welcome back, friends! We've all been in relationships that went on for far too long. We lost that loving feeling. We both started looking at other people. They want China and Iran we want China and Russia. It's complicated. We started seeing other people, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Lybia, the Philippines, and Africa. You know how the story ends you come home one day to find the door locked and $88,000,000,000 of your stuff in a box to the left. They're going to tell our friends they dumped us. We're going to have to hope people think it was mutual. Here's our take on America's breakup with Afghanistan.


The Receipts:
Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction

Welcome back, friends! Beginning this episode is our pal, dedicated family man, and Marine Raider, Travis St. Dennis, educating his local school district on the finer points of freedom. We all know that occasionally the SBH crew has com issues... Sunspots, solar flares, I didn't lick it before connecting it, you know, routine friction. We interviewed Travis and didn't record the VTC, but two is one and one is none, so we had a backup. Please forgive us for the sin of GoPro audio and hang out as we hold space for a man to speak his mind.


Travis speaking to the HUSD

Welcome back, friends! In this episode, we discuss; Uncle Joe’s inability to follow sidewalks, the culmination of the 20-year Afghan lie, and Republican Sacred Cow, Dan “Nick Fury” Crenshaw. We also spend a little time with Soprano’s extra Gov. Cuomo and California Governor, Patrick Bateman. We wrap things up with the importance of meditation… remember, the only way out is in.


The Receipts:

Afghan fraud, waste, abuse, and incompetent, deceitful leadership:

Edward Bernays on Letterman, April 4, 1985

Welcome back, friends. We hope you enjoyed the new intro! In this episode, we discuss the advantages of acquiring land. We figured we would start on a positive note. But you know us, it's not going to be long until we have to cast shade on the control caste. It's the usual bunch of villains up to the tried and true program of mass fear. So tune in, suspend disbelief, maybe poke some holes in our theories, but as always, enjoy! Thanks for the support.


The receipts:

CIA Cocaine Smuggling

Fake News

The Oligarchy… again.

Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmoreCollege

9/11 Hijackers

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Milgram's Experiments and the Perils of Obedience

Welcome back friends! Well, we’ve reached the point in our society where Dr. Evil clones are launching penis shaped rockets into the sky while vast swaths of humanity suffer under bio tyranny. But it’s all good, our very capable and articulate President will help us mumble, stumble, and sniff our way to a brighter future. Unless, Bill Gates finally gets to shoot his penis rocket full of dust at the sun, then it will be a less bright future. In closing there’s no better time to start investigating if there are better ways to live, and we personally think we found one. So drop out, tune in, and join us as we discuss our strange reality.



Vesica Pisces/Washington Monument:

Here’s the “BBC” talking about the Bezos pocket rocket…

Welcome back friends! In this episode we provide our completely biased opinions regarding a diverse array of current events. Join us as we examine the alphabet agenda for your offspring, the murky world of DC think tanks, MD rage, dystopian nanotechnology, and other general skullduggery. Pass this show along to friends and loved ones who also see through the illusions!



Princeton Study: U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy


Bank for International Settlements

Originally Released: Jun 13, 2021

What up! We're getting back in the flow of doing the show together, so we thought we'd just take some random sign-posts on the road to oblivion to discuss. Topics include medical tyranny, the "Weekend At Bernie's" nature of the chief executive, and the continued assault on the middle class.
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Welcome back friends! Your not experiencing pharmaceutical side effects, the fellas are in the same room! In this episode we have Aren’s return from Iraq, Cody’s dance with the virus, a Raider reunion and celebration, Dr. Troll’s emails, and the plan to Get Out Of The System (GOOTS). So shake up a cocktail, puff and pass if it’s legit with the man, or just check in as we check out some Strange things.


Episode Receipts:

Robert Sepehr

Arched Cabins

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H.G. Wells: The Open Conspiracy


Originally Released: 02 April 2021

This one's a little all over the place, but at some point I get around to talking about the difference between "Science" and "Scientism" and why that difference matters. I also talk about how we can work on building our powers of discernment as a defense against the mandates of illegitimate authority. And I drink tea from a wooden bowl cup. That part isn't important, but what is important is for us to understand the philosophy and motivations of those who would limit our freedom and undermine our sovereignty so that we can chart our course away from dystopian nonsense.

Originally Released: 17 March 2021

Although I'm sitting on a mountain of evidence that our culture is in complete decline and at least half of all people are muppets at this point....I've chosen to talk about something I think is a little more interesting. This is a quick look into Plato's Cave as an attempt to stoke people's interest in philosophy.

Welcome back! In this episode we’ll talk about how you can falsify an entire narrative. Using the war on terror, specifically the invasion of Iraq, we point out how history can be altered in order to obscure the truth. With that premise secure we talk about the missing empire of Tartaria, which is a hypothesis regarding the falsification of history. A quick apology on the tech side, this was the trial run of pushing a GoPro Hero 9 through OBS, which results in some video lag. That will be cleaned up for the next episode. So hit cruise control, kick your feet up, or plug in those headphones to keep the man from hearing this. Let’s talk about the Tartaria narrative and hopefully your life will get a little stranger!
For more detailed analysis of this topic, we recommend the following folks. If you stop by their channels, please drop a comment saying that SBH sent you. This will help Aren, and I spread the word.

Howdie Mickoski
Jon Levi
Quantum of Conscience
Wooden Nickels
Michael Cremo

Reference Websites:,+Republic+of+Tatarstan,+Russia,+422840/@54.9861083,49.0528071,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1sAF1QipPiHnK0r4czvjXZ8xGndUR-72H_p1Bi06v8Vh7c!2e10!3e12!!7i1200!8i900!4m5!3m4!1s0x415c4d106011581b:0xd9cd175ab3860e5e!8m2!3d54.9670821!4d49.0342414

Welcome back, friends! In this episode SBH goes on location in Knoxville TN to look for evidence that the narrative isn't what it seems. What we found was a lot of architectural anomalies and occult symbolism. Join us as we enter the Court of Columbia, take a peek under Gay Street, and examine a bunch of buildings that have a problematic relationship with ground level. Comment, Like, Share and Subscribe! The world is a strange place, let's investigate it while we can.

#Tartaria #Mudflood #Reset #History

Originally Released: 28 Mar 2021

Welcome back! In this Episode SBH is joined by fellow MARSOC plank owner Jacob Woodlock. We discuss MARSOC’s first successful MSOC deployment, sorry 2nd MSOB, you don’t get credit for half a trip. They probably aren't going to include this stuff in the history books. So engage that cruise control and enjoy a 2007 snap shot of that war that’s been stumbling along for the last 20 years. Check out Jacob’s Instagram and YouTube in the links below. And, as always, subscribe and share!

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Originally Released: 19 Mar 2021

Welcome back! Aren and Cody’s homie, Chris, drops in on SBH to get the data dump on the Egyptian narrative. Chris is a fantastic human being, wisdom seeker, loving family man, humble professional, budding entrepreneur, and decorated frogman. So sweepers, sweepers, man your brooms, pop in your headphones, and let’s rap with this salty scallywag about some old rocks.

Show Notes:​



UNESCO Archives Film Collection: "The World Saves Abu Simbel", 29', 1972.​​

Originally Released: 05 Mar 2021

Who imports, obscures, and employs violent psychopaths? We're wrapping up Operation Paperclip with a look at the American industrialists that funded the German war machine, and provided a safe haven for some of the worst criminals in recent history. Spoiler alert, you know the names, and you're not going to like it. So, stand up, hook up, and shuffle to the door because we're gonna jump right in to this one. Green light, see you at the OBJ!

As always, here's our receipts. Never be(lie)ve anyone, do your own research. Vestigo Veritas.

Websites in order of discussion:​



Originally Released: 03 Mar 2021

Welcome back! In part one of this episode we're about to pass the word on Operation Paperclip. World War II may not have ended the way the history books would have you believe. Join us as we spin the yarn of spies, war criminals, back room deals, and outright lies! It's about to get strange for an hour so hit the cruise control, crack one open, or spark one with your boy, and enjoy!

Below are the websites referenced for this video.
Websites in order of discussion:​​​


Originally Released: 15 Feb 2021

Welcome back, friends! Since Aren is out on the ragged edge of the Empire, and has already coined the brilliant "Man Can Sessions", I'll be calling these "Passing the Word" from the SBH CP. I thought "Solo Cody' and "SBH Rear" sounded like Only Fans accounts. Today we're passing the word on the San Diego Museum of Man asking the question, "could you be a cannibal"? Perhaps the real question should be why are they asking?

Check out Matt at Quantum of Conscience and ask yourself, what's your theory?​

Here's a response from Ben at AutoDidactic2.​

Here's a great collaboration between Jon Levi and Wooden Nickels.​

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Originally Released: 25 Dec 2020

Merry Christmas to you all, and we're pleased to be able to spend some time with the homie Cody Alford from We Defy The Norm...which is his rad lifestyle and clothing brand. In this first part, we do our normal thing where we point accusingly at elements of Babylon as it continues to degrade, and Cody weighs in with his perspective.
The second part includes Cody's personal story of being a young infantryman and Scout Sniper Platoon guy during the first battle of Fallujah, and some of the life-altering things he experienced.

Check out Cody's brand at:​
Also check out his podcast of the same name anywhere you listen to podcasts

As we all know...these platforms are not exactly bastions of free speech or the exchange of ideas. It's all good, it isn't ours to complain about. It's Babylon's after all.

Originally Recorded: 16 Dec 2020

Babylon continues to never disappoint in disappointing us, so we honor that by pointing accusingly at the incoherent and asinine behaviors of its many minions. We also trip out a little about Egregores, and how these powerful thought forms are fed by our attention. We discuss alternatives to the dystopian reality that is forming around us, and talk about our plans to build a way out. Check us out over on Instagram where sooner or later I'll put a link tree to all the sites that host our content.

Originally Recorded: 09 Dec 2020

First...let me apologize for the crappy audio. Something didn't save so the only audio I have is from the computer's mic...which sucks. Won't happen again. Probably.
We debut a new segment called "What's New in Babylon" where we basically do what we always do and point accusingly at elements of our culture that disgust or horrify us. Babylon is basically how we refer to this country that we are trying to detach from before it drags us into hell.
We also talk some about the can say that out loud and what it sounds like is what we're discussing. We have to play these word games because our tech overlords have programmed their math monsters to seek out and destroy all dissenting voices.
It's probably obvious to anyone that listens, but there's no way either of us are taking the download, and we get into some of the reasons why.
Thanks for checking us out...stay safe out there and don't fall for the okie-doke!

Originally Recorded: 02 Dec 2020

Back after a break...we return to find the world is still strange and getting stranger. We explore some of the incoherent and mind-bending data about our current "enhanced cold and flu season", and point at the fear mongers making videos about how you can kill your grandpa at Thanksgiving. The (s)election drags on mired in nonsense controversy, and we continue to think it's all fake and ignore it.
And of course we talk Great Reset, and we show some evidence that points to there have been a reset or resets before this one. And finally in an attempt to do more than just point accusingly at Babylon as it burns, we offer suggestions as to how we might Observe reality as it presents itself, Orient ourselves in the direction of right/correct action, Decide on what to do, and finally Act in our best interest. The old OODA loop for those of you hip that acronym...still useful after all these years.
Thanks for watching and listening, and keep it coming with your comments and suggestions. The current timeline is certainly weird, and the future is in doubt. That being said, we have no choice but to throw our attention and energy and effort into building a life free from the madness of this dying culture.

Originally Recorded: 20 Nov 2020

We just thought we'd explore The Vaccinator-in-chief (Mr. G-A-T-E-S) and his familial ties with eugenics. Someone really wants us to put mRNA technology into our physiology, and that same someone is also very interested in reducing the global population of human beings. That should seem like a conflict of interest to all of us.
Anyway...this country we're living in unrecognizable from the one we all grew up in. The Titanic is sinking and people are still hoping the cake they liked from last night will be served with dinner again. The scheming rats of the elite ruling class have their beady little eyes on what remains of the people's collective power, and they're coming to put masks on our kids.
Awakening to the reality of our situation is vital to making the kind of moves we're all about to have to make in order to hold on to our values.

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Originally Recorded: 21 Oct 2020

Hey everyone...don't fall for the okie doke! Lot's going on with the upcoming selection. All the media wizards and political operatives are bending reality, creating and steering narratives, and lying non-stop to get your attention/energy/vote! But it's all good, we're here to show you the emperor has no clothes, and remind you to exercise your free won't.

This week we talk a bit about the media, and how they be doing what they do. We also laugh at one of the wizards getting caught cranking one off on a Zoom call!

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Originally Recorded: 09 Oct 2020

Yes, we know that's not how you spell Cue-A-Non. But in this time of pending digital enslavement, we've had to cuck ourselves to our tech overlords for fear that the mere mention of the group in question may result in some sort of penalty that would keep all 9 of you from seeing this.
So we talk about the "Right wing internet group" that's been making headlines, and do our normal pointing and laughing at the assortment of creeps, degenerates, liars, and goblins that comprise the bulk of our popular cultural ecosphere. Enjoy!!
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Be the Misfits or be nothing!

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Two Marine Special Operations veterans discuss geopolitics, media, alternate history, and the incredibly strange nature of our current timeline. Our work in Information Operations has given us a glimpse behind the curtain...the Emperor has no clothes but he sure does lie a lot. Come with us on this journey as we seek to break these wizard's spells and disentangle ourselves from a lifetime of lies.

Join us as we look for community with like-minded folks and build a logos-driven future for us "natural human beings".