Honestly just me being angry over people being dumb...
I’m in my costume right after I got off my onlyfans stream and saw Timcast’s video (yes I watch Timcast after work, he is the GOAT and I’ll die on this cross) on Alexandria’s Emmy worthy performance demanding “ANSWERS” for why people were headed to the OTHER meeting y’all scheduled at the same time there bud.
It’s amazing she’s still allowed a seat... after losing over 20k jobs for New York because she doesn’t understand what subsidies are, she should have just resigned imho...

Please forgive the low audio, I had some mic problems that have since been remedied and this will not happen again.
Long story turned short:
Between the ages of 15-18 my school pushed their political LGBT agenda and nearly ruined my life in the process.
I was taught my family asking questions meant abuse via microaggressions, I was told to pack my things from my family home, I had apartment supplies bought for me and then I was dropped at my new home: the local youth emergency shelter (who helped me rethink the whole process until other people reaffirmed my waning beliefs).
This video includes the letter I sent in response to my old school board head of counselling.
I hope you take something positive away from this...

If we could, for a moment, move past the absurd notion that native folks are being killed in a white led genocide, that would help us all align with reality. We, native Canadian women, are NOT being killed by white men en-mass, but we ARE being killed by our family members and lovers who are ALSO native folks.
We have known this to be FACT since 2015, but it was deemed demeaning to accept that FACT.

This is a reupload which has been edited as the first was simply a portrait mode video of me speaking to the camera and that is just unsightly...

As of: #SexStrike
Abstinence is great, so is safe sex and a sense of responsibility.
Taking a stand against the murder of CHILDREN doesn’t mean anti choice as you’ve JUST proven Alyssa Milano.
I don’t pretend to speak for all women, only myself and those like me who value life.

If you weren’t aware as so few seem to be... it is men’s mental health awareness month.
This should be a time to focus on helping men overcome barriers and traumas, yet we all focus on women’s health regardless of the undeniable strife men are forced to experience daily.


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