The Super Nerd takes on the religious theme Super Hero, Bibleman!

The Super Nerd revisits another piece of Super Cinema history with a reboot of the classic series, The Chronicles of Chris Chan. In this series, we follow five different chapters of the CWCville Library.

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The Super Nerd begins his completely ethical Minecraft adventure where he will discover new places, meet new people, and most of all he will be completely ethical the entire time! This version has been edited for your enjoyment!

Ronald McDonald gets an unexpected call from a rapping bum

Ronald McDonald gets an unexpected call from Chris Chan

Ronald McDonald Gets A Call From Rias Gremory

Ronald McDonald gets an unexpected call from R. Kelly

Ronald McDonald gets another unexpected call from Chris Chan

The Super Nerd re-visits one if his oldest reviews and takes another look at the Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald Scared Silly! Is it any better after seven years? Find out now!


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In this episode the Super Nerd is forced to face a dark figure from the past in this review of the 1990 episode of Barney & The Backyard Gang, Barney Goes to School!

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