A cheaply made nighttime soundscape uploaded just in time for the full moon and Lunar eclipse.

A sloppily drawn background with stock bird sounds.

Part one of my series in which I fill an album with every date and mintmark of WWII Zinc Reichspfennigs.

Relaxing, serene springs in rural Florida.

The Corporations are moving in lockstep with the Government not to outlaw, but to tax dissent.

I break through a couple holes the bottom layers of bedrock into the void using a rather unreliable method and then begin expanding on those holes using a much more reliable method.

Link to the previous episode in the series:

Make of it what you will, a short story about principles.

I weigh the pro's and cons of the Australian Silver Kangaroo, a relative newcomer to the bullion coin scene.

The first of many episodes in my journey to create a 5x5 chunk Void Perimeter in Vanilla Survival on the Mobile Version of Minecraft. A glitch in the version of the game I'm playing on makes Breaking the bedrock at the bottom of the world stupidly easy.

Brace yourselves.

The C in CPAC now stands for Cuck.

Relax to the Primal shrieks and pant-hoots of the jungle, best enjoyed at 0.5x speed.

There are far less people on the internet than most people realize, about 80-90% of the supposed users of just about any given site are bots. Why else would everything seem so robotic with just about everyone acting about the same everywhere you go? In this video I look into some of the more obvious examples of this and provide my explanation for why its like this.

The Spanish Peseta was demonetized a few days after this video went up, all the wealth, stored labor, in the unredeemed notes and coins simply ceased to exist when the Spanish Central Bank so decreed, forcing Spaniards to have no choice but to use the Euro. In this video I'll take a look into what this reflects about fiat currency as a whole and the various forms the Peseta has taken over the years.

The Canadian Fish Scale isn't usually thought of as being a coin for stacking, but for those who want highly divisible bullion close to spot, it is slightly a cheaper, but harder to find alternative to 1 gram silver bars.

No RNG manipulation, cheating, editing or any other nonsense here, just completely normal gameplay aided by a series of perfectly normal coincidences.

A short video I made about Bernie Sanders back during the Democrat Primaries. It's incredibly low quality, but deliciously so, enjoy!

Here are my thoughts on a Bullion coin some love and others hate. I touch on aspects of its design, security and price.

The Central Bankers love gloating in such subtle ways.

A review of one of my favorite coins to stack. I touch on its history and design as well as quality and cost.

Simple flying machine design for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Very basic, very compact. Easily modified and capable of moving most entities. I'm not aware of anyone else using this design before me.

Decided to re-list this because it took ages to upload.
*Original Description* My Old Videos are not showing up on Bitchute's new Search Feature, this is a test upload to see if it shows up on the new searches. This video will be deleted in a week or so.

An unscripted review of my trip to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, one of the Park's most underappreciated attractions.

Just some assorted ramblings about how Bitchute is an ideal place to upload gaming content, and how new Bitchuters currently have a golden opportunity to grow.

These gentle creatures will often literally love people to death by giving their internal organs big sloppy kisses. Pitbulls are the cutest, most loving and nurturing creatures to ever grace the Earth with their presence. These photos will open up even the hardest of hearts to their true, loving, caring nature.


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