Zuckerberg blew $71 Billion making a 128-bit dystopia, but it didn't have to be this way.

I went out of my way to buy a Key Date Reichspfennig and in this Episode I put it into my Album, getting one coin closer to completion.

What more could you ask for?

I hunted through some more Reichpfennigs. I had to cut the last three seconds off this video to get it to upload, but such is Bitchute.

I uploaded it to Odysee too if anyone cares enough to see the outro I had to cut.

Someone I'll never know stamped their initial on a Penny in the early 1800s, 200 years later, I made this video because of it.

Had trouble uploading stuff lately, if you're watching this, I'm not having trouble anymore.
Footage is a raw clip from one of Reichspfennig Album videos.

In this video I look through even more Zinc 1 Reichspfennig coins to find new dates for my album.

In this video I pick apart one of Ethan "Ragepig" Ralph's more recent livestreamed Hollering sessions. I make the case that this is far more than just incoherent, Xannyberry fueled screeching, but an elaborate display of both fear and aggression.

What I think of the site and why I don't really upload there.
I also have an Odysee channel:

DuckDuckgo, I hardly knew ye.

In this video, I review one of the most recognizeable Silver coins in the world, the Maria Theresia Thaler and weigh it's various pros and cons as well as go over its design, history and various other details.

An update on what I've been doing in Minecraft lately and some of my plans for the future.

I finally got some more Zinc Reichspfennigs, join me as I fill in more dates in my album.

A cheaply made nighttime soundscape uploaded just in time for the full moon and Lunar eclipse.

A sloppily drawn background with stock bird sounds.

Part one of my series in which I fill an album with every date and mintmark of WWII Zinc Reichspfennigs.

Relaxing, serene springs in rural Florida.

The Corporations are moving in lockstep with the Government not to outlaw, but to tax dissent.

I break through a couple holes the bottom layers of bedrock into the void using a rather unreliable method and then begin expanding on those holes using a much more reliable method.

Link to the previous episode in the series:

Make of it what you will, a short story about principles.

I weigh the pro's and cons of the Australian Silver Kangaroo, a relative newcomer to the bullion coin scene.

The first of many episodes in my journey to create a 5x5 chunk Void Perimeter in Vanilla Survival on the Mobile Version of Minecraft. A glitch in the version of the game I'm playing on makes Breaking the bedrock at the bottom of the world stupidly easy.

Brace yourselves.

The C in CPAC now stands for Cuck.

Relax to the Primal shrieks and pant-hoots of the jungle, best enjoyed at 0.5x speed.


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