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Pregnancy can be scary but everything will soon be back to normal for this lovely couple

Sometimes it's best not to argue with them

A celebration of the intelligence and integrity of our centrist friends.

Music to lift your spirits.
Stay strong together and remember the "us" in virus.

Huge thanks to The Rationalizer for lyrical and conceptual guidance

How do you solve a problem like Sharia?

Are we divided or united by our common genetic heritage? Only the W*jcicki sisters have the answer.

A cow, a mosquito and a tick consider their future together.

End music: "Spinning Around the Sun" by Belle of the Fall

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The year is 793 and cultural ignorance leads some Anglo Saxons to question the peaceful intentions of the kingdom's hard-working Norse migrants.

The year is 793 and the Anglo Saxons are flush with anticipation as they prepare to diversify their stagnant culture by welcoming some new arrivals from overseas.

How will our new recruits come to terms with the shocking revelations from back home?

[At the time of making this cartoon back in January 2016]
I'm afraid I've been in and out of hospital over the past two weeks so I'm still catching up with the #trumpocalyptic events and it looks like there's been at least one drone strike since I recorded the audio, which kinda totally F U C K S U P one of the lines in the script :( Never mind. It's only a cartoon.

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The festive season has been a busy time for our militant friends, but how can they bump up the body count? The new recruits bring some fresh ideas to the table.

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A very special guest has been invited to speak to the sexy justice warriors, but who in the blue blazes could it possibly be?

Deep, cavernous thanks to Mathew Steele for providing the gloriously throaty voice of Riley's non-binary Adam's apple:

I've corrected loads of the mistakes in the original version with the assistance of everyone who left comments explaining where I went wrong. AND I STILL messed up a bunch of information...

1)The part about the three adjoining US states is wrong. 16 is the age of consent in each state. Never trust the first convenient Google image search result that pops up.

2) Age of consent in Nigeria is... wait for it... eighteen, not eleven. This is quite possibly the most offensive and ridiculous error I've ever made.

This list will continue to grow and one day I'll learn to triple-check my shitty web research.

Yes, Milo's Northern accent IS deliberate. He grew up in the Chapeltown area of Leeds and this is exactly how he talks in private. For real.

Whore link:

The troops feel betrayed when one of their most long-serving and loyal members goes absent without leave to sleep with the enemy. Can they forgive her?

This episode features 100% totally genuine special guest appearances from Paul Joseph Watson, Chris Ray Gun, Laci Green and Steve Shives.

Delectably deep bonus voices provided by Mathew Steele:

PS Sorry for any confusion regarding the abortion reference. It was supposed to be an inversion of the equally hypocritical right-wing religious nutjob position that "Abortion is murder but the military is beyond reproach, guns kick ass and the death penalty is awesome". My actual position on abortion is that it's really shit for anyone dealing with an unwanted pregnancy and often utterly heartbreaking so it's probably best to be supportive and go easy on anyone having to make the decision.

Faced with increasingly restrictive "freedom to commit terrorism" regulations, our plucky sexy justice warriors must concoct innovative ways to express themselves. Help is at hand in the form of a Berkley "model" and an Australian "mechanical engineer".

A balanced and totally impartial examination of the recent global holocaust.

Please welcome to our latest recruit who knows everything about exthperienthing oppression:

Some of the script is inspired by this very enlightening article:

Today we bump into Ben Affleck who dazzles us with his religious tolerance and inclusivity.

The voice of Mr. Affleck is played with outstanding precision by the disgustingly attractive TheRationalAtheist. Please check out the channel here:

In this episode we discover that visiting your local place of worship can be a rewarding and culturally enriching experience.

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In episode two we learn about the benefits of joining an international terrorist organisation.

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PS Apologies for the minor vest incident at 0:20
Always remember to parent your layers when using animation software.

First episode from the Sye Ten YouTube series "Truck of Peace" which was inspired by the 2016 Bastille Day ISIS attack in Nice.

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If you've ever wondered why people who want to opt out of the European Union are all massive racists, help is at hand in the form of Diane Abbott and the Eurowhore Fairy.
For those who are unfamiliar with the Eurowhore Fairy, here she is in action (with comments disabled for reasons unknown):
For those unfamiliar with the UK's beloved Diane Abbott, here are some of her finest moments:
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PS About the old map... The break up of Yugoslavia, the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, the reunification of Germany etc were major political events that took place in very recent history, yet here we all are rubbing along together merrily. Brexit oughta be a walk in the park compared to that shit :)

Why would a queer person support Muslims, eh?

Only Riley Dennis has the answer:

Praise be to Tom Lehrer (peace be upon him) for the musical inspiration:

Plentiful and erotic thanks to The Rationalizer for beating my lyrics into shape:

And throbbing, pendulous and engorged gratitude to my girthsomely sexy supporters:

Music from "The Ballad of Barry & Freda" by the magnificent Victoria Wood.

HUGE thanks to The Rationalizer for writing the bulk of the song and for all your advice and inspiration.

The Rationalizer's channel:

If you or anyone you know can record this song in Arabic, The Pharaoh has written an epic translation here:

He says it'll work best for an Egyptian singer, so if that's you and you have a decent mic, you can find the instrumental version of the song here:

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Level 1: Bastille Day
Drive down to Nice and bump into a few locals, but stay clear of the naughty gendarmerie!

Level 2: Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside
Can you work out which ladies are suitably dressed for a day at the beach? Leave the believing women unharmed, but feel free to take all the Western whores into your possession. Don't forget to bump into the evil anti-Burkini Police while you're passing!

Level 3: Rescue mission
Let's head North to Calais and see how many absolutely genuine 14 year-old Syrian boys we can collect.

Level 4: European Welcome Committee
Our darling little refugees urgently need to be relocated to European safe spaces that coincidentally just happen to be in the most prosperous welfare states in the world.

Currently this game is only available to members of al-Dawla al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-Sham.

Thanks so much to everyone for your kind wishes and support. I'm healing up pretty well and still off my tits on Tramadol :)

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"Turned Alt-Right Again!"
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And thank you to the sexy ghost of George Formby:

"There are different approaches to dealing with problems. One is to try to understand, to reach out, and change ideologies by talking. The other is to mock, stir up the flames of hatred, and add nothing to the net good in the world."

As a long-time admirer of Alex Botten, I am certain he'll totally love this. However, I find it increasingly necessary to punch myself in the face when visiting his channel. Punching myself in the face is a policy of fascism, which leaves me no option but to punch myself in the face to avoid becoming a Nazi sympathiser.

The "home town" line is a bit sloppy. I was aiming for something like "Ethnically diverse cities are brilliant, but I deliberately choose to live in a town on the outskirts with an overwhelmingly white population". Never mind. It's only a song.

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