From growing calendula and other flowers and herbs in my garden every year to foraging for dandelions and other potential flowers with medicinal uses, I am sharing some of the homemade salves and lotions I make throughout the year in this video.

I also have my handy-dandy notebook that I keep all the information for each salves, lotion and even the tinctures I make in my homestead kitchen listed in this notebook for easy-at-a-glance knowledge.

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Just a super short video introducing who I am to the platform.

I have plans to post anywhere from two to five times per week. Topics will be what's going on around the homestead; from making soap to new recipes, cheap and frugal ideas as well as making the next batch of wine, tincture or even my cannabis harvest!

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We're just two "empty nesters" moving closer and closer to our retirement years and still trying to make a "go at it" on our homestead.

A little background about us...
He is a city boy and I'm a country girl.
We actually went to the same high school... but never knew each other until years later.

I've always had the dream of being a homesteader, learning more about gardening and preserving and my husband is looking for more land to have the freedom to hunt and enjoy the outdoors.

We live on a very small parcel of land (about 1/3 of an acre) which pushes me to learn more about gardening in more unique ways to produce a harvest to feed us throughout the year.

I cook from scratch, make my own soaps, lotions and a variety of concoctions as well as grow cannabis.
You can find me blogging on steemit, and Weku.

Come along as I start my BitChute channel and share some daily life from this little piece of Heaven we own