I was seeing if they like chicken, egg, and rice.

They do not seem to be interested in sweet stuff. If I put a drop of honey in there they cover it up with whatever they can find.

I am still not sure what species this is. If you have any idea I would love to know. The queen landed on my shirt on September 9th in southwest Virginia USA.

Big spoiler alert. But you probably already know that.

Big spoiler alert. But you probably already know that.

Boss fight with Adam and Eve in the underground alien base.

One of the Engels boss fights.

Using an Arduino to control a mini-fridge. Testing that the relay turns off when the temperature drops to 50 °F

More info here:

I was testing OBS and decided to record the trip. It is kind of nostalgic watching it now.

Playing hib on the Gareth (Classic) server.

I was cleaning my office and I found some old RvR videos I never released so I put them together

Boss fight with Simone the opera singer.


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