As you may or may not remember there was a shit ton of hype around this movie.

“Greatest action movie of all time!!” type of hype.

Does it live up to that?

No of course not. Not even close.

Dave and I kind of review this latest installment of the MI series, but also talk about how it is that a movie like this (or Black Panther) get such a ridiculously high rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

I’m sure you can just imagine how that goes.

Come on in and sit a spell!

Thanks so much for tuning in!


The Sheckster

Hiyoo! Here we are again! Welcome to Episode 30.

We start off this episode with a dramatic Glenn Scarpelli update!

Then we go right into today’s topic, which as the title states, is shows that couldn’t be made today. The seedy PC / SJW underbelly of Hollywood has basically shut down anything that celebrates differences in cultures, races and sexes. It’s pretty gross and quite frankly it’s one of the reasons we don’t have cable. Who among us actually wants to pay to watch that shit? Not me, good friend, not me.

So Dave and I have a sit down and discuss said shows . There are a few that you’ve probably come up with at the top of your head but there are others you may not have thought of at all.

Enjoy and thanks for tuning in!



Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Way back in 1999 I began working on a very independent documentary about singer/songwriter Buzzy Linhart.

Buzzy was an absolute staple of the 60s and 70s New York City folk rock scene. It’s still difficult to pinpoint exactly what his particular genre is because his music borrows from just about every where. Whimsical, with a message and catchy as hell is the best way to describe Buzzy and his music.

I first heard of Buzzy in 1989. He had made an appearance on the Howard Stern show and during the course of their conversation he mentioned he’d be attending a NORML rally in Washington Square Park the next week. Although I had no idea what he looked like, I ventured to the rally that day and began searching with my ears. And I had great success! Buzzy had done some cartoon voices while on with Stern, and I just happened to be walking by him when he was doing them once again.

I was instantly a fan. I saw quite a few shows of his that summer/fall and even managed to give him a ride to and from some gigs. And then, poof!, back to the west coast he went.

I purchased some of his albums from Bleeker Bob’s and introduced Dave to his music when we started dating in ’96. Dave loved his stuff immediately. And you know Dave, he’s chomping at the bit to HATE everything!

Fast forward a decade and Buzzy had returned to NYC and was playing at the Triad on 72nd. Dave and I were both really excited to see him. Those ten years had not been kind to Buzzy as far as his physicality. He was having a hard time moving around but he still sounded exactly like he had when I had last seen him. And that was great.

At the Triad show I turned to Dave and said, “He needs a documentary. More people should know about Buzzy.” Dave nodded and after the show I approached Buzzy and asked him if he’d mind if I tried to put together something. He was up for it and quite a few years later, it was finished.

And now here it is for you to listen to. The video version is up on my youtube channel, but it works really well as an audio doc.

A nice change of pace for your Thanksgiving weekend.

I hope you enjoy it!

For more information about Buzzy you can go to Please share this episode and get the word out.

XOX Have a happy and safe Turkey Day weekend!

The Sheckster

PS The disadvantage of “audio only” is of course you can’t see who is actually speaking. Here’s a quick list in order of appearance (all amazing people here — please search them out!):

Steve Denaut
Doug Rodriguez
Edwin Kramer
Jack Douglas
Mark “Moogie” Klingman
Sherry Rayn Barnett
Luther Rix
Buzzy Linhart
Phil Ryan
John Sebastian
Frank Eventoff
Jesse Colin Young
Xeno Rasmusson
Peter Ponzol
Pat Moriarity
Ronnie Rugato
Eric Brenner

It’s time for another Scrutiny episode!

This time we go through three Greatest Guitarists Of All Time lists. The lists in question are provided by Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine and

Spin Magazine’s list is so horrid I can’t help but think the people putting it together were actively trying to bankrupt the company. And truth be told, I think it worked.

We go over each list’s entries and Dave gives his opinion. We also hear about guitarists that make his personal top ten greatest of all time, though he is loathe to put them in any specific order.

Dave is in his element here for sure.

Take a drink every time you wish bad things would happen to the people at Spin Magazine. (Psssst, don’t take said drinks if you are driving!)

Thanks again for listening to our somewhat skewed vision of reality!



Oh yeah! I got Dave to watch another comic book movie!

In general he absolutely hates them, but once in a while he is forced to admit that he's enjoyed one. I'm not sure that a spoiler alert is needed but if you haven't seen this one and you've also not read any reviews or watched a trailer, then maybe stay away.

Of course this comic book movie stars someone who is BELOVED in this house. Mister Paul Rudd. We've never hated anything he's been in. And honestly I'm not sure why we haven't done a Paul Rudd episode yet. We just adore him. Ok I just adore him. Dave does really like him too though.

Anyway, since Dave is involved in this podcast we also veer off course a few times and for reasons unknown we also chat briefly about Morena Baccarin, George Clooney, James Woods and Bob and The Church of the Subgenius.

I mention my hopes and dreams of taking a road trip to Alaska and Dave has his opinions on that too.

We really do appreciate you all for tuning in!


PS Sorry this one's a little late, we had ourselves a good ol' fashioned upstate NY power outage last night.

It's the last of our October Halloween specials!

This week we have a very special [trick or] treat for you. We've returned to our beloved Conspiracies, Unsolved Mysteries & Deep Dark Secrets series.

The Mandela Effect is the Conspiracy we tackle. Dave is a disbeliever even though he gets Mandela'd more than once in this conversation.

Next up our tragic Deep Dark Secret. The sad tale of a little girl abused so badly by Hollywood pedophiles her death was the shocking result. A blind item brought to you by the good folks at

And finally we have our Unsolved Mystery. Or is it? We go over the Black Dahlia case. The facts that are known and maybe some new ones you hadn't heard about. If you are interested in learning more about this murder as well as the other murders with nearly identical MOs I strongly recommend checking out Steve Hodel's website at

And now for the bad news. Once again we had a very strange technical glitch. It happened while we were talking about the Black Dahlia. We caught it when it happened and then started recording once again. We both checked the program to make sure everything was fine and then continued on with the show.

When I began editing the show, however, all of the new stuff was no longer there.

So, the ouija board session is GONE. I had to hastily re-record an ending without Dave because he had already moved on to whatever it was he moved on to.

I hope this marks the end of our glitches since it definitely marks the end of our spooky series of shows for October.

See you next time!


Hey hey hey! It's episode #24! Our third in our Halloween / Spooky series of podcasts for the month of October.

This one is off the rails, folks. I fully intended for it to be all about the various ghost shows. And, to my credit, I try my hardest to keep this ship righted. However, Dave doesn't care about my show prep or show topics. Why would he when he can just as easily reference other things he finds way more exciting. These things include but aren't limited to Dave Davies, Maury Povich's ass crack and Bongtel Williams' inability to offer refreshments to his show's audience.  You feel me, right?

I'm not going to lie. I do get full on frazzled. Since our last episode where Dave ranted at the ghosts "SHOW ME!" we've had some interesting shit happen around here. Technical glitches during recording is a big one not to mention the things that have been going bump in the night.

Anywhoooooo, In this episode we talk about what is considered to be the first show devoted to the paranormal, and where the template for today's ghost shows come from.

We highlight some specific shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventurers, Paranormal State and Dave's favorite, Dead Files.

We also talk about some psychics and I reveal how my heart was broken when I realized my beloved Chip Coffey doesn't approve of my choice in presidential candidates. Like REALLY doesn't approve. It's ok, I will always love him even if he doesn't love me.

I remind Dave about that time he ruined a Crossing Over With John Edward taping,

AND! We reveal that we now have a hotline! You can call it up and leave a message, a comment, a song, a sonnet or a little inside info on something you've seen or heard. We will most likely play it on the show, so there's that.

The phone number is 707 MACK 043. Easy to remember, right? Give it a try, leave your message. All the cool kids are doing it.

There's a new ghost hunting type youtube channel that just started a few weeks ago. The guy seems like he is a tatted up..

I told you I would try my best to continue on with the spooky theme for the month of October! Promises made, promises kept.

This week's episode is all about the fantastic dutch colonial that can be found at 112 Ocean Ave in Amityville, Long Island.

"Bullshit!" you say? Well then I'd say perhaps you hadn't heard the entire story.

Think about it for a bit. In 1975 there were no ghost shows to promote your story. Zack Baggins and those two guys from Roto Rooter weren't yet driving around the country with their night vision gear and their EMF meters and their spirit boxes.

Why would two people make up a story like this?  Rumor was that they couldn't afford the house and they wanted to sell it. Well, have you ever bought a house? I have purchased 3 in my life time. The first month mortgage is paid in your down payment, you don't actually start paying down the mortgage until the second month.

The Lutz family didn't make it to the second month. They didn't make it past the first.

Danny Lutz — who was just a child at the time of the events that took place on Ocean Avenue — had, for a very long time, not spoken about what happened in their short stay in the house. And for good reason. Who among us would want to deal with the constant ridicule that his family had to deal with once the media decided it was all a hoax?

Move along folks, nothing to see here.

Yeah, right.

Danny's memories of those 28 days and his convincing testimony in the documentary "My Amityville Horror" just may change the way you view the Lutz family's story. He takes us back to the winter of 75/76 and discusses the real story behind one of the most famous hauntings in modern history.


The Sheckster

PS. Dave is totally angry through most of this show. I blame poltergeists!

It's October folks!

For me that means a full month of celebrating Hallowe'en! Well, I don't really celebrate it, but I do dig the spooky decorations and the awesome costumes people come up with. And the motherfucking candy, y'all. Those little baby Hershey's bar variety packs will always be my favorite. Don't you dare touch my Special Darks and Krackels. You can have all of the mystery candy wrapped in colored wax paper though. You're welcome.

Anywho, this week's episode, in keeping with the Hallowe'en theme, is all about scary movies! We each pick five scary movies that have permanently damaged us in some way.

Spoiler alert! None of them are from this millennium.

So lock your doors, dim the lights, and listen along as we play trailers from and discuss some pretty damn scary movies!



The Sheckster

PS Here is the playlist including all of our official Top 5 picks trailers! (There are 9 trailers because there was one movie that we both had on our lists!)

So, here we are! Episode Twenty-one!

This episode is all about the funk!

Dave and I discuss the origins of funk, the different kinds of funk, and how funk changed throughout its fairly short lifespan. Also Dave lets me know why disco sucks.

Funk funk funk funk funk!

We include all your favorites like Sly and The Family Stone, P-Funk and James Brown PLUS some others thrown in for good measure.

If you like funk (and who doesn't!?) you will love this episode!

Take a drink every time you have an urge to visit the Mothership.

XOX Like and subscribe if you're feeling funky.

[If you check out this post on you will have access to all of the URLs and Videos embedded within this post. — Shecky]

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love conspiracies. I love all kinds of rumors and blind items. The seedy hoaxy underbelly of the internet. All of it.

Dave, not so much.

This episode is exactly what the title says. I pick one story from each category and go over them with a disbelieving Dave.

First, we have our Deep Dark Secret.

Don Henley was arrested in November of 1980 after he was found with TWO NAKED UNDERRAGED GIRLS at his mansion on Mulholland Drive. That's not a rumor. Not a conspiracy. That happened.
Drummer arrested on Drug Charges by Kurt Loder
Maybe just one of the few times the title is no where near as salacious as the story.,3949520
Eagle Arrested
How 'bout that. Another ho-hum headline.
Read the entire story in this amazing blind item from Crazy Days And Nights.
Blind Item #1 - He Made Millions From Raping Young Girls — Himmmm

Next we went with an Unsolved Mystery. Here we bring up everyone's favorite Time Traveler. John Titor.

John claimed to be a soldier from 2036, sent back to 1975 to retrieve a computer. He then did a quick side trip to 2000 where he set up some accounts online and posted in chat rooms and message boards. To this day there are people out there who swear he was the real deal.

Here are some links to his original posts from way back when:
John Titor's Faxes to Art Bell
John Titor's Original Chat log [10/14/00]
John Titor's Thread on Art Bell's Message Board [01/27/01]

Also, the John Titor Foundation website is still up and still wishing both Johns "Good Luck."

Finally, we have our Conspiracy Theory [or is it?]:
Q Anon.

Dave didn't really know anything about Q or The Great Awakening. I try to explain it to him, but I think you already know how that goes.

Also, I reveal an interesting discovery I made while doing a little Q research online.

Anyhooooooo, it was another fun episode for us! Thanks for listening! Like and subscribe if you feel so inclined.

Well, shit, I have a verbal crutch and it’s “I mean. . . ” and it is terrible and unfortunately front and center in this podcast. I’d suggest you take a drink every time I say it, but you would probably die before you got to the end, and I don’t want you missing a second of this episode!

Today we review Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! There are a shit ton of spoilers, so don’t listen if you haven’t yet seen this movie, though that’s hard to fathom since it made 1.3 BILLION dollars since its release in June. Still, if you haven’t seen it and plan on seeing it, put this episode on the back burner.

We have a lot to say about the movie, the plot, the actors and the political shit they try to slip in there when they think you aren’t going to notice. We noticed mother fuckers.

We also talk about Glenn Scarpelli, as we received an urgent Scarpelli update while we were recording.

Then shit takes a dark turn when Dave brings up a Kennedy family secret that he thinks would make a great movie. He’s right.

Also we chat about Buzzy Linhart briefly. I made a documentary about him and we talk about how he had a bunch of brushes with greatness and showed up in all these weird places in movies. If you haven’t seen the doc [Famous: The Buzzy Linhart Story], it is on my youtube channel in the “Stuff I’ve edited” playlist.

So that’s Episode 19. Jurassic World, Glenn Scarpelli, The Kennedys, Buzzy Linhart, my shitty verbal crutch and so much more.


Comedians, I love them! I actually used to want to be one at some point but realized the rejection was more than I could take PLUS I’m not nearly funny enough.

However, luckily for me, there are tons of comedians that have done and continue to do their thing. Although a lot of them have recently become social justice warriors. To those comedians I say, “Fuck you!”

This week Dave and I each pick 4 comics who we love, play a clip or two and discuss how fucking funny they are.

Also we discuss two bands that long time friend-of-the-show and comedy writer Mark Levitt brought to our attention after listening to our Shoulda! episode (Episode #17). Fuzzy Duck and Mighty Baby. I like them both but really dig Fuzzy Duck a lot. Give them a listen! If you have a band that you think should have gone farther than they did, please do let us know.

AND! Our friend Pete insisted we take a gander at a youtuber. Roy Purdy. My reaction: He’s a goof ball who manages to get a huge number of views. Dave’s reaction: [CENSORED] You’ll just have to listen for yourself.

Anyhoooooo, it’s another episode in the books!


Bands That Shoulda! AKA Bands that should’ve been more popular than they were.

The other day I [Shecky] was digging through the internet looking for a piece of music to go with a video I was editing. I went down a rabbit hole of sorts, searching for music that was edgy, cool but not necessarily known by everyone. And although my search ultimately led me to use a different kind of music entirely in the project, it did get me thinking about bands who never fully lived up to their potential.

Or maybe bands who Dave or I may love, that haven’t gotten nearly as much exposure as some of their contemporaries. Or bands that are popular in another country but not ours.

I think you get it.

Anyway, this is the theme of this episode of the Middle Aged Cool Kids Super Terrific Podcast featuring your pals —

Dave picked four that I’d never heard of at all. I liked 3 out of 4 of them. Especially one song I’m sure you can imagine how he felt about my picks.

Enjoy the show! This one was a lot of fun for us.


If you didn’t know, Dave is a drummer. He loves music of all kinds, and plays a few instruments, but drums are his main thing. Jazz, Funk, Rock and everything in between — he’s been playing for nearly 40 years. And he’s always learning, always listening.

Many times I have said if you need a music lifeline on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire — he’s your guy.

Enough preamble! I knew that if I started pulling out some Top Ten Drummers of ALL TIME lists I found on le internets he would definitely have something to say. Dave’s reactions to infuriating things are generally hilarious, even here at home with the mics off. To be fair, sometimes they are a bit too much if I haven’t had my first cup o’ coffee of the morning, but that’s more on me.

Our lists come from:

So enjoy me reading off these Top Ten lists from various sites around the web and Dave agreeing or [mostly] not agreeing.

He knows his stuff.

Take a drink every time Dave says “NO” or is totally disgusted by a top ten list entrant.


PS His number one choice is not on any of the top ten lists we go through.

PPS Steve Gadd.

So there I was, minding my own business, enjoying a Yankee game and here came Dave.

“You have to listen to this!”

He does this more often than not, and sometimes it’s not something at all I felt I had to listen to. This time it was an excerpt of Paul Stanley’s audio book, Face The Music, narrated by the man himself.

Oh dear lord. We began listening non-stop for all the wrong reasons. What fun! Wheeeeeeee!

This was the inspiration for today’s podcast.

Dave is a music snob so I’m fairly certain you can figure out his take on Kiss. I am not a snob and was a NJ platinum blonde rocker chick for most of the 80s. So, yeah, you can guess my take too I’m sure.

We also talk about other musical acts and other bands that lost crucial members.

Enjoy and be sure to take a drink (or a hit, or a bite of pie) whenever you hear the word “Nonsense.”

You’ve got nothing to lose. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Ever just sing along to a catchy tune on the radio? We’re all guilty of that. One time when Dave and I drove from Las Vegas to Bodega Bay I sang the entire fucking time. The. Entire. Fucking. Time.

Anyhooooooo, some songs you sing along to without ever really paying attention to the lyrics. And you should. We all should.

This episode is about mainstream bands who have songs with questionably inappropriate lyrics. As I mention in the show, there are some bands whose livelihood depends on their songs with questionably inappropriate lyrics. That’s fine, these songs, however, were made for popular culture’s consumption.

So, have some fun with us listening to some inappropriately creepy songs. We listen along and both give our opinions.

ALSO! Our long time friend and consumer of everything Dave & Shecky, Mark Levitt [ @wiggybloogy ] has a comedy short entitled “Thumb Wrestler” that has won and been nominated for some impressive comedy film festival awards. We talk about his movie without giving away any big plot spoilers.

Take a drink every time we disagree about whether a song is creepy or not. Also every time we say “The Tunnels.”

This is just here because I embedded it in my website.

Episode 14!

This week, because it is now available on DVD, we decided to watch and review Deadpool 2. And yes, there are spoilers.

Now our Dave is not a comic book movie guy. At all. This movie has done basically nothing to change that, much to my chagrin. He did like it more than Infinity Wars though, so there’s that.

We also talk about some other things like animated movies. And in this episode you will find out which one happens to be both of our favorite!

I mention a few things in the 80s that were hard or impossible to find. Dave mentions picking up and eating a Mary Jane off the street.

Dave talks about the word “Lexicon” a little too much and then we end this episode with his touching story about a Blimpies in NYC.

Also, at some point I discuss listening to old Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis radio shows on, here is the link to the episode with Bob Hope.:

Finally, take a drink every time Dave doesn’t like Deadpool 2.

Ah the 80s. If you were around back then you may remember them fondly. Or not.

What was considered popular music during the 80s was way different than the 70s. Synths and drum machines everywhere you looked. Aquanet, neon colors, leg warmers, perms and some not so great music.

Some of us [ok, me] stuck primarily to metal and hair bands, and others of us had almost zero desire to interact with anything that came out of the 80s at all. That would be Dave. There are some exceptions though and we discuss them!

We go through's version of the top 10 80s songs of all time and I think there are only a few that we actually like.

Dave also tells the tale of "The Country Club" incident that Pete was kind enough to remind him about.

Take a drink every time I'm thoroughly confused by Dave.

If you listened back when we had our old podcasts, or if you watched my cable access show all those years ago, you probably already know that Dave was in an amazing NYC jam band called First House.

Even if I wasn’t married to the drummer, I’d still listen to those songs. They bring me right back to those late (and I mean really late) Friday nights at The ‘Gale.

The Nightingale was a hole in the wall on 13th and 2nd where incredible bands played just about all week long. The stage was maybe 6 inches off the floor, the pool table had the shadiest of characters hanging around it, and I won’t get into the the state of the restroom.

My schedule permanently had The ‘Gale penciled in for Friday nights. For five bucks we were all treated to 3+ hours of the best live music in the city. We danced, we smoked, we became a family.

Dave’s perspective is more inside-baseball than mine, and for the first time in all of our years together he shares his insights about his time with the band.

Mixed in we have some songs from their one and only cd, along with some bits and pieces from old demos and live recordings that have never been released.

I truly hope you enjoy this episode!

Special thanks to Pete for letting us use some of his audio as well as Mr. Randy for the call-in contribution!

Acid. Deluxe.

It’s episode 10! And they said it couldn’t be done.

This week we watched Super Troopers 2 and we share our thoughtful reviews about this sequel to a much beloved cult classic.

Since our reviews are short and to the point we also talk about a ton of other stuff including but not limited to:

• HBO’s The Young Comedians Specials
• Winger & Vixen
• Michael Savage and his brave stance on Bull Fighting
• The guy who threw a drink into the face of a kid wearing a MAGA hat
• Dave’s Turntable: Scoop/Pete Townshend
• Dave’s thoughts on digital music sucking with the exception of Donald Fagen’s Nightfly
• Dave reveals that he is angrier than you’d imagine about Justin Bieber
• Yankees/Mets talk
• Tim Tebow!
• Big Brother
• The Twitter Purge
• IHOP’s name change stunt
• Coffee

So, there you have it. A shit ton of topics, almost all of which make Dave a little ornery. He does white knight for Michael Savage though, but that’s ok because I pull a counter white knight for Tim Tebow.

Take a drink every time Dave thinks someone has ruined something for him.

Episode Seven!  The Ready Player One episode!

I suppose we could have done another Watch Along with this movie, but I think we both really wanted to just watch it like a couple of normal people the first time through.

The graphics and the concept are so fun, especially if you like gaming or Second Life or a combination of those. Tons of pop culture references for the middle aged cool kid in everyone can be found throughout. Plus! A great soundtrack, also seemingly aged at ours truly. We don't spoil the ending but we do talk a lot about some specific stuff that goes on. We give our ratings and also name our favorite Spielberg movies.

We also talk about IMDB and their top 250 movies list, some of which are ridiculous.

Dave shares what's on his "turn table" this week. Spoiler Alert: It's ART BLAKEY!


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