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Kyle talks about who the people of darkness are and how they created the dark ages of history and today.

Kyle talks about some current events and then covers the topic of alternative reality games, which could be more prevalent than we think.

Kyle talks about how White people are being discriminated at every level while our oppressors and their pets are turned into gods.

Kyle talks about current events, the robot revolution, the all-seeing AI, the internet of things, and more.

The future must be ours or there is no future.

Kyle talks about the many ways we are being attacked and poisoned, how it has happened throughout history, and then takes some calls.

Kyle talks about some current events and takes calls.

Kyle talks about how the "dissident right" is full of rape promoters, much like society at large.

Kyle takes some calls (eventually) while going over the sickness of our society.

This woman was raped and her husband was murdered, but Thomas Sewell calls it pathetic.

Kyle talks about a variety of topics, including current events, the Andrew Tate scandal, White genocide, and more.

Kyle speaks with Eternal Truth, an author at Renegade Tribune, about how he came to understand the world, the massive shilling operation for Russia on the right wing, and his own ordeal with harassment for speaking out.

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Kyle goes over some recent stories from the past week and other interesting content.

Kyle goes over the recent Ye interviews and some of the strange connections with his accomplices before getting into some other stories.

Kyle goes over some recent news stories regarding the dystopian future of the great reset and then gets into some topics related to anti-White racism and "anti-semitism".

Check out this new track about the degenerate freaks who want so badly to be women, but will never be anything other than mutilated men.

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Kyle discusses "the red wave," this week in "anti-semitism," and then gets into how Ace of Base was actually "based."

Kyle talks about some current events and then gets into the recent developments regarding Ye's "anti-semitism".

Kyle goes over some current events and the possibility of a looming dark winter, gets into Kanye's crusade against jews, and then goes over some other famous people who have spoken out against the tribe.

Kanye talks about getting screwed by jews.

Kyle goes "death con 3" on today's show, going over some current events and all the anti-White insanity coming from the minds of maniacs.

Kyle talks about the energy crisis, the sickness industry, degeneracy, White genocide, and jews.

Kyle talks about current events, anti-White hatred, induced sickness, and much more.

Kyle talks about some political stories, Amazon Prime's anti-White media, GDL subversiveness, the energy crisis, and more.


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