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So, I made another one for you but due to ineptitude it didn't record any video, just a picture of a snail holding a stick. Though hilarious, I really doubt that is what you would want to look at while I played a card game. So this hand got bad and it got bad fast. Also due to ineptitude, something else I will blame on my son when he is old enough to shoulder the blame. That is just good parenting! Terrible advice.

Anyone want more Stellaris?

Happy Halloween, Description Box, I hope you enjoyed yours. I took my kids out to pillage the candy stockpiles of the rest of the peasantry. Much sugar was consumed, many headaches were generated, a good time for some was had. I don't remember the last time I went to a Halloween party, well since I had kids I don't remember much of anything anymore. I wonder if that is what nature intended, for you to forget your past, so you don't forsake your family and go searching for your lost youth. Hmmm, I must ponder this. Ok, done pondering, I don't even remember what I was trying to figure out!

Rats, description box. Rats! He would've never made it down here, he hates rats. Remember Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, when Harrison Ford said that? Do ya? You don't? Meh.

So the dealer is now giving me a few more choices in my path now, almost like he went all open world on me. I can now choose to go up or down! Also, the canyon again! Do I manage to turn my fortune around this time? So the short answer is kinda. I mean we do get there, we just get there broke cold and hungry. Isn't that the mark of a good adventure though? To me, that just sounds horrible. Oh well, hopefully next time this congestion will be over with.

I'm a hangry man description box! I played on an empty stomach and it must have translated into the game, because my adventurer ended up in dire need of supplies too. That mechanic is nice, it kind of forces you to think a bit more tactically as some of the card resolutions require supplies to complete. The game is brilliant, and I say that not just to spite GoD (which is a great game), I am just salty still. I'll grow up, and get back to it, but right now I want to hang out with HoD, and take it to that cloaked stranger.

Waiting on the family to get home so we can eat the KFC i picked up. The garage door is opening! Let the feast begin!

I also recorded another GoD right before, description box, and the salt is still there. I think I will only do HoF now, as that game doesn't nearly enrage me as much as the former. Now I know that card games are not my strong suit, but even I should have seen some kind of victory, at some point! I mean look, I have done nothing but rage this entire time, about a game that has nothing to do with this upload!

Anyways, my children have left me alone all day and in fact I had to go search them out in order to play with them, but the second I try to do something, both of them show up and immediately feel the need to get involved 100 percent. The joys of children!

I don't differentiate friends from foes. They shall learn this the hard way!

What would you tell me description box if I told you we we're going to space? Would you call me crazy? You absolutely should! I have no business managing my family's finances and I chose to become the overlord of a space faring nation. I am out of my gourd and you know what? Dun' care!

Multiplaying with J5 who has approximately 15 mins with this game before I make this happen.

If I have learned anything from my time on this planet description box, it's that you should always trust a cloaked stranger that deals cards whilst sitting in a cave / throne room. Honestly, to even think twice about playing the game he goes out of his way to give you ample warning about, would just be rude. In these types of situations, you just gotta aim for the bushes and jump!

This is a very neat game, and I hope me wanting to play card based games isn't a trend, because I refuse to play Hearthstone, adamantly. I will see myself buried up to my eyeballs in the middle of a bullet ant invasion before I play that game. I will play Scrolls though, I actually own that, I doubt I could even remember how to logon now though. I won one match just based on draws, and my opponent, who you could tell had spent his entire life playing these types of games went absolutely bonkers. I mean he just spammed chat continuously about how it was just on my draws and so forth. I mean he wasn't wrong, he was a better player, but he still lost. So I felt it was my duty to remind him with a simple, "You still lost." He lost his ever loving mind, and I left laughing.

P.S. Sorry about the game volume being so loud! I tried to lower it but it doesn't care, I'll just lower it in obs next time.

I come back to you a new man description box. My positive/can do attitude sees me victorious as the ghastly armies that thwarted my plans long ago, now lay motionless at my feet. I beat them, me good, they bad. I guess we can attribute all the salt to the lack of sleep and/or me just being bad. I want to think I am still good at these things, so let's just go with sleep.

Won't be long now for Destiny 2 for PC. I have it pre-ordered, and so do the rest of my mates, so looks like there will be plenty of foul mouthed videos up when that launches. You could always turn into my twitch channel at www.twitch.tv/tacticalsnail and watch me live, but being able to control the playback is really great. Anyways, I ramble, today is soccer practice for the boy, time to get him ready. As always, please leave your missives below, I take requests now!

Ok, description box, you want a tale do ya? Well here is the story of the second round of GoD, and you know what? It's a jerk! This one is just an adventure that is reminiscent of a Game of Thrones episode where everyone dies! There was so much blood, I'm going to need therapy and you are definitely going to need new shoes. And the draws!? Kripparian don't have crap on me, never lucky is literally embodied right here! I think my son took all my luck. Yes, that has to be it. DuckDuckGo, research how to siphon one's luck back from a family member, better do this one on a private tab.

Seriously though, I don't know what has come over this game. If you want to see more of this let me know below, otherwise I am just going to try and pump out more Stellaris and Witcher. I just don't have enough hours in the day to suffer one soul crushing defeat after the other!

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