I fucked up quite a bit here but memed myself a few times so it's okay. I don't expect anyone to actually watch this I'm just getting into the rhythm of uploading videos instead of once every blue moon.

I'm rolling back to playing old shooters and taking a break from Siege (I'm trash at it anyways). Here's Half Life 1! I great introduction as one of the most iconic (actually Iconic not Ubisoft iconic) games of all time!

Apparently the audio fucked in rendering but is this not a headshot?

There's an audio fuck up here and I apologise about it. I am gonna reinstall Shadow Play or something.


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Hello! I am TacticsIsPolska and welcome to my channel! The name derives from the Countryball character Polandball. I found it fitting because of my admiration for it as well as my liking of tactical shooters.