i came across this nice animation but there was some awful Vandalizations done to it so i thought i go and remove them.
original animation by :Sr Pelo
edited and reanimated by TakTheBandit (me)
I'm relearning animation. i still suck though

this video by anubis2814 was flagged by faccies. so i re-upload

original description:
Published on May 18, 2018
Everyone knows what Hitler did when he came to power, but most have no idea how he got there in the first place. It is a specific strategy of trolling, hooliganism and targeted recruitment and scapegoating.
This video was previously restricted due to a photo of bodies in a Nazi concentration camp. its an easily found photo we all saw in school to show how awful Hitler was. Trolls love to flag videos to hurt creators.
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hi i'm a PROFRESSIONAL graphic designer,manga artist, and a animator in training. i make critique videos about graphic design but will occasionally branch out about videos of the design of things in general ex video games,nature,systems you name it! The world is filled with good designs and bad designs and boy do i have a bone to pick with the bad designs.
videos might get a "little" controversial. and by little i mean more than that.