Will the main event go the distance?

I talk about the lost boys as I call them. Boys growing up without fathers, and my current family struggle with this hardship.

The absolute state of dating/marriage for men in 2019.

Why so serious?

I talk about what I have been doing in the last 6 months, and a strange occurrence on a cruise.

Another channel I talk about in video:

In this Vlog I talk about the start of my 90 day journey of nofap, strength training updates, and my Bader vs Fedor fight picks.

Skip to 4:56 for the fight picks!


I make my predictions for the upcoming fights!

Jeb, defeated by Trump in the 2016 election, seeks to find more energy needed for 2020! He stumbles upon an ally in his journey...

We continue the convo with the gay Trump supporter and make it into the rally.

Part 2 of the Trump Rally, things start getting interesting...

I go to the Trump rally in West Virginia, witness a "protest", and talk to some people.

I talk about the Owen Benjamin Vs Joe Rogan beef, and the life lessons to be learned.


Looks like Owen took down the original Rogan diss video, but I talk about it in my video.

I talk about Alex Jones and Gavin Mcinnes being censored, as well as me going to the upcoming Trump rally.

Sargon of Akkad issued a challenge to see how long you can watch Samantha Bee without cutting off your head. I originally found this challenge on Dave Cullen's channel, Computing Forever.

I accepted the challenge...unfortunately. See how long I make it!

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Lauren Southern spits the truth about "diversity" while being interviewed about her tour in New Zealand. Featuring a special guest...No not Stefan Molyneux.


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