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An emote of Mundane Matt was the emote of the week and of course the boulder collector had to cry to admins to have it removed. (How does he not understand it’s worse to get it removed? He should laugh about it but too late for that)
Patrick Casey joins the #Killstream and plays word association with Bibble and Ralph. Josh the owner of Kiwi Farms calls in discusses the data breach and motives of why Hotwheels is so against 8chan. Also will 8chan be returning? What do you think?

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Why Impeachment isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Original Stream; 9-24-19
👉 https://youtu.be/_PIWma1Hpk4

The Quartering makes a video responding to the Mundane Matt audio leaks. Matt was even taking shots at Bearing. Ian Miles Cheong Claims to be a Chad in an interview.. 🤔 Vaush wants to cancel Flamenco under the impression that Flamenco doxxed him because he doesn’t know how to read Kiwi Farms.

Original Stream #Killstream 9-24-19
👉 https://dlive.tv/p/theralphretort+EY_7QLtZR

Bearing & the Quartering discuss Matt Mundane and his appearance on the Andy Signore stream. Matt was poking Ralph saying Ralph’s show is small now it blew up when Matt was on it. Meanwhile Matt streams to maybe 12 people? Count Dankula reads the news article about a Scotsman being charged for farting during a strip search.

Original Stream;
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👉👉 https://youtu.be/7kNUCLJazMo

Context this aired prior to the Killstream last night and at this point Jeremy didn’t think he was going to go on. He ended up going on because what was said about himself & Bearing 🐻 if you would like to here that it’s available on the backup channel 👉 https://youtu.be/qnoHDzhzRlQ

Dame Pesos joins the #Killstream with fresh audio leaks from discord from everyone’s favorite Boulder Cartel member. Matt talks about his daughter then stops, rephrases it, his girlfriend’s daughter.

Part 2 The Quartering Joins, & the leaks reveal a much more catty Mundane Matt He 💩 Talks; Bearing, Count Dankula, Warski, Ralph, the Quartering 👇
👉 https://youtu.be/qnoHDzhzRlQ

The entire stream links;
👉 https://twitter.com/theralphretort/status/1175312184315973633?s=21

Dame on twitter;
👉 https://twitter.com/gatorpesos/status/1175255469625135105?s=21

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Blaire claims Yaniv has joined several babysitting groups on Facebook, as both names Jonathan & Jessica. Onision emailed Blaire before the video with Sarah went up, he saw the subtweet “exposing a pedophile”. Blaire brings up a good point Onision hasn’t taken to his platform to defend himself. He has in every other situation. Out of the Onision couple it seems like Kai is the only one at risk of criminal charges.

Original source & Full Stream still up but unlisted;
Blaire White 9-18-19
👉 https://youtu.be/eUkJbqoKK_8

When Hotwheels heard about Pastor Manning appearing on the #Killstream he wanted to come on to ask him a few questions apparently. Someone leaked the hangout link on accident, a few people were able to jump on here and there. The Killstream was reported to Dlive Staff an hour after it aired the sniping of Andy Signore & Mundane Matt’s stream am sure it was a (((coincidence))). Ralph plays a clip from the Dick show, where Masterson tells the story of being in a bar and Maddox randomly walks in.

Original Source was on Dlive
Catch the #Killstream Live M-F 9:30ish Eastern
👉 http://www.dlive.tv/theralphretort

This week in #MATI Josh explains his feels about the hacking and the data leak. Which left about 4K of users data to be spread on the internet, the company “have you been pawned” listed Kf’s data leak. TBF most users were very aware and used an email not linked to other social media profiles but Josh still felt bad. Stallman’s #metoo is bad because his replacement will probably be someone with an agenda. Firefox some steal, Amber Lynn Reid eats an entire Chicken and Josh protests that it doesn’t turn him on he just wants to laugh.

Original Stream;
Mad At The Internet;
👉 https://youtu.be/lIxrfpUqjvg

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Thumbnail was created by; Red Tail Comics 👏
Original Image;
🐦👉 https://twitter.com/redtailcomics/status/1165502233019998209?s=21

Not to make light of Trudeau wearing black face but he did make a big Oopsie, time will tell if he loses the election or not. The #Killstream visit’s the Boulder King on Andy Signore’s stream, Matt wasn’t happy to see a lot of popular memes show up in the chat lol. Red Headed Libertarian received a random af dm from CRP calling her ugly, for changing her profile picture too often. My guess is she ignored a tweet from CRP. Mike Cernovich pulls out his own CRP receipts where he goes on an epic sperg at first trying to get Mike to do him a favor, then spergs out because of no response lol. Lastly I did dm Signore asking permission to clip at first he wasn’t into the idea I shared the tweet, word got around and he changed his mind! Than you, Riley, Ralph & Bibble!

Original Stream was live on Dlive 9-18-19
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M-F 9:30pmish Eastern
👉 http://www.dlive.tv/theralphretort

You can listen to the full Killstream here;
👉 https://killstream.zencast.website/episodes/261

Here’s a hint #ChatAlwaysWins Andy Signore has Mundane Matt on, the #Killstream Stream snipes this stream, PunishedRalph can be seen in the chat. Dick Super Chats And Mundane Matt says he got the interaction from Dick that he wanted. Andy Signore wants to get Mundane Matt & Dick Masterson together to try to work through their issues.

Original Source;
Andy Signore;
👉 https://youtu.be/AplePoQjy9o

It really did seem like PewDiePie was going to donate to the ADL, even though it looked like it physically pained him, he even released a statement about it. Then he turns around and makes another video talking about how he was advised to.. Well who ever is advising that needs to be fired.. Zoe Quinn is a thing why?

Original a Source;
Still available on Dlive;
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👉 http://www.dlive.tv/theralphretort

Davey isn’t even complaining about Rogan cheating here but the hypocrisy with silencing others which in turn causes more people to talk about it.

Original Source;
Davey Crocko 3 👈 He’s back make sure to subscribe!
👉 https://youtu.be/-UalLgPw6ys

Pewdiepie responds to criticism over his ADL donation with a message that seems to contain a secrete message. Josh’s opinion on Weeb Wars. Josh believes no one would ever read 1200 pages of anything. Giving a judge a 1200 page evidence folder does sound excessive. Kiwifarms was hacked the why? Unknown.. Who did it? Unknown.. 🤔 just more reasons to be Mad At the Internet.

Original Stream 9-11-19
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Venti is back on YouTube after streaming exclusively to Dlive. She’s saying Pewdiepie could of gotten a free pass instead of paying the organization that will ultimately get everyone pulled from every platform.

Original Source;
👉 https://youtu.be/NpLsAmN2Syk

Nick explains some of the issues coming out of the hearing. Some of the #StandewithVic people got extremely impatient. After hearing about Judge Chudd’s actions I understand the frustration. However Nick explains the legal courses actions, like when the Judge doesn’t handle things correctly that can later be reconsidered. Even if you are frustrated by how the judge has handled things the last thing you should do is contact the judge. This is far from over.

Original Source; 9-8-19
Rekieta Law
👉 https://youtu.be/F_LmbyE80aY

Vacation Nick the Knife 🔪 explains why Ice’s big bust isn’t such a white pill after all. 💀 @ 4:00 🔪🔪🔪

Original Source;
America First with Nicholas Fuentes
👉 https://youtu.be/TrnlsN0ImyQ

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#Mad #French #Cowards 🏳️
Activists at the The Sleeping Giant (French division) tries to get Josh to do something about his new customer on his hosting service 1776. Maddox gets everyone excited about a possible response and lets everyone down since it’s not about Masterson whatsoever.

Original Source; 9-4-19
Mad At The Internet;
👉 https://youtu.be/rIh2jsHQ4pw

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Jf claims to have slept with 100s maybe 1000s of women and that he was ready to be loyal and stay with every single one of them. @Ursa_Major148 tells her story. It’s a good story that explains what happens when you Just believe victims, it in turn creates victims. What happened to Presumed innocent until proven guilty? 🤔More Graffiti in Canada is Mama Jf back at it again 🤡

Original Stream 9-4-19
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For the complete stream (limited editing on YouTube) check it out on the backup channel;
👉 https://youtu.be/c_HNvwxS99g

Mister Metokur removed all of his videos from YouTube after a warning and then several deletions without any notice from YouTube. You can find his videos here on
Bitchute 👉 https://www.bitchute.com/mistermetokur/
He later talks about Bitchute’s no censorship policy so he has lots of ideas for that including his take on trannys. Jim updates on on what Blade has been doing since his Chris Hansen appearance. Zoe Quinn 1 Kiwifarms 0, body count. Metokur talks about Zoe Quinn’s #metoo post that lead to the untimely departure of her ex. #ZoebodyCount

Original Source;

@ 📍4:50 Blaire Talks about the underage IG group chat that has had both Blaire & Yaniv in.

Blaire White isn’t going to make full videos on Yaniv but will do live streams to update everyone. This stream is now unlisted. Blaire White talks about working with Yaniv’s agent then flipping on the agent because the agent doxxed a victim? Even though it wasn’t the actual victim but the victims cousin 🤔 When you thought LA couldn’t be worse it is, apparently if you are broke on welfare Los Angeles will pay for people’s transition surgeries.

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👉 https://youtu.be/rHhpbsEQVCY

Court Documents show that Ron Toye had abused his wife Monica, there was even a restraining order. @ 17:28 “She was scared what Ron would do to her so she shifted the blame to Vic” this is why everyone must hear this! Make sure to tune into night as the Kick Vic crowd now shift to victim blaming.

Original Source;
Rekieta Law;
👉 https://youtu.be/rmFQl7FYB7E

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👉 https://t.co/HTIU7fHviw?amp=1

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👉 https://twitter.com/brigadierheyser/status/1166605143187570689?s=21

#AugieRFC Augie and Bowblax discuss Metokur’s exodus from YouTube before the shoah’. (Find him here in Bitchute 👉👉👉 https://www.bitchute.com/mistermetokur/ )

Amos Yee allegedly was dating a 14 yr old, who calls in, she says the police have has her phone with all the exchanges between her and Amos. Amos should never come back to Youtube and just hearing that he was dating a 14yr old hopefully he’ll be in jail soon and off the platform and away from children.

Finally Unfunniest is called out for calling an 16 year old who dated a 14 year old a Nonce? Basically a Pedo but Unfunniest claims in the UK it means weird or creepy. Blood flows enjoy 🍿 Nickolas DeOrio joins**

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For Live Streams;
👉 https://youtu.be/xx6cE0xghpQ

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👉 https://youtu.be/_BQeV8Z3tXQ

Don’t forget Nick DeOrio;
👉 https://youtu.be/2YKX3vd1c74

Press F for James Allsup being banned. Nick says the purge is here! Also $2 superchats BTFO + Meet Nicole Fuentes.

Original Source; America First with Nicholas Fuentes;
👉 https://youtu.be/TLkXvoa61oQ

Music by Rusty Cage; White Girls F dogs

#Sarah #TheBlargh

I felt this was important to post because of Sarah’s statement in January it would be easy to doubt the grooming allegations. Not even a whole year since that statement Sarah has gone from being in a relationship with the couple to leaving and she explains that it was Onision’s idea for the statement. If you aren’t familiar Kai, that is Onision’s spouse who formerly went by Laineybot. Kai was Sarah’s guardian when she came and stayed with the couple when she was 15. Sarah also helped looked after the couple’s children.

Thank you to the Blargh for posting the entire stream;
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👉 https://youtu.be/2kPsK-bugGw

Enhanced audio clip of Sarah admitting to talk about a relationship with Kai at 16;
👉 https://twitter.com/iamtwofacedd/status/1165801057177493504?s=21

Here’s a former $50 Patreon of Mumkey Jones who live reported MJ to Patreon for not fulfilling rewards. Also Mumkey didn’t fulfill the rewards at all but instead just changed what the tiers would offer. Without announcing to patreons? I think it’s pretty clear he just wants his money back he did wait a while for it, but I don’t believe he’s wrong. He did give Mumkey plenty of time to respond and fulfill the tier promises.

Original Source was on Twitch;
👉 https://www.twitch.tv/kinoshita_crazy

Full Stream available on YouTube; Kinoshita Crazy
👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSqoIqgQHFc

If you haven’t already watch Hazencruz’s video about Mumkey Jones, it actually had part of the sex tape in the video before it was released and it’s very insightful on relationships between an adult and teens (as in why it’s not healthy).
👉 https://youtu.be/waDf8H3zIMI


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