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Bronx Blogger wants to know if he passes.

TRR with Ethan Ralph, Flamenco & Randbot was on Memology 101s channel

Agluck calls out Warski and Geekthulu’s Listen and believe tactics. 5-6-19

Original Source; Be sure to check out!
SoCal Chris will be live with Agluck tomorrow 👇
👉 https://youtu.be/Yp9jCBhTfEk

This clip is to help update people who missed most of 5-1-19 streams and a lot that’s been happening since the Indiegogo was created. First Part is very difficult to listen to it’s essentially Geek & Andy Live 💩 posting by making their content blocking people and making into a game. Bragging about blocking people and trolling with “don’t disturb someone’s stream” or not trolling you can decide. It has Dispatch also talking over the stream adding commentary & I have added some text for even more commentary to avoid issues but yet share what happened yesterday.

The Second part includes; Esau and Wardog going over all the events that happened between Warski banning people, refunding the indiegogo and the Miami incidents ect.


Dispatch Center; “Warpath the refugee stream” Blocked fans & viewers were watching the stream here; 5-1-19
👉 https://youtu.be/0G46o61SyeE

Orbiting Esau; “I wouldn’t even hug you” Esau calling out Warski for having a hug 📦 5-1-19
👉 https://youtu.be/AEBLXU6QF4w

Cognitive thought was deplatformed on stream labs. He had to create a new one apparently people have been reporting him? Cog reiterates that he is against Zoom calling the WSJ and snitching on Ralph which puts Memology’s channel at risk. Dankula instead of going to jail has 800 £ stolen from his account. No to Geno creates an amazing super cut of the trip that shouldn’t have happened.

Original Source;
Cognitive Talks; Be sure to check out later for Banter Rantz
👉 https://youtu.be/9GbZr9SUwBo

“Miami Enemy”
No to Geno;
👉 https://youtu.be/mjDI0nkaAOQ

This is a combination of TRR & Godspeed Live. It includes TRR’s live chat which shows almost every other word as “gunt”. I am not modded so I can’t show the chats being filtered but I know if the messages aren’t approved users will start receiving bans. The message filtration is automatic but can be removed and imo it’s more hassle then helpful.

Ice Poseidon is raided by the fbi all of his electronics were seized apparently someone was spoofing his number and making bomb threats? But there’s speculation that he was running a scam and it’s related to stream.me’s sudden disappearance.

Ralph says he will unblock the viewer Ear Juice and explains his stance on blocking. He also addresses the fact that Zoom has called up the WSJ Author and is putting Memology’s channel at risk. Cut to Godspeed Live, Cognitive thought is guesting and he debunks Zoom Saying “Gunt” is filtered and also states that he isn’t ok with Zoom putting Memology at risk of deplatformation. Cog agrees though with Zoom that Ralph still hasn’t shown receipts on his meeting with police about the possible CP/ from the Ig investigation stream. Zoom plans to call the officer from the business card Ralph gave to Cog to verify.

Original Sources;
TRR streams on Memology 101s channel and deletes the stream right afterwards. You can find the full stream on;

Palmer Eldritch;
👉 https://youtu.be/9Kokh56AKn0

Godspeed Live;
👉 https://youtu.be/Njr07XRmba0

Nick Fuentes is eating too much fast food. Lol The use of the word “problematic” is in jest, don’t take seriously. Fuentes points out that Trump’s words and actions aren’t lining up its like he doesn’t have control.

Original Source; 3-19-19
America First;
👉 https://youtu.be/wEfYJV7o2O4

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#Rekieta #Law #Conventions

Nick has messages for Conventions! Listen here! Rekieta reaches out to KemehaCon and tells them that the fans support them. “Cons are about fans, not the egos of voice actors” 🐦 @NickRekieta https://twitter.com/nickrekieta/status/1108265624474710016?s=21

Original Source: 3-19-19
Rekieta Law⚖️
👉 https://youtu.be/E506EueKSEY

#Gunts #Cucks #Creepy

It was a very spergy night it started off with Cognitive Thought in the Ralphretort Chat & with Ralph calling him a leach. Then Cognitive thought streamed and responded to the Leach claim and had callers on to discuss what they feel has become a hugbox over on the Ralphretort.
Zell defends Ralph and it turns into Zell vs Zoom.

First clip original Source;
The Ralphretort streams on Memology 101s channel and it’s deleted right after it airs.

Palmer Eldritch uploads the entire stream with time stamps
Check out tonight’s stream; 3-19-19
👉 https://youtu.be/uw5TPYlq4LE

Second Clip is from Cognitive Thought on his;
Cognitive Talks Channel
He is making it easy to stay updated be sure to check him out!
👉 https://youtu.be/OMXXtDAb5r4


Vee was streaming with Karen (mra) and his Google hangout was hacked. Censorship is so bad people are being banned off of platforms for saying “Subscriber to Pewdiepie.” Vee wants to move to Bitchute when live streaming is available.

Original Stream - Deleted 3-19-19
Vee Live Stream Available On Bitchute;
👉 https://www.bitchute.com/video/lC1QvFBx3wU/

Kiwi Farms went from a 💩 posting site to being the number one enemy of New Zealand. Includes a new complaint letter to Nick Rekieta because of Josh Lol. Luckily New Project 2 is run by Dick Masterson who doesn’t care about the emails he receives so Josh won’t lose this platform via extortion.
🚨 Check out the Project 2 & support Josh at;
👉 https://madattheinternet.com

Original Source; 3-17-19
Nick Rekieta - Official Youtube Lawyer 😉
👉 https://youtu.be/w7MhYWw6EBY

Toad McKinley has a few drinks and goes over some of the last few weeks. He reminds everyone we are supposed to be laughing at this eceleb drama 💩. (If you were watching the stream you will remember that he specifically asked to be called daddy)He doesn’t know when the Dongamentry will be done, IRL streaming wasn’t a good idea, stop telling people things upset you or keep doing it, it entertains Toad. This Week in Nectar is cancelled Allegedly..

Original stream 3-17-19 deleted
Make sure to check out Toad McKinley’s channel;
👉 https://youtu.be/9INBOIiycIY

& PPP a proud Gunt Streamer;
👉 https://youtu.be/hDsDLMwfn9k

#Failure #IRL #Miami

Failure talks about Ralph helping out with the “Agluck” situation. He also has some advice for Ralph and the Gunt situation. Warski and Failure might travel doing irl streaming. He also talks about Destiny and at least he is consistent. Failure asks the local news station about the situation in NZ and they say they have to look more into it, and act as if they have never heard about Pewdiepie being blamed for it.

Be sure to catch Failure’s streams!
Failure Terminated 3-16-19
Original Source;
🌵👉 https://youtu.be/pUYlnrTALSc

Zidan returns from his trip to China or is it a clone? Guests are Dick Masterson and Dame Pesos both want to know more details of the fight or not a fight. Ralph denies eating a burger from the trash. Apparently when Zoom called the police Ralph was sleeping but Agluck and SoCal Chris convinced the police Zoom was a troll. Ralph might file a restraining order against Zoom.

Original Source;

Full stream available on;
Palmer Eldritch;
👉 https://youtu.be/SRyjoTrhmQw

TRR is being streamed on Memology 101’s channel then deleted but is available on podcast;
👉 https://media.zencast.fm/killstream/episodes/149

Suit shared the link of the ChristChurch video in his discord and his entire server was deleted without warning. Saying he was glorifying violence. It wasn’t even a playable video just the minds.com link to it. Be careful sharing this video link, people are also being suspended on twitter.

Since his discord is gone Make sure to follow
Suit on Twitter
🐦👉 @SuitYourselfToo

Original Source;
Cognitive Talks
Make sure to check out Cog stay updated on the drama and more!
👉 https://youtu.be/jUHi8-A9pJI

Josh (Null) had the video of the Christchurch incident uploaded and archived to Kiwi Farms. He’s received several requests to remove it, but since it doesn’t break any laws he has kept it up. Josh also talks about theRalphRetort being in a bad headspace and that people who deny Jim’s dox are in denial.

Kiwi Farm post about all the requests to take down the video;
👉 https://kiwifarms.net/threads/2019-03-15-christchurch-complaints.54324/

This stream was very late 3-14-19 and deleted from his back up channel;

Make sure to Support and head to;
👉 http://madattheinternet.com 👈

Subscribe to Null’s Backup Channel;
Mad At the Internet;
👉 https://youtu.be/DMxtszSQK6I

& Main Channel for new Videos
Kiwi Farms;
👉 https://youtu.be/kfW1QvXyf-I


(the entire video and description has been mirrored I would of called it Andy deceives his audience. Or How to make your audience never trust you again lol )
Original Link : Lizz Reptile
👉 https://youtu.be/UhmTLm-w6eY

“I am not saying it is all fake... I am saying beware of what you watch. I do not want anymore to do with that side of the net.
I will be sticking to my #ShitposterOfTheWeek ... silly games.. and
any other topic but anything to do with that drama.
It is a mess and I grow tired of it.

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Update; Looks like Ralph and Andy are good again we will see;🐦👉 https://twitter.com/theralphretort/status/1106226075716280320?s=21

This clip details yesterday’s events. 3-13-19
A “fight” happened but we could only hear 👂 and what we could hear didn’t tell us much. A fight between Andy and Ralph could actually lead to someone’s arrest. So that’s probably why it wasn’t on camera. Andy had said he lost everything that he owns and needs a new phone. Null gives a good example of why Andy and Ralph moving in wasn’t such a great idea. AGLuck streams late last night letting people know Ralph and Andy have agreed to talk. According to twitter things seem to be ok again with Andy and Ralph, we will see 👀

Original Source;
Dispatch Center *Josh is right Dispatch does a great job organizing these streams;
👉 https://youtu.be/7K_6eQFAVPk

Agluck’s live stream;
👉 https://youtu.be/_hZsjRwkgRk

Cognitive Thought has Ethan Ralph and Zoom on. Failure later joins and talks about one of his ideas for IRL content. Failure’s irl streams are very entertaining hopefully they will listen and take some of his suggestions.

*Earlier in this stream Ralph joined the Call alone and refused to talk to anyone, especially Zoom. Then joins during the call with Zoom.

Original Source; 3-13-19
Cognitive Talks 🚨 Cog does a great job piecing together all the events;
👉 https://youtu.be/i0kdTtw6-EY

Also Recommend watching his video on;
“Andy & Ralph break up”
👉 https://youtu.be/DTFshsvr5LQ

(Compilation Clips of Nick Rekieta and Godspeed live;
Just for lols, waiting on two other clips to process)

Would you eat a hamburger from the trash? Or say that you stole something while on parole? 🤔Rekieta gets super chats asking if Mumkey & CRP would eat a hamburger from the trash w/o knowing its origins of the meme. Zoom points to it being retrieved from the trash. You decide..

Nick talks about some of the reasons why the #YangGang meme is resonating with people at the moment. Do you think Yang is a viable candidate?

Original Source; 3-13-19
America First - Nick Fuentes
👉 https://youtu.be/YvdFc93dS6A

Ralph moves the TRR to Miami and the fire is burning nicely. Ethan claims he doesn’t drink while sounding drunk af. Rekieta will no longer do the Daddy No meme, citing a case that is related and he isn’t comfortable with it anymore. Failure is there in Miami with Ralph and they talk about Tonka being too cowardly to show himself, lying about his location and stealing the credit of Failure’s channel donation to the #Killstream.

Streamed Originally on: 3-11-19
Memology 101s channel *gets deleted after airing and

Palmer Eldritch Archive’s the stream;
Full Stream;
👉 https://youtu.be/ofwfIf6OQ-M

#IBS ##Prediction #Review

Josh gets Artistic with IBS and talks about IBS without talking about it. Who are the Useful players and the Useless? Who are the tools? 🤔 . Reading superchats hours after they were sent cancels out the function of superchats. (To be more engaging). Is Jim avoiding streaming because he doesn’t want to read all of those super chats? #conspiracy. The Lore of the mispronunciation of “slander” as “slonder” and why we wuz cursed.

Original Source;
Mad At the Internet Review;
👉 https://youtu.be/uhIeFOPiqhk

Make sure to visit;
👉 http://madattheinternet.com

#Dumpster ?
Metro.co.uk adds flames to the deleted Warski stream on catching predators from Instagram.

Original Sources;
This is clipped from;
Wild Smile’s Last Call ? https://youtu.be/rh5u2gkE6K0
& a small clip from;
Godwinson’s stream ? https://youtu.be/PlQ8souDxtA

Thumbnail Tweet link;
? @MisterAntiBully
? https://twitter.com/misterantibully/status/1104140758557310978?s=21

Ethan Ralph interviews Count Dankula and apparently you can’t get arrested even if wanted until your name comes up on the pc in the UK 🤔 . Ralph talks about the Metro “Article” and Godwinson trolling or not. 3-8-19

Catch The Ralph Retort on Memology 101 M - F 10:05 pm Eastern;
👉 https://youtu.be/rmswpp-7dqA

Original Source has been deleted but you can watch the entire stream on; Palmer Eldritch;
👉 https://youtu.be/ONwMOrFtYOU


Nick’s guests are Beard and Harris’s Amazons (law firm), Laci & Carrie they discuss what Vic Mignogna have been going through, forgiving those who have harmed you and what inspired them in becoming lawyers.

Original Source;
Rekieta Law;
👉 https://youtu.be/oj8UaOPHKhQ

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