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Just a little taste of this week's music. We're an actual play D&D podcast

It's done and it's out. On CD Baby now and soon everywhere else!

How I add music into an episode of Dice & Dreary!

So uploading the music for the next Dice & Dreary episode and this particular episode (16) will introduce a new theme that will be developed over time.

Working on the soundtrack for Dice & Dreary and how I'm changing it a little for album version. In this case, it's a synth sound that I HATE in this song.
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This is the secret to our wit and wisdom on the Dice & Dreary podcast - the Dungeons & Dragons script!

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"It's only a flesh wound!"

Dice & Dreary album is almost here so I'm working on the album cover - a cover that will establish the theme through the entire series of Dice soundtrack albums!

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Were getting closer to the release of the Dice & Dreary soundtrack and just doing some videos on the recording, mixing, and release process!

Please listen to Dice & Dreary, an actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast!

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Taking a look at some maps and instruction manual for the SNES release of Final Fantasy II (IV in Japan).


Free Dragon Warrior EP:

Final Fantasy remixes:



The TechnoFunkBoy and BluVelvet perform "Africa" as though it were about the iconic Ravenloft land of Barovia from the classic Dungeons & Dragons setting and its more recent remake under 5e! Download the song from our Patreon.

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Re-edited from our original upload.

Peeking in the original Baldur's Gate strategy guide as an example of one that wasn't as successful as we had hoped.


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