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All Magnetic Tools:
MACO 2.0:
Quotidian Pen:

The most creative magnet tools - Make your Life easier

MAGNETIPS™ - Incredible Magnetic Pens!:
Refillable fineliners combined with super strong Neodymium magnets. Colouring is just the beginning!

MACO 2.0 + BIG MACO - A Universal Cable Organiser (and more):
Smart magnetic organisers that keep your cables neatly organised and tangle-free. Designed to make organisation easier and faster.

Quotidian Pen - The World’s First Magnetic Propulsion Pen:
A minimal pen with a magnetic mechanism that will change the way you see, use and fidget with a pen.

SuperYR - The Last Calendar You Will Ever Need!:
Obnoxiously big, magnetic, dry erase, reusable calendar. The ultimate tool to plan success for entrepreneurs, students and creatives.

Magination - How does it work?:
Remember those magnet gifs? This is where you get it! Magination is a magnetic, experimental and creative game akin to a deck of cards!

Never tie laces again! ZUBITS magnetic lacing solution 2.0:
Simplify your shoes with our high-tech magnetic solution. No more tying, knots, loose laces, floppy bows, or squeezing into shoes.

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All Stylus Touchpen:
Stylus iPad:
iPen 2:
Sensu Brush:
Estylo 1.1:

Creative Stylus - Pen Stylus must have

Flip! The World’s Most Intuitive Smart Stylus:
Meet the stylus that works like the pencil you grew up with. Flip has the features of an active stylus without Bluetooth or batteries!

Next Generation Stylus For iPad:The "Dart" With 2mm Fine Tip:
The "Dart" by Precision Touch™ offers a fine tip stylus with one of the smallest tips available at only 2mm using electronic circuitry.

The next generation stylus - iPen 2:
iPen 2 is a universal stylus and mouse for iMac and Apple Displays running Mac OS & Windows.

Sensu Brush: A True Painting Experience on Your iPad:
Sensu Brush delivers an authentic painting experience on your iPad. It's truly portable and includes a useful rubber stylus tip.

Estylo 1.1: magnetic dual tip capacitive stylus for iPad:
Estylo is the only wooden stylus for the iPad. Eco friendly, no extra pressure is needed and magnetically attaches to the iPad 2.

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All Smartphone gadget: 3D: Tripod:
Power Up your Smartphone - Useful Gadgets
eora 3D | High-Precision 3D Scanning on Your Smartphone: lasers are cool, especially when they turn your smartphone into a highly accurate and affordable 3D scanner.
Snapnator: Your MacBook Snap feature is back! [MagSafe]: is back: A Magnetic Power Connector for all USB-C laptops including MacBook, Chromebook, Google Pixel and most smartphones.
The New Glif: A Tripod Mount for Smartphones, Redesigned: completely redesigned version of the Glif holds your smartphone securely in portrait or landscape with a quick release lever.
Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabilizer | Shake-Free Videos: memorable moments more easily and professionally from your smartphone. Mount, Power On and GO!
Bevel turns your smartphone into a 3D Camera: in 3D using this simple and easy to use attachment for your smartphone or tablet.
Range. Smart thermometer, smarter kitchen. (for iPhone/iPad): better with precise temperature readings, alerts to iPhones anywhere, & recipe graphs for repeatable results.
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All AppleWatch Charger:

The three best Apple Watch Charging Gadgets - Must have

qCharge: Most Advanced Portable Apple Watch Charger:
Apple Watch charger with the latest in battery management technology

Amber - A Watchcase Power Bank for Apple Watch:
A chic watchcase which enables you to charge Apple Watch on the go, no need to sit at a desk and wait, charges iPhone as well.

Diskus | The First Portable MFI Apple Watch Charger:
Gone are the days of unplugging your 6-foot Apple Watch charger from behind your nightstand. And those with a dock?? Let it stay.

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All Virtual Reality: : Lens: Wolfe:
Virtual Reality - Tech news in virtual reality
Viewbox, a VR headset: foldable "Virtual Reality" headset for smartphones up to 90x170mm (3.5x6.7 inches) made out of neoprene.
EXCHIMP AI1 All-in-One VR Headset: the gap between low-cost and high-end virtual reality headset with QHD display and hand held controller.
AuraVisor: the future of VR is wire free. the future is now.: AuraVisor. Wire Free Virtual Reality. Games, movies, video streaming. Watch 3D movies explode to life in front of your eyes
VR Lens Lab - Glasses for Virtual Reality Headsets: build glasses for your virtual reality headset inside your virtual reality headset.
rEvolve for Vive: rEvolve is a new standard for VR comfort and convenience with it's flip up display and perfectly balanced weight.
The Wolfe: Supercharge Your Laptop (Canceled): Wolfe allows high-performance gaming, virtual reality, graphic design, and video-editing for laptops - especially MacBooks.
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