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A very serious wigunk admits his fault

heroin-addled baby gorilla gets into it with Booey and Will and drops some truth bombs.

The evolved feminisht strikes back. Features an earlier Chappelle appearance.

After weeks of goofing on Magic Johnson's Ass-kissio Hall attempt at a late night show, Howard finally invades the show with his whole staff in LA. Drew Carey reveals both Howard and Magic are 6'9", and one of them is lying about height.

I know most of you don't want short clips but I want these drops out there, so tough shit.

Apropos during this ludicrous lie-fest of a "book" promo tour.

That Saturday Night Show was pretty hard to watch. Wasn't even as close to being as good as the radio show. Very reason E did so well just airing airing the radio show.

The complete interview between has-been Chase and uber-starfucker Hollywood Howie. A few short months later Chevy would get back at Howard by making an obscene speech at his wedding that Wiggy claimed he "enjoyed" but everybody else thought was fucked-up.

08/01/2007 wrap up show

Scott the Engineer is in New Orleans to help set up for the live broadcast from the NATPE Convention and he was too much for the stage to handle.

After Dave Chapelle quit his show during Season 3, he gave an interview with Oprah, and Wiggy discusses the interview.

Stern didn't have an on-air fete, so he celebrated in his usual way.

Howard Discusses Having Fight With Tom Chiusano And Andre Gardner After The Show (2.5.99)

The crew at "El Vacilon de la Manana" on "Mega 97.9" WSKQ wants to talk to Howard but he thinks they just want attention.

Howard is not fond of what the New York Post has been writing about him.

Howard sends his intern to a deli armed with a walkie talkie to find out about what's available, over.

Pinpointing the exact time Jokeman started selling his "joke junk", plus a game from KC and an anti-Howard song from Mark Harris.

Howard gives a diatribe about Don Imus upon reading an article about him. Apparently the band famous for the song "Closing Time" heard it before they came on the show and let him know about it.


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