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Oscar wanted to go walking this a.m. and he met his new puppy neighbor, Sky.

Oscar had a nice long walk on a cool Texas morning.

Oscar was raring to go outside this morning. He meowed at his daddy to go on a walk. He spent a little bit of time downstairs before retreating back to his balcony where he laid down for a bit to enjoy the beautiful day.

King Oscar made the rounds of his kingdom, encountering mockingbirds who didn't take kindly to his appearance near their nests. They dive bombed me, the King's Guard, twice. Oscar also visited the balcony of Noodle the cat who has been missing since April 28th. This is now two cats in these condos who've disappeared but that is because both owners allowed them to roam freely. It's also King Oscar's 13th birthday so send me some well wishes!

I let Oscar outside and he spotted Mr. Squirrel on a tree close to the balcony. Mr. Squirrel likes to taunt and tease Oscar but one of these days Oscar will put an end to that. And sad news. Bella The Dog, who pestered Oscar with barks suddenly passed away. Her owner is devastated. She's a sweet little old lady and I'm sad for her loss. RIP Bella.

A black buzzard couple has taken over a rooftop in Oscar's condo kingdom. The love birds were seen together looking down on some humans at the pool and at King Oscar and me. I told Oscar he must approach nature's Waste Management employees and ask them for HOA dues --- moist food and catnip --- because they set up a nesting outpost on his property. If they don't pay up those ugly ducklings will face punitive action!

Oscar had short walk because Mr. Wind came into town and he doesn't like Mr. Wind and after going back inside his daddy talked about encountering two mentally ill homeless people during his morning run of errands.

After Oscar's morning stroll he returned to his castle only to find a turkey buzzard on a rooftop. The big bird's are nature's waste disposal employees, eating roadkill and other dead things, cleaning earth while having a tasty meal. See my other buzzard video here where they chomp down on a roadkill squirrel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiyYYeDVqLI

Oscar was about to travel down the rock wall next to the pool when he spotted a possum coming from the other direction. Oscar stopped and proceeded to watch the strange creature approach closer and closer!

While walking Oscar I heard a big black crow squawking. It was if the mofo was trying to tell everyone the world was about to end. Me and Oscar walked to the front of the condos to investigate. The crow went on for a good 15-20 minutes, crowing non-stop like a psycho. As I approached him to get a closer look he fly over to the other side of the road and stopped crowing.


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