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After Oscar's morning stroll he returned to his castle only to find a turkey buzzard on a rooftop. The big bird's are nature's waste disposal employees, eating roadkill and other dead things, cleaning earth while having a tasty meal. See my other buzzard video here where they chomp down on a roadkill squirrel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiyYYeDVqLI

Oscar was about to travel down the rock wall next to the pool when he spotted a possum coming from the other direction. Oscar stopped and proceeded to watch the strange creature approach closer and closer!

While walking Oscar I heard a big black crow squawking. It was if the mofo was trying to tell everyone the world was about to end. Me and Oscar walked to the front of the condos to investigate. The crow went on for a good 15-20 minutes, crowing non-stop like a psycho. As I approached him to get a closer look he fly over to the other side of the road and stopped crowing.

King Oscar's walkabout got exciting when he noticed Mr. Squirrel eating nuts underneath a tree. He gave chase to the intruder into his kingdom and Mr. Squirrel climbed up the tree to safety.

I let Oscar outside but after contemplating whether to go downstairs to explore he decided to go back inside for lunch.

When I was a stupid young boy I started, by accident, two grass fires. I was fascinated with matches and unfortunately when I got ahold of some and lit them I was usually surrounded by dry straw grass which is not a good combo.

King Oscar had a wonderfully delightful stroll around his kingdom this Christmas morning! He thoroughly enjoyed inspecting his hunting grounds and was making sure his subjects were all paid up on their taxes of cat food and treats.

Oscar saw Mr. Squirrel on the balcony steps and took off after his him!

Oscar went out onto the balcony and spied Mr. Squirrel digging for nuts in the poolside planters. The mail lady showed up soon afterwards and Oscar hesitated in going downstairs for a walk. But once the squirell and mail lady had left the area he ventured down the balcony steps. While filming him on his walkabout I talked about the next door neighbor who had recently passed away.

Oscar spotted a squirrel hunting for nuts from the balcony and we both watched it. The squirrel looked into planters for the nuts and found a couple of them. After the squirrel left Oscar walked downstairs and had a short walk before going back inside for lunch.

A crazed squirrel climbed down out of a tree and came towards Oscar and his King's Guard, me. Oscar stood his ground as the squirrel did a psycho dance, obviously performed to ward off Oscar from the squirrel's family nesting in the tree. Oscar watched as the squirrel acted all tough and shit. I think Oscar was amused. I certainly was.

Oscar had his Sunday walkabout interrupted by a neighbor and then he ran back to the safety of the balcony steps before going back inside for his lunch.

Oscar got a bout of fleas a couple months ago and after a long hard fought battle, including a flea killer pill, Revolution flea liquid drops, vacuuming and spraying rugs in his condo with flea killer spray, the fleas have been defeated. This was Oscar's first time outside since going to the vet and getting treated for fleas.

Oscar has been licking and scratching himself like mad for the last 2-3 days and so I called his vet and made an appt. for 11 a.m. tomorrow. I went to Walmart earlier and got a fine tooth comb and started combing his fur coat and I found filthy, disgusting fleas, one of them I captured alive. I placed both in a Ziploc baggie and will take them to the vet's office as evidence. I imagine me and Neighbor Jim will give Oscar a good medicated bath and will comb him silly and rid him of the flea infestation, plus whatever medicatons or topical drops he'll require.

Oscar went on a walkabout right before dusk and took the rock wall beside the pool to the other side of his section of condos. He went up a balcony staircase and came face to face with Siamese Sammy. Siamese Sammy lives in the condo at the top of those stairs and he was laying on the balcony. His owner stupidly let's him out unattended. Once their eyes met Oscar puffed up and hissed at Siamese Sammy and I took quick action by putting my phone away and scrambling up the stairs to shoo Oscar down the stairs. All is okay but next time I'll do recon before allowing Oscar to go to that side of the complex.

Oscar's walkabouts have been interrupted for the last week by humans, Bella the dog or other forces of evil invading his kingdom. Today he braved landscapers and workers remodeling an apartment and stayed out for a good 20 minutes.

While Oscar was enjoying his morning walkabout my downstairs neighbor, a sweet old lady, appeared out of nowhere with her short fat black dog, Bella, who immediately spied Oscar and got triggered, barking and huffing and ruffing. Oscar escaped to the safety of his balcony and me and him had a nice sit down on a cool sunny summer morning in Texas.

King Oscar ventured further than he ever has, walking around the entire block of condos and now has claimed it all! This historical day will go down in purrstory! ALL HAIL KING OSCAR!

Went to Navajo Burger, a little hole in the wall inside a Shell convenience store/gas station at 7028 Navajo Trail, Fort Worth, TX, which is just a stone's throw from Lake Worth, and got The Junkyard burger. These mammoth hamburgers are absolutely awesome and taste oh so good. Huge 100% beef patty, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, jalapenos, mayo, mustard and french fries that are out of this world. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Navajo-Burgers/113613372006471

After being barked at by the manical Bella the dog Oscar took off in the opposite direction and had a long peaceful walkabout.


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