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King Oscar ventured further than he ever has, walking around the entire block of condos and now has claimed it all! This historical day will go down in purrstory! ALL HAIL KING OSCAR!

Went to Navajo Burger, a little hole in the wall inside a Shell convenience store/gas station at 7028 Navajo Trail, Fort Worth, TX, which is just a stone's throw from Lake Worth, and got The Junkyard burger. These mammoth hamburgers are absolutely awesome and taste oh so good. Huge 100% beef patty, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, jalapenos, mayo, mustard and french fries that are out of this world. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Navajo-Burgers/113613372006471

After being barked at by the manical Bella the dog Oscar took off in the opposite direction and had a long peaceful walkabout.

Oscar ran out the door when I got home from work at midnight and rushed down the stairs where he proceeded to spend time underneath a neighbor's car before I scooted him back inside.

Oscar trolled Bella the dog by walking past the window Bella was looking out of and later got spooked by the mail delivery person slamming shut the resident mail boxes and scooted up to his balcony and meowed that he was ready to eat lunch.

King Oscar sits on his balcony getting berated by a small annoying bird and then it's discovered he kicked his orange play ball into his catnip-fused paper bag to score a Catnip World Cup goal and win the championship game for the Saber Toothed Tigers!

Oscar encountered Bella the dog as he tried to make his way home. He hissed at her and then turned around and went the long way back up to his balcony, but not before trolling Bella by walking on her window sills.

My sister's dog, Yogi, a Greyhound mix, loves to play with and slowly chew to death his various puppet toys. I went out to the backyard and videoed him having some noon time fun.

While driving home from a trip to Walmart for cat food, toilet paper and salsa chips I saw a black (turkey) buzzard --- known as black and/or turkey vultures but nobody in Texas calls them vultures --- furiously eating a roadkill squirrel. It was soon joined by others and fights ensued on who'd get a serving. So I stopped my car and videoed the event. Turkey buzzards help keep the environment clean of death and decay. They serve a purpose in the cycle of life. For more info on turkey buzzards, who are Sky Scavengers, check out this link: http://texashillcountry.com/10-facts-turkey-vultures/ and this link: http://wildbirdsunlimited.typepad.com/the_zen_birdfeeder/2010/04/how-to-tell-a-black-vulture-from-a-turkey-vulture.html

King Oscar stepped out into some wonderful cool temps after a brief rain shower and walked about before Bella the dog started barking at him and, after a truck drove past and out the noisy security gate, he quickly scampered back home, out of there because of the noise and barking. Oscar's a smart boy and whenever a situation is too much for him he runs up the balcony steps to the safety of his castle.

Oscar went on a walkabout during a cool morning breeze and encountered a dove stealing treasure from his kingdom, who he chased off due to lack of payment. He got to take a break and enjoyed the nice weather on one of his capture balconies; had to dodge a couple of hovering wasps and finally fled to safety when a couple of small and annoying AF dogs invaded his territory.

I upload my shit to Google Drive and it will create short movies and photo collages. This is the first movie it created I actually liked so I've posted it here for all to see.

A mockingbird that has a nest in a tree across the back driveway has a problem with Oscar and, again, flew over to where Oscar was on the balcony and voiced his displeasure at seeing him. One of these days that mockingbird will make the fatal mistake of getting too close and Oscar will end his protests by breaking his neck with one chomp of his jaws.

Oscar on another of his daily walkabouts.

Before heading off with a friend to watch the PGA pros practice at Colonial Country Club for Thursday's start to the Fort Worth Invitational I saw Elsie the cat on the side of the building and started filming that little sweetheart. She is definitely the Queen of the Condos.

After meowing loudly at his daddy for a good 15 minutes to let him go outside Oscar became a happy cat again when the door opened and he got to go on his daily walkabout to check out his kingdom. Oscar was a smart boy and stayed in the shade, ran into a struggling June Bug, triggered a couple of Mockingbirds and then saw a woman come out of her condo with a white pit bull on a leash and, at that point, Oscar decided that was enough excitement for one day.

Oscar attempted to go on his daily walkabout but Mother Nature got in the way. Despite rain coming down Oscar was determined to descend the balcony steps anyways and perform a recon mission of his condo kingdom. But once a few big raindrops hit his furry hide he turned tail and scooted back up the stairs and out of the rain. Poor kitty!


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