Back with some courses, we don't have a gray area here. We either have some of the easiest courses ever or one of the most frustrating ones... God save me from this madness!

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#SuperMarioMaker2 #SendHelp

Today, Endless Challenge was fun, they finally cut me some slack on the awful-level-design department! Many of these have been a blast and quite interesting, some of which I would say they're worth the shot!
That being said, next's up... I may attempt Super Expert mode, just for the stupid fun it may or may not provide... fingers crossed, everybody!

That's right, I finally decided to show off my mad skills into random courses that will lead me to victory... or will it?
A nice deviation from the previous formula, I may do this more often in the near future. And don't forget to send me your ID courses!

Dan777 has been a big part of this series of videos, most of the courses I played are his, and this video is no exception. I expect nothing but interesting levels and challenges from him, by God... he delivers in large quantities. Enjoy!

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Well... this one nearly killed me, I haven't been this upset by a videogame in a long time, but I never backed down from a challenge!
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We have reached the point where they ask me to think outside the box... I'm screwed, aren't I? Let's crank it to 11 and see how it goes!
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There has been quite a handful of challenges I accepted, some of them were easier than others, but now we're bringing the serious stance to the table, because this means business!

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Because everybody is torturing themselves with this game, now I get to join the party! And I love it!
Since the recording session went longer than I expected, I had to break it down into two parts. The next part will involve more courses created by people who were kind enough to send me their IDs on Twitter. Feel free to send me yours, no matter how good or bad they are!

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...and this happens. Oversight? Most likely. Will it be fixed? If #DigitalExtremes watch this or any well intended Tenno out there reports this, I'm sure they will. Is this helpful in any way? Of course not! I was just messing around, the first time it happened was by complete accident, but it was hilarious.
Love your game, Digital Extremes! Keep up the good work!

Another game Moonshadow and I fished out from the Free to Play pool, one that is a lot of fun! Neat ZX Spectrum like graphics, easy to learn, difficult to master, nice 8-bit music and sound effects, 8/10. Who said simplistic is not fun anymore?
Give it a try! It's totally worth your time!

That's right! Excitebike for the NES/Famicom has a randomizer! Who would have thought? I wasn't expecting much from it, but the outcome was greater than that and I had an absolute blast! And that's the key essence of a randomizer, to make a fun game funner.
If you want to try it by yourself, you can find the randomizer her:

One year and three months since the last Portal 2 video (geez...) but we're finally making progress! We finally found some time to record these again, we won't let GLaDOS down!

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After an annoying day and a failed attempt a week prior to the making of this video, I decided to chill out, practice and get ready for recording the next day, only to find out that I reached my destiny with enough confidence to start rolling! Find out how far I made it!

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Since Resident Evil 2 remake is too spooky for my taste (not really, I think it's an amazing game), I better grab my lucky charm blanket and my Freddy plushy and play something up my level, like this! Another dare by Moonshadow, he promised me it'll bring me back to the classics, let's see how it goes!

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▶ S.Moonshadow:

GLOUD seems like a promising idea, given that it has been done numerous times in the past and that is is the only dedicated cloud gaming service for Argentina and Chile. Is it worth the investment though? Only one way to find out!


As my crown got stolen by RivalPhoenix, it is in my duty to get it back!
This has been one doozy video to record, as the fear of losing a life in this mode is more stressing than I gave it credit for, but alas!! I accept the challenge at the expense of my sanity!

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I'm always up to a good challenge, and what better challenge than a #YOLO run on BroForce? A game that is all about run and gun, carelessly (at least 80% of the time) and with a Bro enough dude on your side, sounds like a blast! (no pun intended)
Dared by RivalPhoenix! Don't forget to check his videos and his Twitch channel!

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Back with more Let's Dare!
Sure, it's not Halloween based, but it's equally as scary with all the stuff the game has to offer, right? Especially with those horrifying grammar errors! ?

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More random games I find in the Play Store! I love these thinking games, especially when they force you to think out of the box like this, it's a nice change of pace.

Found this gem in the Play Store, it's a fantastic infinite rogue-like dungeon-crawler Android game where you go around collecting coins and see how far you can get without dying by monsters, traps and pits. With the coins you collect, you can unlock new characters and upgrade them, and the further you go, the greater the amount of coins you'll gather.
The game is completely free, with in-game purchases, and I'd totally recommend to try it out, if you like a simple yet challenging game. Also available for iOS:
► ReDungeon for Android:
► ReDungeon for iOS:

First time I ever had to re-record one stage, because the footage got corrupted right at the end! (I blame my AMD GPU) Luckily, this was easily fixed, the quickest video of the series yet!

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Sorry for the delays, I'm trying to cover all of my issues at once and it's hard to do.
More Megaman 3, is Half-Life 3 confirmed? Nah, I wish, but there is one thing confirmed: I'm gonna beat this game!

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Sorry for taking so long to upload videos, I've been quite busy lately, but I'll try to go back to my regular basis.
More Doom, more Brutal, more Ultimate! Fighting what many have considered a hard boss in the vanilla version, now it got even harder and bigger!!

Memory is essential for the human being, in order to learn from experience... sadly, my memory is not THAT good and here is the main reason why, lol.
More Android games! I forgot to upload this one, I had it stashed in my videos folder and... I totally forgot about the existence of this particular one. IRONIC BECAUSE THIS IS A GAME ABOUT MEMORIZING!!

Time to bring down the big guns! And by that, I mean a grappling hook and a peashooter. Game brought to you by TheBMeister, got dared to play this game, let's see how it turns out!

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