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Albuquerque, NM's famous incident involving an (accidentally) misgendered transexual named Tiffany Moore (MC/rap name: Paycheck Stubbz) has an update.

Barry Lane from the 'Snowtown Murders' movie (not the murdered individual; don't take this as an insult to the victim) - WHOOPS, I mean Tiffany Moore has responded to the Albuquerque news station and doubled-down on the incident, stating she'd do it again and wouldn't change a thing if it were to happen again.

I'm investing in mental institutions soon. This seems like it will be a lucrative investment shortly.

As a former LGBTπ individual (and gay myself), I give my response to this force-indoctrination this community is dangerously treading on.

Oh, and Ana Navarro is a douche! ;-)

Enjoy the mockery. Even with my quick-crap editing skills, I think I made their rebuttal/statement against Trump's Oval Office address look a bit better than they did on their own.

Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi Give Democratic Rebuttal Against Trump's Border Statement - SHINING STYLE!

Albuquerque, NM GameStop will now forever be known as the home of He-Ma'am! This sweet, delicate, feminine could ANYONE misgender this woman? Watch the video to find out!

WARNING: This video contains some sensitive material which is used to provide depth to my explanation. Be warned!

Since all Americans are created equal, I will both give this self-proclaimed 'ma'am' a combo of my freedom-granted perception as well as his freedom-granted perception, and thus name him 'He-Ma'am'....for the sake of equally respecting BOTH sides, NOT one or the other.

A currently unknown Albuquerque, NM GameStop was witness to a scenario that unfolded surrounding a GameStop customer screaming and being insane when being referred to as both 'sir' and 'dude' while asking for a refund for some purchase. Both the GameStop cashier and an older woman (who was waiting in inline behind the self-identified 'woman') were victim to the barrage of expletives, 'feminine' toxicity and agro that resulted in quite the scene.

This is why identity politics and the identity movement being PUSHED and FORCED into everyone's lives is never going to work. There is no room for civility overall and letting people be themselves freely. This forced-indoctrination of trying to ensure even STRANGERS are scolded and punished because they, as strangers to the unknown, don't know what IDENTIFIED GENDER (?!) an individual is will hurt businesses, relationships and everything in-between.

In addition, our society brings in and grows an adoration of pedophilia; in one way, using famed kid 'drag-star' Desmond is Amazing to push the narrative grossly into civility - it is anything but civil - it's more like abuse!

This is my view on the matter and one of the reasons why I left the ideals of ridiculously growing LGBTQ(π) community a while back. Just too much forced indoctrination and absolutely NO UNDERSTANDTING that we are all equal in this country regardless!.

I stutter and have brain-farts a lot in this vid, but it is still informative, LOL!

I also get a key item of our relationship with Honduras incorrect, but yeah, I am still posting this. Should be interesting.

Peace out!

Google making today a holiday when they KNOW what a shit-show Bush Sr. was. Individual average Americans brown-nosing their way into idiocy and lunacy all to be blindly part of the 'in-crowd'....or to spite the Trump agenda.

The bull-shit on display today was so f-ing stupid. Screw this neo-con and the issues he, his family and his loyalists have allowed on average America.

Yeah, a little late, but here's my thoughts on this debate and who 'won'.

This is an epidemic. I sure hope people open their eyes to the issues...

And no, this isn't me going against races, it's pointing out observations that people need to be honest about if any progress is to be made.


Let's look at the shifting demographics - as well as - the conditions that influence people to vote a certain way. Yes, data shows how different ethnicities, groups and genders have voted in elections for quite some times, yet, there's a good amount of assumptive data that people like to assume with the above that are - at best - assumptive:

- College graduates tend to vote in favor of one party over the other. There's some data supporting more college graduates support a Democrat than a Republican, yet more and more degrees offered today are Humanities/Liberal Arts/etc., and this group isn't really known for being analytical. Not to say that it's all clear-cut, but this is just an example that just because data shows an increasing number of college graduates are voting Democrat, it fails to mention that most of them have degees not requiring an analytical challenge.

- Minorities tend to vote more Democrat (which is true), so that number has no chance of changing (which is an opinion, not a fact), and I believe this stat can change when family is brought back in the picture, when individuals are allowed to challenge ideas taught in public schools, society, etc., as well as behavior.

I'm also critical of the fantasizing of campaigns like Turning Point USA's Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, Brandon Tatum, and the like who insist the Right are 'winning' when data isn't supporting their claim. The Right is far from winning, and until we look at this realistically vs. how we WANT to see it, we will not progress as a whole.

There are other things I discuss in this poorly made video (lol), if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Thanks for watching!

The People as press! Yup, that's my idea - we can all dream, can't we? What do you think?

Blame false stats...blame TP USA...blame #BLEXIT, Kanye, Candace Owens, blame anyone....but remember, the bigger issue long-term is....

...ignorance of the culture invasion.

Just random thoughts regarding the mid-term elections. I recorded this early this morning, so things may have changed since publishing this as it is now a little late in the evening.

Peace out!


It's tough to hold on to respect of anyone when you give them the benefit-of-the-doubt multiple times, yet that's what has happened with my respect towards Brandon Tatum unfortunately.

The blatant ignorance of not having his fellow Turning Point USA Communications Director Candace Owens keep from facing the error of her ways is appalling enough alone (Blexit involves both the alleged theft of the '#Blexit' name/movement and lie about Kanye West being the actual designer of the Blexit logo [context matters - she knows this]). He was standing only a couple of feet from her during the moment she lied about Kanye and Blexit...

...Yet, he had a live-stream this past Sunday night where he continually defended her and stated she never lied. It wasn't enough that Tatum got 'O'Keefed' by Hotep Jesus (Bryan Sharpe), he also had to bring him into this live-stream; calling him less of a man because Sharpe secretly filmed Tatum stating he was doing Massa Charlie Kirk's bidding by kicking Sharpe out of the event because...'optics'.

In addition, Candace Owens and Turning Point USA have been provided a cease-and-desist order from the ORIGINAL Blexit organization (#ReclaimBlexit) - where are the reports on this?

People, like Candace, will NEVER learn lessons and gain trust when they aren't forced to face their actual lies. Brandon Tatum is only making it worse by covering for her - when he knows what she said in plain-sight!

The willful ignorance is deafening. If he's willing to defend this lie to cover one of his own, that's incredulous - I've unfortunately lost respect for the guy now.

This video goes everywhere. A bit of a rant on my way home from my trip to Colorado. Enjoy it for the crap it is. ;-)

Because 'Optics'.

The NPC cattle have moved from one plantation (Democratic, for the most part) to a new plantation (TP USA's Conservative one). At least, that's what I'm seeing in regards to how Turning Point USA's 'donors' and 'Massa' Charlie Kirk had forced Brandon Tatum to do their work and kicked out Hotep Jesus (Bryan Sharpe) from the Turning Point USA's 2018 Black Leadership Summit in Washington D.C.

After numberous attempts in trying to contact Brandon Tatum (and probably others) whether he should fly out to D.C. or not for this event, Sharpe never received a response. He was being ignored. He arrived to D.C. anyway, and that's when Brandon Tatum had been told by Charlie Kirk to inform Sharpe he needs to leave....because, 'OPTICS'.

Yes, TP USA - the 'Conservative' group that criticizes the Left for numerous judgement calls does it here as well.

Sharpe has since posted a video after he was kicked out of the event informing people that Candace Owens invited him to her separate event. He holds no issue over Owens, and while I'm vocal about my criticism of her, she seems to be the one here who tried to remedy something for him.

Problem is, Owens nor Tatum went to bat for Sharpe. They allowed Massa Charlie Kirk to lay down the law and force one Black man to remove another Black man from an event because of his views.

Yeah, identity politics is alive and well....SMH...

This is just getting to be too much....PS: You will know what I mean with #NotAllBoomers from my video. A bit of a slip of the tongue in this video for me.

I thought hard about making this, but felt it was necessary to hopefully get a view that most others haven't considered about this situation.

A bad situation I see as an unfortunate misunderstanding...

Yes, as stupid as that title sounds, this is her claim.

'The Conner's had a debut that would be considered a mid-range success, if not a disappointment with seeing how it potentially can go from here.

Around 10-million viewers tuned-in to see what fate ABC had chosen for Roseanne Conner. It was opioid addition (from what I've read. I have not watched the show).

Most critics gave this a huge pass (95% on Rotten Tomatoes vs. 30% audience), and ABC and mainstream MSM outlets supporting the decision are clouting this as one of the best Fall show offerings in a while, but there's more to it than just those numbers and stats.

The audience make-up seems to have only been made up of those curious to see Roseanne's fate, which led to a lot of disgust on Social Media: slamming ABC and producers/writers of 'The Conners' for how they handled the Roseanne character. This signifies that there could be a huge drop-off going forward.

The Conner kids (Becky, DJ and the annoying Darlene), nor any of her castmates or crew stood-up to this executive decision to immediately fire Roseanne Barr from her show in a matter of hours. This shows they are either cowards and/or didn't care. Why would Roseanne want to associate with these brats after she helped build their careers, only to have no one by her side and instead, turn against her?

I can't wait to see this show flop.

Fauxahontas (Elizabeth Warren) finally releases a DNA test (cough!) 'proving' once-and-for-all, that she's part Native American. The Pocahontas-wannabe's results weren't anything that helped to prove her claim with her being, at the most, 1/64-part Native American, up to 1/1,024. MSM outlets like: - (

The Guardian: (

The New York TImes - ( - (,

In my eyes, it's proving she's got people siding with her when they know it's a farce. She's a thief who took advantage of scholarships and opportunity when it could have gone to an ACTUAL Native American.

According to current 'Blasey-Ford/Kavanaugh' practice, even though this was ages ago, it warrants researching to see if she's fit enough to serve in her current position as Senator...Just sayin'. ;-)

The moment we take this bull-shit as 'truth' when it's an actual lie is the end of rationale. If anything, I think - if she's pushed to the edge of being insulted and cornered - she's gonna claim she IDENTIFIES as Native American: positioning herself as an example for many people to do the same within their own personally-made belief-systems: like Talcum-X (Shaun King), men who believe they are women and vice-versa, Rachel Dolezal, etc.

This needs to be pointed out, otherwise we are going to be to blame for us driving our definitions and sanity to the ground.

Let the Dumpster-Fire Begin!

This will be the definitive debacle of the ages! ABC's 'The Conners' will debut this coming October 16 2018 and kill off the Roseanne Conner character immediately. This rush decision has all the markings of SJW-isms and exposes the extreme Leftist ideology that is a staple in the entertainment industry.

While the likes of one of the show's producers (Wanda Sykes) can say 'f*ck you' directly to her audience repeatedly during a live show where she was booed for mocking Donald Trump (apparently saying 'f*ck you' to your audience repeatedly while doing stand-up is 'adhering to ABC's core-values'), Roseanne can get immediately fired WITHOUT QUESTION for stating Valerie Jarrett has both A: Ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, and B: Looks like a character from the 'Planet of the Apes' movie

No question what the Tweet was about, just an immediate firing. Sara Gilbert then publishes one of the first insane reaction Tweets assuming it was a racist tirade (it's NOT). ABC then fires Roseanne.

'The Conners' debuts this coming October 16, 2018 and will tank faster than a bad idea on 'Shark-Tank'.

It will be hated by audiences at a much faster speed than how short of time it took ABC to fire Roseanne.

Yup peeps, get ready for a trash-fire!

God, America is just going down. We are making a mockery of ourselves.

What the title says. #LockHerUp if she is exposed!


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