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In today's world, hyper-exaggeration of any definition of an action/word/statement/etc. is now costly. Even using a derogatory term ONCE can have lifelong implications and label you as something you are not.

Take, for instance, Kyle Kashuv's TYPING the n-word. The RIGHT (like Laura Loomer writing Harvard herself) and CJ Pearson (taking PERSONAL OFFENSE to Kyle TYPING the words on a Google Doc and text message [though, CJ INCORRECTLY stated Kyle SAID the n-word), there are numerous others, both Left and Right, but the extremes of each end (from the extreme MAGA supporters to the far Left Nazis) are blurring the lines.

Kyle Kashuv is NOT racist. His action of TYPING the n-word shouldn't have been met with punishment in a world wanting to be coddled from having someone accidentally drop a straw on your lap now wanting to be labeled a VICTIM. This also blends well with the issue we are seeing with fake hate-crimes: when someone calls another person racist, or homophobic (as we saw with Steven Crowder and Carlos Maza), we can't tell who REAL racists/homophobic people are, and just assume the worst of everyone. It needs to stop.

It's disgusting and we need to put it in check; call it out when we see it.

Peace out!

This woman is NUTS! How can you label yourself a freedom-fighter and enforcer of American values, yet not understand the definition?

You are a bit whack about this topic Candace Owens. Let's defend even the most disgusting freedom of speech, or risk losing it.


Carlos Maza is showing his true colors as a tender, delicate, little drama queen and is pushing for censorship of opposition because he A: can't argue the valid rebuttals of his content and B: he wants to play the victim. I'm not sure if this is by design, desperation (possibly faced with job-loss at Vox?), or if he was put up to this, but in the end, it didn't start with him and censorship was in the works for months with YouTube.

Either way, this video is just about what I think of Carlos Maza's actions the last couple of days and how it is pushing the NPC LGBTQπ and their 'allies' on the brink of faux outrage.

Peace out!

This story has changed DRAMATICALLY since I recorded & published this video (it's been revealed that YouTube has ulterior motives that affects tons of content creators, but I figured I'd still post my opinion about what's going on regarding Carlos Maza's initial Tweets to TeamYouTube about Steven Crowder making fun of him).

This video focuses on my opinion of Carlos Maza and his consistent demand to have Steven Crowder deplatformed from YouTube due to...feelings (I do see it's more than that).

The new Vox Adpocalypse is going to really ramp things up for the 2020 election (among other things) isn't it?

SnapChat momentarily had the 'Love Has No Age' filter within its app. This app's demographic leans on the younger and this seems to have been done purposefully to push some sort of an agenda and/or to see what types of responses would come about. This all during June 2019's LGBTQπ Pride Month. Oh the convenience and the agendas running in overdrive:

- Vox's own Carlos Maza accusing Steven Crowder of online harassment while he himself does this to others.
- Google's home-page for 6/4/19 included traces of NAMBLA within its imagery; thus FULLY SOLIDIFYING the union between the LGBTQπ community and theirs.
- And this...

Yes, we are off to a great agenda-filled Pride Month peeps!

Enough said. Just lame here. Stop following IDOLS peeps!

Peace out!

Yeah, good ol' Candace Owens was banned off of FaceBook for seven days. I don't agree with censoring anyone at all- even her - but the irony of her current stance is hypocritical, to say the least.

Yeah, remember that Social Autopsy ( Q&A she had...If you're one of her die-hard fans, you probably don't, but some of us sure do...


(I KNOW, OLD NEWS) Earlier this week, the now infamous LGBTQπ bully Brian Sims locked his Twitter account after he failed to show up at last weeks pro-life rally. Gay Little Mermaid Brian didn't get to speak to feminist waterpus Ursula to give him legs to attend the event, so he couldn't make it (that's the pre-made, emergency excuse his publicist is willing to throw out there).

Either way, he made a fool of himself pretty bad that he ultimately locked his Twitter account either late Sunday or early Monday this week.

Bullies - even gay, Little Mermaid ones who can't keep their eyes on the road when making videos and love bullying older ladies and young women to look big - even cower when confronted.

Now, just keep that Twitter account locked in that closet Brian.

Sarah Silverman! Please HELP! This minority has been white-washed and is plastering [email protected][email protected] all over the block - IN PLAIN SIGHT!

You went through this before years ago (you know, after you wore black-face), so you know all about how dangerous this man could be to society.

An NO, I do NOT care what anyone says - these are NOT UTILITY MARKINGS! I'm scared for my life! HELP SARAH, HELP!!!

Cher's Tweets on Twitter created a firestorm of angry fans going against her. Little do they like to read deeper into the meaning of things and just go off like rabid animals to attack their own. Trump has brought out her hypocrisy when he stated he'd consider moving illegal aliens to Sanctuary Cities.

The Left eats itself...once again.

This biatch....

Just quick (shitty) opinion video regarding Kamala Harris' CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer where she says hate crimes are a growing epidemic worth paying attention to. She needs to pay attention to the fake hate-crimes being the issue, and the narrative they spin.

PS: I added the father/daughter duo Keith and Valeria Smith who were exposed killing their wife/mother by stabbing her to death, blaming an imaginary homeless man (I consider it a hate-hoax blaming homeless people). ;-)

NOTE: I just found out about the uncovered text messages (I mention here they should be uncovered). This whole case is taking unimaginable turns and difficult to keep up with. Otherwise, enjoy the video about our good ol' gay lyin' pal Jussie Smollett.

Just keeps getting crazier for Brie Larson's Captain Marvel. Rotten Tomatoes deletes over 50,000 user reviews of the movie after user reviews were bringing it down to the low 30's% range (31% is the lowest I saw it).

Time to make a decision: want to be forced to decide what you like or wan to make up your own mind and like what you prefer?

This is my take. Peace!

PS: Around the 14:00 mark, I intended to use the word 'yap'. You will see, LOL!

Jussie Smollett turns himself in at 5:00AM this morning.

PS: Apologies: the 1-year old I mention is not dead (as of my publishing this video), and I wrongly state the child is, but the child had been shot in the head. John Kass has a good point that I keep bringing up in my videos regarding CPD putting so much effort here when they could do the same with other dire cases as well.

To the butt-hurt, the title & cover are satirical. ;-)

And Jussie...Come on dude, just stop the game already man...

I give my two-cents as to why I feel it's important to keep on pressing on the Jussie Smollett case.

CORRECTION: The two individuals were apprehended for questioning, NOT arrested at the airport. My gaffe, I admit (though they are under custody for 48-hours until officers decide to charge them or not - we should know later today. These two are also the brothers: Abimbola 'Abel' Osundairo & Olabinjo 'Ola' Osundairo. I have INCORRECTLY quoted below that 'BOLA' was one of the brothers apprehended, but I don't think he's even related. Abel and Ola are the brothers. I have no idea why I was confused about this, but the names are similar. Again, admittedly my gaffe and stupid mistake.

This story changed SO MUCH yesterday, I know a lot of my info here will be expired. As of me posting this video (10:30AM MST 2/15/19), the two individuals are now being seen as assailants of a crime.

This is just too rich....

PS: Enjoy these two (ALLEGED) individual's acting reels:
(If I have the individuals incorrect, please let me know, thanks!
Bola - (UPDATE: This guy wasn't apprehended for questioning. My gaffe, leaving on here to admit it).
Olabinjo Osundairo -

Also, enjoy their FaceBook page:[0]=68.ARA_qw-_yFnUvf6bxOXDymctLBYY86BjHhrdfmO8-bkT2xEI3yzpWgXrLEFgH3EU6kA5pLedRv6To_yWYKhMAn2w9cab8Anc_nk56hNFRlZ7RiAhNK-cQ5AZxVM1o6vw23Lp4vTLfUXkiKcXAxf6geUi1CtKk2WHYKwI5Rf1HYi1kojBiO85ci2sb3jG8iJlk6_PdK1ldN-X1-nKFvQyZu21NN0-nQrz7MvJgjDFellg9FOVtGITvKxd3Ukw5xNKwi3mJlFMw-hy&__tn__=kC-R

First off, I hate labels, but needed to add context to my title as it's important to note that I am a gay minority so you have an idea of where I'm coming from.

Jussie Smollett's Good Morning America interview with Robin Roberts on ABC this morning was a fun-fest of FEELINGS, EMOTIONS and...NOTHING MORE!

Lack of evidence, more of 'BELIEVE ME! BELIEVE ME!' and crocodile tears to boot...Well, no tears actually, just another Christine Blasey-Ford performance that merits the ranks of his B-list acting.

Here's my take..

Dang, this is getting very, very obvious now. It;s sickening...Jussie Smollett is going to be crying fake crocodile tears interviewing with Robin Roberts tomorrow.

Get ready for more fakeness, fake-news and grandstanding!

Description coming soon. Just publishing in a tight-timeframe. Peace!

Footage of Candace Owens (a.k.a. Candox Owens) of Turning Point USA/Turning Point UK (TPUSA/TPUK) has been released by BuzzFeed allegedly showing her supporting some of Adolf Hitler's long as those methods stayed in Germany, it was 'O.k.' by Candace. Many assume she is actually o.k. with the Nazi German leader's methods.

Do I assume she provided an explanation that was mostly 'word-salad'? Yes. Do I think she believes that Hitler's methods were good so long as they stayed in Germany? No.

However, she's proving once again that she....ALWAYS HAS TO BE RIGHT!

This gets old. She's all ego and no humility. TPUSA backs her on this and some within TPUSA have already provided statements defending her.

My video is about Anthony Brian Logan's defense of her, while also (purposefully) missing the actual point. ABL is pretty cool, but his defense of Candace in anything she does is outright questionable - it bogs down his credibility and it's getting a bit annoying.

This is my view of Candace and her Adolf Hitler remarks.

Powerlifter JayCee Cooper: Ilhan Omar Trying to Persuade USAPL in Allowing Transgenders to Compete

Not only are Ilhan Omar's ideas and actions dangerous (as represented by both her actions towards the MAGA kids and her clearly ungrounded view of Trump's SOTU address regarding illegal aliens...among other things), she is also attempting to persuade a power-lifting organization/federation to take part in shameful progressiveness that would only help to tear apart another athletic sport...specifically for BIOLOGICAL WOMEN.

I was a power-lifter in my past; I wasn't the best, but I wasn't weak either. I loved the sport, and I'd like to pursue it again when my career isn't so demanding, but until then, I have to at least provide my opinions to save the sport from ridiculous societal demands.

Ilhan Omar composed and sent a letter to USAPL's Executive Director, Priscilla Ribic and President, Larry Maile informing them to consider changing their rules regarding transgender men competing in their federation. She is seeking to get Minnesota A.G. Keith Ellison to pursue action if they don' the demands.

USAPL, as a former power-lifter, don't give in. As we have been seeing in many other sports, women are the ones at-risk here and are at an unfair disadvantage when social-justice, extreme progressiveness is pushed front-and-center.

This is my view on the subject. Peace out!

P.S. For those who think this is an issue of ethics, you really need to look at the picture here. This is not anything against transgenders whatsoever. It's about ensuring women have avenues to compete in a healthy environment overall.

Donald Trump's 2019 State of the Union (SOTU) was pretty interesting. Here are my observations...


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