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This past Tuesday, Arizona's Republican governor Doug Ducey met with some NFL players - specifically players from the Arizona Cardinals team - to discuss ideas regarding criminal justice reform, and what people are getting wrong about Colin Kaepernick's kneeling for the National Anthem (sigh!).

I discuss my thoughts on their meeting - how it was opportunistic, but noteworthy; how it was a discussion about the wrong things; how Obama's anti 'School-to-Prison-Pipeline' ideas caused some of our social issues with minorities to escalate, and how taking personal responsibility for one's actions is paramount over reforming something that's not broken - it's just not properly being used anymore because...leniency and muh race!

9/11/2001 will forever go down in American History as a tragedy. It will also forever be known to me as a catapult for average-American submission to corrupt will. We have pushed ourselves into a crazy state and 9/11 (for a lot) has been all but forgotten.

I discuss what we need to redirect our focus on as Americans on this important Historical day.


Dewayne Lee Johnson has recently won $289-million in court vs. Monsanto. Monsanto is currently fighting this decision.

Johnson was a groundskeeper for a school in Southern California between 2012 - 2015. During this time, he started noticing lesions and other anomalies around his body and took a proactive approach in contacting Monsanto directly to find out if their product (Roundup Week Killer) - to which Monsanto never replied.

Nevertheless, the school-district he worked for continued to use Monsanto's week-killer Round-Up until he eventually left.

His illness is terminal, and his life-expectancy isn't great. He's living out his days fighting Monsanto in court. Monsanto has used callous tactics like bringing up his past (which has NOTHING to do with the current case) to discredit Johnson. The court moved in favor of Johnson, awarding him $289-million. Monsanto - unsurprisingly - have pushed to fight this decision.

Johnson is fighting the fight we all need to be. This is my view on this case...

Quick reminder to all Libertarians, Republicans and the like to go out and vote. Below are helpful tools to get you going:

APP: AZ Clean Elections


Reading a lot of comments on Twitter, I'm realizing people value a fake public persona over honesty. In regards to McCain, his admirers are praising him for his 'poise', 'honor', 'patriotism',

With his passing, I believe I'm seeing a bit more clearly the fakeness overall of consistently rehashing the narrative that those in power - no matter how bad of an impact they have had on the world - should be mourned and praised upon passing.


This is not a time for fake grieving, this is a time for Americans to reflect on the negative aspects McCain brought to American and the world.

If we take the bait and continue the process of allowing his 'legacy' to be made as a hero vs. what his destructive actions in the bigger scope of things have caused, then WE LOSE!

Us 'peons' need to start speaking up, sharing information - beginning with McCain - about what it is that actually hurts us as a whole.

My video is more about what we should do right from the get-go following McCain's death and less a History lesson.

There are so many sheep on this thread:

DISCLOSURE: While Jefferson Lee DID NOT SPECIFICALLY mention advocating for a total White ethno-state in the live-stream I participated in on August 19, 2018 (I mention he does off the bat in my video, and my remark in this video related to that livestream is FALSE - I do correct it later on in the video though). He does, however, believe it's what our founding fathers intended, and believes while a solely White-only United States is preferred, a 'Majority-White United States' is what is available (at the moment), and what we should ALL be fighting for - though statistics regarding our immigration practices is pushing Whites as a minority earlier than statistics had shown (@JeffersonLee - if I'm in any way incorrect about this statement, please advise, and I will update my description immediately with clarification remarks as I'm not trying to bend your beliefs).

Jefferson Lee is a very intelligent guy I follow on YouTube. He advocates a for a primarily White USA for the sake of preserving traditional values (among other things) - at least, this is what I gather from watching his videos. As I do on my channel, he rightfully criticizes how minorities and their actions, records (political/influential), Historical data, etc. hurt their own communities as well as the White community. He brings up excellent points that would benefit all Americans with the idea to keep America majority-White.

The issue is we have dealt with a corrupt and irresponsible government and enforcement, and we all face the issues of people coming in who do not want to assimilate, among other things. I understand the issues minorities cause to their respective communities - and also the White community - but there are advents that are useful tools (like the internet) which allow minorities like myself to help curb the negative influence.

At this point, Lee mentions he's aware that what's happening now with the population changes is going to happen regardless and he's working towards fin..

Mundane Matt (and his partner, Poley the Polar Bear) have officially been outed as a false flagger. During yesterday's Killstream, Ralph, James Allsup, James of the Quartering, Keemstar, Zidan and Mister Metakur help expose Matt Jarbo for the lying flagger he is. Flagging the likes of Dame Pesos, Andy Warski, and some of the aforenoted...and THEN SOME!

It was interesting to watch it unfold right before our eyes - THIS is why people are not going to the movies anymore: entertainment like this, LOL!

In addition, Matt's a pretty dramatic guy in person: willing to lie about people and not face them head-on to apologize (as was the case with me at this year's Kilroy Free Speech Event). That's fine, but it shows his cowardice in confrontation. I guess we all have that time and again...but Matt's is at EVERY EVENT he attends!

If Matt is to continue online, he's got a couple of things to work on. I give him some advice here.

Enjoy and peace out!

It does seem recent NFL Hall-of-Fame inductee Randy Moss' intentions are true and good. However, he's not putting the actual issues that need addressing to the forefront, but rather, comforting the families and communities regarding the deaths of their loved ones. While grieving is normal with families, there's a big picture missing in his narrative: personal accountability and how to learn from it so this cycle does not continue.

I know I missed a name or two, and in the video, I keep referring to the tie only having 13 names (which I believe the actual number is 14), however SI and a couple of other outlets are reporting him as only having 12 names listed (I count 14).

Also, I keep stating in the video that I only believe ONE person is a victim here, but that's not really the case (I believe there are at least three or four of the 13 total that I'm sympathetic to), I just happen to take this issue seriously because, as a minority, we are makers of our own demise and allowing ourselves (in this case, the Black community, in general) to become the puppets of propaganda, become (and stay) victims vs. victors, and causing a lot of people to begin thinking we can't assimilate cohesively as Americans. We can, and we are so close!

WITHIN THE COMMENTS BELOW are brief thoughts I have regarding some/most of the individuals on Randy Moss' tie.

All-in-all, the percentages of issues here that could have been avoided by
1: understanding gun laws
2: Understanding how to obey officers' orders
3: How to stop running, and
4: How to never, ever, EVER attack an officer.

I can't take Randy Moss' tie seriously when he's explaining that these people are VICTIMS (few are, MOST are not) and continuing to incite the rhetoric that officers kill Black men/women while avoiding the more serious discussion: How to act civil and follow all officer orders to stay alive. Better yet, make it a goal that situation never has to present itself.

Hope this info helps - especially those i..

FIRST OFF, APOLOGIES FOR THE OFF-RENDERING after the 8-minute mark. My project was in-line with audio/video, but the rendering was having issues for some odd reason.

On 8/6/2018, Alex Jones' Info Wars / Alex Jones Show brand (and Alex himself) were removed from Apple, Spotify, FaceBook, Stitcher and YouTube in a span of twelve-hours. The alt-media's censorship campaign right before mid-terms is deafening.

With Jones' coverage during the 2016 Presidential Campaign that saw Hillary Clinton get masterfully defeated by Donald Trump, it seems apparent these giants wanted to do their best to silence some big names right before our mid-terms.

This will not bode well: there are a multitude of content-creators who've surfaced since the election and have grown in popularity. This could be a nail in the coffin for big-tech and give even more rise to alt-tech (should it be ready to handle the resources).

Time will tell how this goes, but in the meantime, the blatant hypocrisy of what's considered 'threatening' by these large firms (or the puppets that they may be being controlled) is out in the open.

No, this isn't Jim Crow...This isn't racist, it isn't even aggrivated murder - it was self-defense: plain and simple.

Why the majority of us minorities CANNOT figure this sh!t out is beyond me.

Tragic? This, of course, is VERY tragic. To have a son see his dad go like this. To have your partner watch this happen. I can't fathom. I've been around death - we all will experience it - and we have to understand that (for the most part) we are going to choose how we want to go.

Some of us choose to make bad life choices (I know I do), but some more than others.

When there are rules, norms and laws we SHOULD be teaching all Americans about, but don't (or some of us choose to not care or learn), then we get situations like this.

A couple of days ago in Flordida, Markeis McGlockton and his son were in a convenience store picking up snacks when a man - Michael Drejka - noticed the vehicle that Britany Jacobs was driving was situated in a handicap parking spot (do also notice ALL the OTHER parking spots open during this altercation) and informed the driver of the vehicle (Jacobs) that she shouldn't be parking there. A possible loud and aggressive conversation was had by Jacobs and Drejka (all bystanders turned the direction of the altercation at different times throughout the footage). A male driver went in (after he held the door open for Ana Navarro) and possibly informed the clerk that people were arguing outside (which probably got the attention of Markeis McGlockton). McGlockton (leaving his son inside the store) walked out of the store towards the altercation, and aggressively pushed Drejka (that already merits self-defense and the authority/obligation to stand your ground). NOTE: It does appear that the man who was walking towards them behind McGlockton was either there to witness, help, or just act as mediator, and was approaching them - up until - Drejka took out a gun (to which McGlockton stepped back [but we've seen people 'step back' in multiple insta..

Donald Trump and Melania Trump attended the 2018 Russia / United States summit and met with Vladimir Putin (Russia's president) while there. This meeting was met with (obvious pre-planned) criticism by the corporate/mainstream media (MSM), and their brain-dead followers licked their master's boots without question believing them.

Trump and Putin brought up a lot of things that seemed controversial to many of the critics (which included the likes of FOX News, CNN, HuffPo, zombies, etc. to name a few). When it's apparent that this meeting would go a long way to helping stay frenemies of the world, those who've previously held beliefs of garnering a positive relationship with Russia (like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton to name a few) now change their minds.

It's apparent the deep state is pulling the strings of people like Anderson Cooper, MSNBC, etc. to rile up the weak. Both Left and Right powerful shills are making it a point to work together during this time to ensure Donald Trump is met with more criticism leading up to the mid-terms.

I'm unsure how their crazy antics are going to fare during them, however.

Either way, there was also a lot of fun to be had outside the meet-up between Trump/Putin: Sadiq Khan approved the Trump Baby Balloon / Trump Baby Blimp (cough!) stating 'who am I to judge what offensive speech is?' During this time, the Free Tommy rally held during this time had a protester holding a (bit-smaller-than) human-sized pig balloon of Sadiq Khan to which people are now claiming as Islamophobic, and Khan also doesn't approve. It's this hypocrisy that keeps the question about what London 'freedom' is really all about.

Enjoy the fun! Peace out!

The Leftists don't like a REAL REVEAL.

On the Fourth of July this year, 91 yera-old Rodolfo Rodriguez went for a nightly walk and - for whatever reason - was almost beat to death by a woman who pushed him, then punched him while on the ground and then picked up a brick and proceeded to smash his face in with it. During the process, the woman encouraged three or four other men to join in beating up the senior. All rhe while, she was alleged as stating phrases like 'Go back to Mexico!'.

A woman (Misbel Borjas) witnessed the event in her vehicle and took a picture of the woman (who had a child with her as well) and was about to assist the man, but the woman said she's hit Borjas if she interfered, so Borjas called 911.

From there, Borjas recorded the aftermath after the woman and men were gone, paramedics and officers arrived as well as Rodriguez's family.

Rodriguez suffered broken bones, bruises, etc. His GoFundMe has amassed over $300,000 in donations to help him and his family out during this process.

The Lefitst MSM, and the Blue-Checks on Twitter (and everywhere) went crazy, blaming 'racist Trump Supporters', 'Trump's America', and 'Racist White People', among other things. Ana Navarro, for example, went crazy on Twitter claiming racism is rampant under Donald Trump. The Young Turks' Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur blamed racists in Trump's America as well.


Early Tuesday morning on July 10, 2018 (six days after every Leftist news outlet went mad blaming WHITE America and WHITE racists), an arrest was made:


Oh look, another mother being separated from her daughter!

The Leftist news outlets, people, etc. went RADIO SILENT. This, of course, does NOT fit their narrative.

I go over my thoughts on this disgusting crime.

Peace out!

Of course, some groups are necessary. Identity is necessary; even things like background, race, culture, etc., but it's not an end-game. There are benefits to being OUTSIDE the box and working with people of all backgrounds vs. thinking you can achieve advancement/group-think/etc. - with the ultimate goal of civility - with just small groups.

Segmenting a classroom (ex: summit/retreat/etc.) via religion, race, culture, etc. to solve problems when you're all in the same room (ex: the United States) is a fool's errand. You're all available to speak TO ONE ANOTHER AT ALL TIMES about topics that affect EVERYONE!

Take the time and opportunity to work together to solve race, culture, religious, etc. issues vs. doing the same-old, same-old of talking AMONGST YOURSELVES and getting nowhere.

You will get nowhere again.

No more Pied Piper - No more 'follow me' - Time to hear what even the LOONY ONES have to say. Yes, the modern-day feminists, SJWs, Conservatives, Leftists, etc. have to bring to the table and work together to get things going - NOT separatist shit!

Peace out!

This one has NO JOKES like my other videos. Nothing has been as abhorrent to me as reading this story - not in a long time.

Mourtala Madou, stabbed a one year-old infant in the back while she was on a stroller, then proceeds to decapitate her. He then stabs the mother who later died in the hospital.

IT WAS AN HONOR KILLING! I think you all know the religion without me mentioning it.

To make matters worse, he's the father of the girl and the husband of the woman.

Angela Merkel has pushed to allow the news of the MOTHER being killed, but NOT the DAUGHTER. One of Germany's largest newspapers (BILD) covered the mother's death, but not the daughter's.

This should outrage Germany.

Thanks to @PeterSweden7 for first posting this:

The insanity in Germany - the censorship - the takeover - it's almost like cucks just giving in (not all, but most), and allowing this type of life to be part of their growing country.

Such a shame...Condolences to the mother and daughter who are the victims of this insane ASS' senseless and VAIN crime!

PS: I 'Feminemed' his face. ;-)

I just wanted to extend my thanks to the likes of Maxine Waters, modern-day feminists, ANTIFA, bigoted restaurant owners, colleges (like Evergreen State College), people playing identity politics, but tweaking the meaning of it to suit an agenda, fake news, and more, more more on helping to...


with all that they continue to do.

PS: Real videos coming soon - this was a just a return after my move this past month.

Peace out!

Trump has been criticized for his enforcement of the current laws that the National Border Patrol enforce. Obama's laxed presidency allowed for an increase of dangerous conditions for everyone attempting to gain asylum or illegally entering the USA.

Children are trafficked.
Children are raped - oftentimes contintually.
Children DIE!

All because Mexico is not in control of it's own country.

The people complaining about the (cough!) 'inhumande treatment' of these kids being SEPARATED from their (COUGH! COUGH! COUGH!) 'parents (who are oftentimes traffickers using the children for labor, sex, and probably a host of other scary things). These kids ARE victims, but the process of allowing them through illegally is what sets them on the path to the above situations. It's extremely sad, and the sheep only see us as the bad guys for wanting this action to stop at the border so these crimes could be committed less.

UPDATE: Alyssa Milano has actually surprised me: she's wanting to shelter a child coming in. I applaud that. Let's see if other celebrities follow suit. I am harsh on her in this video, and until she actually follows through with that desire, I will stand by my stance while giving her credit for wanting to help during Clinton's/Bush's/Obama's debacle for less enforcement at our borders that caused this situation to escalate.

It appears bad for Trump because he's actually doing things RIGHT. He's following the law and encouraging congress to take action for change - initially, it's going to be messy, and congress can make it better by doing what they were ELECTED to do: THEIR JOBS!

The evidence against Candace Owens (Red Pill Black) mounts. Tree of Logic brings reasonable merit to her claim about fearing for her life regarding Candace Owens' horribly handled (and horribly developed/managed) website

Tree provides more evidence showing that it's not just 'FaceBook' that people provided information from (as Owens' consistently claims), but that doxers were abusing the website and providing almost 100,000 doxes of individuals (adults and children) that would have exposed personal data of individuals.

In Tree's case (as a former officer), it would have been VERY risky if that info was released with people who wish to find her for landing them in prison and KLL HER. The fear was genuine and valid.

Candace didn't care. Just imagine the other types of scenarios that would have led to issues outside of Tree being an officer. The issues are endless!

As CEO of Social Autopsy, Candace showed NO personal resonsibility, and instead shifted the blame to her developer. She had no shame in the site being insecure and unencrypted with info being readily available.

Now just imagine if this was PHI! Yeah, the fact that no one (maliciously, that we KNOW of) took any of the info (Tree and a friend did for investigative purposes), seems to be OK with Candace.

She was careless.

She lies quite a bit (I show perfect examples of this - especially when confronted about a certain 'Richard Spencer' attack video claim by Candace Owens that, when confronted by Blaire Whit about it, lies without shame.

She plays the race card when she says she doesn't. She'd rather focus on feelings when convenient to fight against facts.

Oh the list goes on and on.

Tree of Logic vindicated herself in that last video. People who back-up and support Candace at this point are just a bunch of sheep, IMO, and you're doing potential damage to your party if issues get exposed more and you're backing her.

Anyway, my two cents here. Peace!


Hi all,

I don't always do 'entertainment' videos, but when I do, I'm serious about them, LOL!


My fave character on FTWD (Fear the Walking Dead) has supposedly met her demise. Apparently, Kim Dicken's character Madison Clark sacrificed herself to save her children (child now) and group. There's speculation to believe that this is not an entirely complete story. I do believe there is open opportunity for Madison to make a 'rebirth' as the ever-popular character from the Walking Dead comics: Alpha.

My theory is laid out in the video, please comment, rate, like, share, hate, subscribe (I'm mostily politics, so only sub if that interests you, lol).


Peace out!

Despicable, multi-millionaire Democrat Bill Maher has stated he wishes for America to fall into a recession - whether it hurts us Americans - so long as it leads to not having Trump for a second term.

The Democratic party's ego is way too big for itself.

We've reached the point where the Left is exposing their ACTUAL desires. The HUGE issue with all this though? Their FOLLOWERS will not care.

The Left is basically the Pied Piper to their followers: they will still follow Maher's lead (and the rest of the Left ilk they blindly love) without question. I'm convinced their MORALS from just a couple of years ago have now shifted to an unrecognizable display of ignorance, hatred, bigotry, and self-centered entitlism that I give up hope we will ever find enough asylums to house them after they fall apart.

Either way, Maher abhorrently wishes for all us working-class Americans to fail. We have been seeing growth, success, and more under the Trump agenda, and - ONLY BECAUSE IT'S TRUMP - Maher doesn't like it.

It could be ANYONE ELSE on the Left, and he'd be praising it. Since it's Donald Trump, it's not going to happen.

This is my view of this despicable ass...


So, Jeff Amyx, owner of Amyx Hardware Store / Amyx Hardware and Roofing Supplies in Grainger County, TN has a sign on his business storefront that reads: NO GAYS ALLOWED.


You're infringing on his civil liberties by forcing your actions on him and his business. If he wants to keep you out, boycott, vent online, leave (actual) reviews revolving about your actual experience on Google, Yelp, etc., but you should - N-O-T:

- Infringe on his constitutional rights: he can run his business how he sees fit and face the consequences or successes of that action and allow the free market to Naturally determine his fate/success.

- You are attacking him PERSONALLY for his life-experience and views that he himself only knows and got the conclusion to adapt in his everyday life. You have yours & he has his. Both are protected items as Americans, and - at the moment - you are freakishly offending his rights of expression. How has he attacked YOURS by wanting to restrict his business from gays? He hasn't. YOU HAVE OTHER OPTIONS!

- To my fellow LGBTQ-3.1459 community: Get this through your heads: you will NOT be loved or respected by EVERYONE. Get over it, move on and live your life outside of being a regular VICTIM. You will love the freedoms it allows if you do.

We don't need government to select MORE protected classes - the more they interfere, the more we are controlled. Respect his personal bigotry and disdain for the Gay Community and equal respect for your disdain of his beliefs as well.

I don't side with his views, but I DO side with his right to his expression and association. I respect yours as well just as I do his - no favoritism, it's all equal.

Also, Allen B. West wrote a great article on this subject and even brought up an interesting note regarding a Barnard College Professor named Jennifer Finney Boylan who suggests a Constitutional mandate of a 'Dign..


NOTE 1: Apologies for my camera stand making noise starting about the halfway mark (and the shaky camera).

NOTE 2: Notice the headlines of most online articles stating 'Baker refused to service...' when that is clearly a lie. Testimony and documents show he did attempt to service them with everything else in the store, but they declined. It's stated like this by design, IMO, so that people can get riled up about a false narrative being true.

NOTE3: Notice all the professional/formal photo-ops the gay couple have been making vs. no professional ones by the cakeshop owner, whose are all modest around his shop - a bit of staging for the couple you think? Stinks of agenda to me.

NOTE 4: Phillips' (the cakeshop owner) states he wouldn't make anything he considers against his religion or offensive - INCLUDING a cake that would demean the LGBTQ3.14... community. Why can't people accept his stance then?

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Jack Phillips Masterpiece Cakeshop vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission by a vote of 7-2. A great win for freedom and expression, while pushing the question: was there EVER really discrimination to begin with? The courts don't believe so for the most part - they do state that Phillips' religious expression was (in other words) 'mocked'. I agree, and then some. Justice Kennedy states that the handling by the 'The Civil Rights Commission’s treatment of his case has some elements of a clear and impermissible hostility toward the sincere religious beliefs that motivated his objection.' I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!

As a gay man myself, my opinion differs from those who seek to tell me there is supposedly homophobic oppression (lol!) in the US. We all have the same freedoms as Americans whether we are straight, gay, legal citizen, etc. There's no distinction who has more rights or less in our day and age.

This 'forcing' of people to ju..

Roseanne Barr is getting flack for some supposed 'racist' Tweets. There is huge bowl of hypocrisy from her opponents that she needs to put on the spot.

My message to her.

When the law enforcement is so corrupt that enforcement of those laws doesn't affect family, then our country - and the March for Our Lives movement - has huge problems.

Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg and all the March 4 Our Lives supporters and members really need to rethink their priorities.

- Emma Gonzalez likes ostracizing people and (allegedly) thinks it's ok to bully people.
- David Hogg is ignorant of facts and loves lying.
- Sheriff Scott Israel loves to preach 'common sense gun control', yet fails to do his job in reporting infractions that could PREVENT the purchase of firearms that destroy his community.
- And now famed wuss office rScot Peterson (you know, the officer David Hogg excused for being scared to do his job and, you know, save lives) has allegedly covered-up a very disgusting sexual assault that Scott Israel's 17 year-old son and another student performed on a young freshman.


These people bend the laws when it benefits their kind.

These people purposefully overlook the truth because they ahve been bought by an agenda that seeks to take away our rights.

And these people are disgusting.



REPORTED BY: Ryansaavedra @RealSaavedra

VIDEO: (better watch it before it's taken down)

Peace out!


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