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LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill (players for the UCLA basketball team) got away pretty easy when they were apprehended stealing in China. Trump intervened and brought them back safely.

People who just are against/hate Trump will not see him doing a good thing here BECAUSE it's Trump. If he were to do nothing, they'd say he was a racist because he helped Otto Warimber; if he did something to help, they'd say it's like a master freeing plantation slaves. It's no-win according to his detractors.

However, it's a WIN as an example of AMERICAN PRIVILEGE. These individuals committed a crime in China - one of the worst places in the world to do so - and got away with it. Sure, they cam back and are indefinitely suspended from playing/practicing/etc., but - when comparing to CAUCASIAN Warimber - their privilege being an American - and having their president help them out - saved their lives and showcased their privilege.

No more of this racist agenda B.S. I personally believe they should have served their time (with American Presidential oversight to ensure nothing like Warimber would happen), but it is what it is.

Everyone, their kids, and their moms have an opinion regarding all the sex allegations coming out as of late. The unfortunate pattern here is all 'he said-she said' b.s. that people FEEL they have to take sides. This is a huge mistake.

Popularity of opinion doesn't win an argument or a stance. Recent allegations are just that until reasonable evidence can be provided. In most of these cases, there is none; just a word.

In addition, I touch on matters relating to Leftist ideology: SJWs and their chants, pussy-hat wearing crazies with their kazoos and no answers to basic questions regarding their stances, etc.

I explain my view on this crazy subject matter.

You thought the original projector scene shown in theaters was something scary? You ain't seen nothing yet! Here's the version that was considered TOO SCARY FOR THEATERS!

I hope you like fear, because!

PS: I was bored....

Commemorating the one-year anniversary of our president Donald Trump, I decided to go down memory lane when people left-and-right outright decided they didn't want to be associated with me any longer. I voted Trump, was a vocal supporter and never looked back - all with the well-thought-out analysis that it would be the best decision between all parties involved.

It apparently wasn't for most of my friends and some of my family. To each their own. I don't live in echo-chambers, and I still (whole-heartedly) listen to those on opposing sides (and have never blocked anyone for any stance). I respect their decisions to revoke me from their lives.

I hope you can find peace and do the same. Some may come back around, and some will not, but you will be left without hang-ups. Peace!

Kevin Spacey is an #-hole! Mr. Pickles (Sky) and I (as Negan for Halloween) break down my view regarding this moron and him relating both Homosexuality AND pediophilia as one-and-the-same. Spacey is disgusting, sick and a hack. It's Halloween and I'm dressed up as Negan from The Walking Dead (TWD) and if my bat Lucille could speak, she'd say the same thing.

NOTE: REUPLOADED due to video not rotated correctly. My apologies!

Hi all. This is my first video driving to work. It's very loose in its delivery, and I hope the delivery gets better in the long run. Until then, then topics are below:

TOPIC 1: The Hollywood Sexual Assault Scandals / Political Sexual Assault Scandals - We have so many people that have accused many Hollywood A-Listers and Politicians (so close to their elections, mind you: coincidence?). People like George Takei, Ben Affleck, Harvey Weinstein, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, Jeff Hoover, Brett Ratner, Andy Dick, Ken Baker, etc. It's a huge trend that makes people bring out the stupid in themselves by accepting ACCUSATION as FACT. People are already taking sides in these allegations when no/little evidence/hearsay, which brings out the idiot. I rant a bit about it.

I then shift focus to yesterday's Mall of America / Macy's knife attack by Mahad Abdirahaman. He stabbed two individuals in an attempt to steal items. You probably won't hear too much about this incident (nor [stupid] calls for regulation on knives - kinda like we never hear them for trucks, LOL)!

Either way, this is my first vid. Apologies for the 'umm, ummm, ummms' - I promise to get better as I keep doing these. Peace out!

NOTE: REUPLOADED due to video not rotated correctly. My apologies!

Two of the most disturbing (and hypocritical) articles in existence actually came out mere hours of one another:

Both's Sunday Review Opinion piece entitled: 1: 'Can My Children Be Friends With White People?' by Ekow N. Yankah

2: 'We’re Sick of Racism, Literally' by Douglas Jacobs

Both of these Al Sharpton-esque race-baiters are stating they are tired of racism, or are wanting to push the narrative that you can't be friends with Caucasian people because of 'feelings', 'the past', 'personal issues', etc.

All of this is discussed here. They are disgusting articles meant to FURTHER DIVIDE US! When you can see through the B.S., you can figure out that's just the reason. Peace!

This isn't so much an opinion about this woman's struggle, as it is a relational piece regarding some issues I personally struggle with - it's also about how I deal with mine vs. how she's (Christine Schoenwald) dealt (is dealing with) hers and hoping that the small-level of empowerment I offer here helps in some way.

It's tough-love, but it's also not giving in to allowing the (or any) individual to succumb to self-deprivation, and also using labels to define themselve as whole people.


Donna Brazile: ' Catholic girls, we've been known to, you know, rub our hands through things and make it a little bigger.'

And she's made it clear she's not talking about 'gray hair'. ;-)

Well, there are all sorts of media outlets (ahem) 'reporting' the so-called numbers of the Trump Phoenix Rally attendees as less than the anti-Trump protesters - which is far from the truth.

Granted, I work for a living, and wasn't able to arrive until after 6PM (and we all know most protesters don't like sweating to get things done, and Phoenix is its own beast, lol), but I knew I just had to record people LEAVING THE RALLY AS IT HAPPENED.

I've sped-up a lot of the people - and somewhere towards the end of my recording, I then realize: THERE IS MORE THAN ONE EXIT TRUMP RALLY ATTENDEES ARE LEAVING FROM, not just the ONE I recorded.

All-in-all, this will give you a decent; while, not accurate, a good indicator of the huge amout of Trump Supporters in attendance.

I would safely assume (in the area I was in - the HEART of the event) Trump supporters outnumbered anti-Trump supporters 30-to-1. The #MSM #CNN #FakeNews #VeryFakeNews crews will (and have) stated over and over again the supposed 'THOUSANDS OF ANTI-TRUMP PROTESTERS IN ATTENDANCE AT THE PHOENIX RALLY' - I find this hard to believe, and hope this footage helps you understand why.

0:26 - 0:35 - Crazy lady who kept harassing people crossing by.
0:23 - First loud bang (flash grenade?) heard
0:45 - Second loud bang heard
2:25 - Third loud bang heard
1:21 - 1:24 These Anti-Trump Protesters left a large amount of trash for people to clean up. Apparently, they not only want luxuries at the expense of the tax-payer, but also people to clean up after them.
3:44 - The trash the Anti-Trump Protesters left on the ground behind them. They were there the entire time I was there (almost four hours).
4:58 - 9:30 - Cool people discussing the Trump Rally and other miscellaneous things.
9:32 - 9:36 - Curious if this guy is a reporter. Does anyone recognize him? He was jotting a lot of stuff on a notepad that night while watching the event. I'd like to check out his reporting if he was. Thanks!
10:56 - END - Great conversation with some rally attendees regarding current events.


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