The Augmentation of Man With Kent and Renee Miller

To understand why we are here and what the purpose of all this is, we have to understand what the purpose of life is and the universal structures and laws that exist in the promotion of universal consciousness. When we understand how it is all connected, and how it works, then we can focus our attention on the process, allowing humanity to take its giant leap forward, shifting our paradigm! “Our physical existence is only for organic matter to be raised in its essence.”

Our spiritual guides informed us many moons ago that we would be becoming "a gamma species." About 2010 astrophysicists noticed a stream of cosmic rays coming in from the galactic center, gamma rays being a part of the stream. Gamma rays have the capacity to alter DNA, depending on exposure ratios. Kent and Renee discuss the intended effect for humanity.

How can we step out of our own way to allow our life to unfold in perfect harmony with our destiny, to allow our higher self to take the reins and lead us on our spiritual pa#th?

An energy stream coming from a place of divine ordering is bringing forth a new vibration, changing everything. The vibration affects the geometric field, changing the behavior of all matter, unnoticed by humanity. When everything is lined up, the paradigm shifts, changing our reality. This energy also has an effect on people, where character assassination bears out to those behaving in obnoxious ways that are not completely aligned to truth. This message sheds light on some of the events playing out today and gives hope for a bright future.

According to our spiritual guidance, a displaced electromagnetic field is releasing a concentrated energy that is having an effect of magnifying ideologies and perceptions of a small group of people, creating a negative effect on their behavior, causing disruption and disorientation seen in our society today. The rapid succession of caustic events extinguish the Creative force on Earth, halting the conscious evolution. Later, outside entities will help us to reconstruct a new understanding of the events today, helping in our vibrational rise through a new and expanded understanding, allowing the higher self to take the quantum leap forward.

We are in a period of transformation that brings massive change. Most of us are aware that Earth's electromagnetic field has been weakening and that scientists are expecting a reversal of the poles in the near future. But, it is not just Earth whose poles will shift. Our ancient spiritual guides have informed us that all cosmological spheres will be influenced by an electrical pulse, causing a universal shift of poles. Earth's wobble is in a state of being out of balance and the wandering magnetic north will set in motion the conditions for its correction. A rare occurrence will cause Earth's atmosphere to light up in a pulsing show of light, causing a temporary pause in the neuronet, then setting in motion a new direction for the flow of Light, the intelligent energy of the universe. All these events create secondary events in the form of movement of land, movement of oceanic waters, and volcanic activity. Kent and Renee explain why all these events are happening and how to prepare.

Elon Musk is working toward developing a chip that can be inserted into the brain to upgrade its processing capacity. But, what if we told you the plans are in the works to upgrade, not only humanity's neurological system in order to process a higher amount of information, but also the universal neuronet within our galaxy? Everything at the subatomic level must be upgraded to support the increased capacity to access and process the information and technology that is coming to humanity in the near future.

A grand Earth cycle has ended, bringing a new planetary alignment and a new paradigm, ending the way we have been doing business here on this plane. It brings new vibrational parameters, opening a door to reconnect to the higher self and a pathway for exponential growth, spiritually and intellectually. But, for many, the opportunity will be lost, unable to recognize or acknowledge the higher self. The chaos continues until completion, bringing a new order and a lasting peace, allowing humanity the opportunity to eventually join the universal neighborhood for further growth, propelling our quantum leap forward.

The Ancient of Days has arrived, wrapping up of the lessons of the fourth world, bringing completion. It is a viewing of events one picture at a time to show us how our lack of understanding has created false beliefs about our character and our world, creating a time of correction in our thinking process, releasing old concepts to open the door to a new and more profound understanding. These misperceptions are reflected in our bad behaviors and lack of self-restraint, creating the conditions for correction.

It is a time of realignment of planetary orbits, reversing of electromagnetic field poles, balancing of gravitational fields, and shifting of both the earth’s crust and ocean waters. It is an introduction of new species with a higher genetic expression, where other species will become extinct, no longer in vibrational alignment with the new Earth vibrational parameters.

Lastly, it is a time where evolutionary beings move into a new level of spiritual development, receiving guidance from other more intelligent beings through a new and more efficient neuronet.

The cycles were created at the time of the Big Bang and the development of the universal structures. Cycles include the realignment and rebalancing of the galaxies, but also stages of learning and creation of new species. In the Hopi tradition, we are approaching the end of the fourth “world,” or cycle, and the beginning of the fifth.
This will be a time of great change as our old paradigm comes to a close, opening a New Age of a new DNA expression, and a new learning, focused on Universal Laws and Concepts and the natural world.

Part of our change in behavior is observing our inner reactions to self-monitor our own biases and polarizations. When we engage in open dialog , unifying in an effort to expand our consciousness, we bring a mutual respect of each other and a new peace.

Kent and Renee connect the dots between the translations of the Sumerian cuneiform clay tablets in Zechariah Sitchens' The 12th Planet, science, and their own channeled messages about the existence of an elusive twelfth planet X and what effect it will have on Earth and its inhabitants.

From the cosmic rays coming to Earth from the galaxy to the chaotic human-created events taking place today, from the Earth's changing vibration to the changes of all matter at the subatomic level, everything that is happening is diametrically redirecting humanity's path as we enter a new grand cycle.

The increase in cosmic rays has an effect on genetics: controlled exposure affecting the nanoparticles of the DNA helix opening up the ability to know who we are at the soul level and allow communication of the higher self, the part of the soul that directs our learning. You will find this video on YouTube and Bitchute, as well as the audio on and other major podcasts at The Augmentation of Man with Kent and Renee Miller. For more details, check out chapters 3 and 4 in The Acquiescence of Humanity (The Augmentation of Man series), available on

Our world appears to be crumbling, leaving people is disarray and scared. What is going on behind what we see? What is happening on the spiritual side?

There is a war going on today between the Light and the dark. What does it mean and who are the players? Kent and Renee discuss the various players that are trying to block the transformation into a new cycle of enlightenment and what we can do to rise above it. Why are they trying to block the transformation? Because once the vibration shifts upward, they will be forced out, no longer fitting into the new vibrational parameters.

The Austrafier is one who comes from "the other side," arising out of the chaos, quietly exchanging to himself "the proper mode given to a task on humans," to correct our course, destroying our misperceptions and awakening humanity to the truth.

We are surrounded by forces that want to keep us divided and ignorant. They are interfering with the transformation, trying to block the next cycle of conceptual learning and higher vibration in order to maintain dominion over the earth. There are others who keep us in the dark to create the spark within us to really want the truth. Our job is to rise above the misperceptions and the control over our consciousness, setting us free to search for the truth, raising our vibration as we enter the next world cycle.

What does the Georgia Guide Stones, the One World government, the coronavirus, and the Archons, aka, the Longerians, have in common? It's all about our awakening and uniting to crawl out from under the control of all consciousness so that we can move into the next cycle of true enlightenment.

We are in the midst of a transformation, which includes being able to learn from extraterrestrial beings in the future through a telepathic communication. Yet injustices and warring among the human race continues, now reaching a culmination. This is the first in a series of three videos in which Kent and Renee share the meaning of Oneness, as the universe understands it, and why it is so important to our survival as a race.

How do we find truth in today's environment? Kent and Renee discuss the current covid-19 outbreak relating to finding the deeper truth, which relates to our awakening. With each unfolding event, more information is revealed expanding our awareness of what is really happening.

The field is changing right under our noses and we don't even realize it! As we are self-isolating from covid-19, we can make use of our time by honing in on our astuteness to be able to recognize the developing fields around us, prepare and acquiesce to the coming changes.

Kent Miller receives spiritual communication while in deep trance from a group of ancient teachers called the Ancients. A widespread virus was predicted in 2007. But, another virus is coming and it is more deadly, currently predicted for 2023/2024, although predictions are subject to changing energy flows between now and then. It is important that we discover the origins of these viruses. It is important to learn how to protect yourself by honing in your skills during this time so that you can protect yourself now, but more importantly, in the future. Kent and wife, Renee, discuss the practical considerations to keep yourself healthy and out of reach when it hits. They also discuss some herbals and natural ways of improving your immune system.

Predictions tell us of a time where Americans, like others, will have to learn the opposite of freedom: that of oppression. Each lesson is tied to astrological alignments and this arising situation is one we have created collectively for various reasons. Will we take advantage of the moment to learn what we need to in order to avert the trap that ensnares our freedom? Or, will we acquiesce to their plan? Ultimately, freedom is a choice.

Karma is the experiencing of both sides in order to have a more complete understanding. An oligarchy has been manifesting, a handful of people desiring to seize world control, providing a valuable lesson in freedom before we enter the next learning cycle. Kent Miller receives lessons from a group of ancient teachers called The Ancients while in a trance.


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