The Augmentation of Man With Kent and Renee Miller

The Crossover is a huge event that brings massive changes to our world: subatomic change, changing the atmospheric gases, triggering a change in life form expression, Earth's orbit, the grid, Earth's vibration, the axis and more. The Crossover starts The Transformation, bringing humanity to a higher level of intellectual capacity and learning ability. This sets the stage for communication with other beings.

What humanity doesn't know or isn't talking about. Lessons from The Ancients, ancient teachers of the Creator.

Chaos is rising, people are frustrated. Many spiritual teachers indicated our Transformation was going to be effortless. Here is why it's not.

Channeled lessons from the Ancients and other spiritual professors tell us about the positive changes to come, ending world wars, egotistical behavior, and control over others. Outside entities are coordinating efforts throughout the universe, all eyes are on Earth, help is coming from outside to genetically upgrade and stabilize humanity before we self-implode and take Earth with us. On the horizon, Egypt will be opened, new knowledge and understanding will come forward, creating a renaissance, shifting our paradigm in what seems like an instant. But is it?

What is the higher self? What is its purpose and how does it allow me to understand my connection to the Oneness and All That Is? New crystalline-like geometric energies are coming in, changing our world and our DNA. With it, some people may have an awakening and a reconnection with the higher self, allowing a spiritual communication. Meditation is a part of the process and Kent and Renee explain how to do it. Contrary to popular belief, the Ancients say our bodies are not becoming crystalline. Here's why.

What do the Ancients, spiritual mentors and teachers of the Creator, say about climate and Earth changes? What has been predicted as far back as 2007 in the channeled messages? What is causing the change? Plus, new predictions on the Continental Divide. What can we do to prepare?

The shift is progressing, changing everything as we know it. A channeled message on August 12 tells us of a group of highly intellectual beings determining that it is time, setting forth a Creational force for the next phase: vibrational sound waves are coming soon. Though the sound waves are probably out of our hearing range, we should be able to feel them. The indigenous may likely be the first to notice, as they still hold stories of these times in their legends. Our job is to attune ourselves to the new vibration and to prepare for an uptick in earthquakes, volcanic activity and other Earth changes. Earth's rebalancing continues, while many will choose to exit at this time. For those who continue, a dissipating of the inner veil reveals the higher self and an inner guidance from a higher Source, wars come to an end, new technology is brought forth, and medical advances leap forward.

A cosmic event is coming "very, very soon" that will cause a universal release of souls, moving all to a higher vibration. But there will be those who do not understand and will be uncomfortable, acting out in ways that may cause character assassination. Meanwhile, some will awaken to who they really are at the soul level, being able to see the past life connections to others in our lives.

In a world so divided, what will deliver us to unity? The spiritual guides tell us!

A culmination of events are on the horizon meant to push humanity forward in understanding, setting the stage for the augmentation of humanity. But the propaganda continues to distract us from the real truth. An event reverberates throughout the lands, humanity feeling the shock wave. Our job? To forge forward as truth seekers in deciphering our next lesson in conceptual learning through the analysis of events that led up to the shock wave. Hold on, everything is changing it as we know it.

Our diets are killing us. Spirit guides tell us that we need to incorporate ancient grains back into the diet to improve our health. What are the ancient grains and why are they so important? A link to a downloadable list is listed in the comments.

What are the veils, as in "Beyond the veil"? What are they hiding? And why? How does it relate to our Self-discovery, expanding consciousness, dimensions, and a predicted opening of Pandora's Box in the near future? Tune in...

How does astrology work? What is the purpose? The entire universe is a communication system designed to promote expanding consciousness, designed by Creator. Physics, mathematics and our spiritual growth are all a part of it!

Predictions of truth, death and war closing the lid on a bygone era, bringing humanity to a new level of understanding, resetting the course for mankind by delivering us to a higher state of enlightenment to start a wonderous new cycle.

Humanity has been in a downward spiral since we lost our spiritual and extraterrestrial teachers. We need them to continuously gain higher and higher levels of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, ensuring that we can attain ever-higher vibrational levels. But, humanity needs to realize that we can do this through breaking out of our redundant behaviors, our ideologies, and our old ways of thinking. We are, at the soul level, a much greater being and we are fully capable of raising our level of vibration to greater states. But we need outside Source to do so.

Universal Laws vary throughout the universes, affecting how matter behaves and the learning offered for each sector within a given timeline. The human race as been on an alternate timeline in the projected learning for this area during the past cycle due to our ego and arrogance. This has caused a diversion around the Laws of Consequence and the cause and effect that would have allowed for a path of learning and behavioral modification that would have been beneficial to society. Instead, we are living in an alternate reality, acting out in obnoxious ways as we cling to a litany of fallacies, putting us at odds with one another. Time is now being corrected to realign humanity to the true path: one centered on the expanding consciousness and wisdom that the earth has to offer and that the indigenous still hold.

It seems we had an entity cross between us and the computer, which we not only saw with our own eyes, but was caught on camera in the beginning of our video! Check it out! In our last video, we explained how the timeline was being corrected. But what causes it to correct? What is going to cause all the upgrades to how matter behaves? And what triggers the massive changes for humanity?

There is a natural time line that corresponds to universal laws and concepts, that holds the narrative of all events, past, present and future, correlated with our learning process. However, thousands of years ago humanity took a wrong turn, redirecting our path to one of multiples of misconceptions. A correction must now occur as we complete a great cycle of perceptual learning, and before the next cycle begins of conceptual learning, bringing forth an understanding of the truths that we have not had until now. UFO disclosure is a part of this correction in time.


Part of our change in behavior is observing our inner reactions to self-monitor our own biases and polarizations. When we engage in open dialog , unifying in an effort to expand our consciousness, we bring a mutual respect of each other and a new peace.

New communication from God's messengers about this period of time and how we must return to the Creator.

This virus is proving to be not as serious as we once thought, for most people. But, don't let down your guard, because, according to spirit guides, there are more contagious diseases coming, and they will be more deadly. What can you do to protect yourself? Why is it happening? Who is behind it? And, how does all this relate to the Georgia Guide Stones?

What does the spirit world find desirable about human behaviors, and what do they find objectionable? The comparisons may bring clarity to what we should be doing with our time, how we should be treating each other and the world, and what we should be avoiding to stay on the true spiritual path.

Satan and Lucifer were created as two distinctly different entities, but somewhere in history we have mistakenly come to think of them as one and the same. One is a deceiver and the other steals souls. And, one's time here is drawing to a close, along with his followers.

Kent discusses his visions and spiritual communications describing the areas to be most affected by Earth changes. Together, he and Renee discuss how you can prepare, how you can ease the stress of a changing world, and what you can expect in the next awesome era!


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