The Bushman


I wrote this song as a true maniac musical representation of my life.
It starts off all peaceful and harmonious, and then spirals quickly out of control. Like my life LOL..
But that was back then, 21 years ago, when I wrote this song. I recorded it at 7 a.m. yesterday 25/07/2021 with no rehearsal, after 21 years...
That just made it more fun...

Vocals: The Bushman
Crazy Noises: The bushman
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

It's just how I felt about expressing myself musically at the time,
when I woke up, about 2 hours ago.
I hope ya like it...
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

Moshed To Death - (Extended MeeooW solo stoner version) - By The Bushman
Vocals: The Bushman
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

#TheBushman #ManiacTV

I wrote this song over 20 years ago. This song is a reflection of how I felt back then. But not at all how I feel now. (Thank fuck)..
Anyway, it felt really good to release these demons though music, in a most rushed recording session with almost no knowledge of how to even use the equipment. None the less, I felt the urge to do it, kind of like having a big crap.... It had to be done...
I know how to use a guitar though, so hopefully it balances out lol...
Thanks for watching...
Vocals: The Bushman
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

Vocals: The Bushman
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

Me just jamming on muh guitar.....

Bipolar cam whore cries because her pussy stinks...

Once upon a time, in a most beautiful meadow, in a land far away, lived a cute little bunny named Snowflake...

Based on actual events... Snowflake is a fictional bunny, created by me, (The Bushman) to trigger the fuck out of all the delicate little snowflakes, femtards, landwhales, and any other "woke" nincompoops. LOL...
A Cute Little Bunny Named Snowflake - (Season One - All Episodes).
Over 50 minutes of ferocious fistings...

Join Snowflake on his epic quest to fist the fuck out of the entire planet (NO LUBE) !!!

Once upon a time, in a most beautiful meadow, in a land far away, lived a cute little bunny named snowflake.

Snowflake had a 20 inch cock.
And let's face it, Snowflake needed a massive cock to bust his way through the mountains of cheese that had accumulated over the years on the massive sloppy septic sludge slots of the gigantic muck holes of the big fat hairy sluts that he so oftentimes lured into committing acts of sheer depravity so these grotesque abominations of lard could earn their cheese burgers the right way. The heavily laden self erecting cheese crustaceans acted as a kind of stinky fortification, thus preventing penetration without the use of a fork lift and other random industrial hardware.

However, Snowflake hated fucking these mammoth homeless crack whores because to mount the mammoth mounds of such big beefy bitches would cause Snowflakes ballsack to stink like whale queef for months on end. And that is the reason that Snowflake invented the many highly powered fisting devices. Using such devices lessoned the chances of the gash trash to splash all over him. And made certain that even the thickest layers of cheese would not stop these big greasy hipposquatchathotamoose hog beasts from getting their big moldy crab canyons obliterated.

Snowflake was a cute little bunny. But he liked his bitches big and beefy. Because those are the kind of bitches that will do anything for a cheeseburger or two. But Snowflake would never give them more than one... I mean, as if these bitches weren't already big enough...
Some of the big fat stinky bitches that Snowflake regularly fisted the fuck out of ended up needing to push their tits around in a wheel barrow. And others would drag their huge prolapsed bog buckets of doom on the ground behind them after what Snowflake did to them, thus causing the entire town to smell like the inside of a dead blue whale's ass hole.

Yep, Snowflake sure was a cute little bunny. But he sure loved to get himself drenched in the trench stench from big fat hairy bitches.

And that concludes season one, of a cute little bunny named snowflake...
Stay tuned for season two, coming soon.

You beautiful bastards and bitches have yourselves a most magnificent day...

I wrote this instrumental song in dedication to my beautiful sweet fiancée...
Enchantress - By The Bushman
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

Thanks for watching..!

I wrote this song when I was 14 years old (inspire by Cannibal Corpse). It was the first death metal song I ever wrote.
And finally, all these years later, I recorded it, to release the furious gore upon the world.
Play it LOUD!!! And enjoy...
Vocals: The Bushman
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

Vocals: The Bushman
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

I wrote this death metal song when I was 14 years old, to incite a mosh pit of sheer brutality...
And now, all these years later, I recorded it, finally..!
Play it LOUD!!!
Vocals: The Bushman
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???


Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???
Surfing Footage: Mike Parsons - Billabong Odyssey

Once upon a time, in a most beautiful meadow, in a land far away, lived a cute little bunny named snowflake.

Snowflake was an absolute fucking sexual deviant cunt, who frequently got high as a kite, and then would go out cruising the streets in the ghetto late at night, looking for fat homeless crack whores, to lure to undisclosed locations so he could fist the fuck out of their massive septic sludge slots. And then he would reward these giant stinky bitches with a cheese burger, providing that they would perform well, by letting him get shoulder deep in the grease as his rancid little rabbit fists caused the thrush to gush out all over him with every thrust until he got covered from head to toe as the cheesy stench from these massive wenches landwhale trenches splattered all over him. Snowflake loved that shit...
Snowflake loved the big beefy bitches. The bigger the better. Because Snowflake knew damn well that the bigger these bitches were, the easier it would be to lure them into getting their mammoth muck holes of doom violently violated, in exchange for just a cheese burger. Snowflake was always so delighted as he got drenched in the cheese and whale gravy from the big beefy bog burgers of homeless wench's stench trenches, as the chunks of crusty pus nuggets flew out all over the place as he relentlessly ravaged their colossal custard canyons, with the fist of fury.

One Monday morning, after a most epic weekend of fisting the fuck out of his seriously sexy slave slut Sophie.
Snowflake woke up feeling kinda remorseful for all the thousands of times he had solicited acts of sheer depravity from big fat sloppy sluts as he had fisted the fuck out of so many desperate fat homeless bitches, in exchange for cheese burgers.
Well, not really. For you see folks, this was all part of Snowflakes cunning and elaborate plan to fist the fuck out of every giant fat bitch on the entire planet.
And so Snowflake then headed to the nearest Catholic church to speak with a priest, so that he could make his confessions, and be cleansed of all of his sins.
As Snowflake sat there talking to that priest, confessing all of his sins, and talking about all the big stinky homeless fat bitches he had solicited for ferocious fistings over the years, Snowflake got distracted. Because all that catholic priest seemed to be interested in, was asking Snowflake whether he had any sons, or nephews. Snowflake thought these questions were a bit odd, and his mind began to wander, and he started thinking about fisting fat bitches again. And it was at that exact moment, whilst talking to that wierd old catholic priest, that Snowflake came up with the most epic plan ever.
Snowflake decided, that he was going to start a cult. Snowflake was fully aware that morbidly obese bitches weren't at all intelligent. He knew that if those fat bitches had even an ounce of intelligence, well then they would never have gotten so fat in the first place. Snowflake worked hard on his elaborate and cunning plan to exploit the stupidity of all the big beefy hippo skwotch a thot a moose giant land whale hog beast bitches, by telling them all that he was the son of god. And telling them, that if they joined his cult, they would be rewarded with cheeseburgers. Snowflake also knew to tell them that for serving the son of god by receiving relentless ferocious fistings right up their beef curtains, well then they would certainly go to heaven, where there were infinite cheese burgers and that they could then feast for all of eternity.

So Snowflake then headed to his tool shed of doom, to begin drawing up the blue print for his new cult headquarters. And that blueprint, was indeed, an absolute masterpiece of architectural ingenuity.
Snowflake then purchased a large piece of land in an undisclosed location. And construction of his cult headquarters began immediately. And when the construction of Snowflake's cult headquarters was finalised, it was truly an awe inspiring sight.

One by one big fat bitches showed up to join Snowflake's cult and get fisted for cheeseburgers. And once the word got out, fat bitches started arriving by the truck load to line up for the fistings and cheese burgers.

Near by property owners were furious at what was going on there, and they reported Snowflake to the authorities numorous times, complaining about the smell, and strange noises coming from that place.
At first local law enforcement agencies tried to gain access to Snowflake's ranch of fistings. But they were alarmed when they saw what looked to be military equipment guarding the heavily fortified fisting facility. So they decided to call in the big guns.

Time and time again, law enforcement agencies, in a combined group task force with swat teams, the FBI, ATF, CIA, and even the navy seals, the S A S, and other elite special forces units from all around the world tried over and over to breach the perimeter of Snowflake's cult headquarters, only to be forced into r

In Awe Of Becky - By The Bushman
Vocals: The Bushman
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

Once upon a time, in a most beautiful meadow, in a land far away, lived a cute little bunny named snowflake.

Snowflake loved to cause the thrush to gush with every thrust of his furry little fists until he was totally covered from head to toe in cunt pus from these giant stinky homeless land whales as he violently fisted the flaps off of their big beefy bog beavers. And all it ever cost him was a cheese burger. As Snowflake knew that these giant fat hipposquatchathotamoose hog beast lard laden land whale gutter whores would do literally anything for a cheeseburger.

Until one day, Snowflake woke up absolutely fucking furious when he looked down at his Rolex wrist watch to check what time it was, when suddenly he discovered that it had stopped working. Because the cheese and grease had leaked inside of it after years and years of fisting the fuck out of giant fat homeless bitches, in exchange for cheeseburgers.

This enraged Snowflake.
So snowflake then when to his favorite thinking spot, so as that he could plan his revenge.
Snowflake thought long and hard that day.
Why are so many bitches so fat and cheesy these days, he wondered?
And that's when he realized. That it was the propaganda created by radical leftist feminists with their body positive bullshit because they are jealous of sexy bitches, in combination with Ronald McDonald and his deplorable food menu that was causing the obesity epidemic.
And that's when Snowflake decided, that he would take his vengeance out on the leader of all the lib tard leftist lunatics, creepy Joe Biden...

So Snowflake then went to his tool shed of doom, to create the most horrific ass wrecking devices the world had ever seen. To be sent forth to split creepy Joe Biden's ass hole so viciously that no pieces of his body would ever be found. Thus liberating the United States of America, from both Creepy Joe Biden, and all the fat bitches that voted for him.
Snowflake decided to call this plan, operation sphincter ripper. And this ass wrecking assault was to be carried out a dawn the following morning.

Legions of ass wrecking machines headed to the white house that day to carry out operation sphincter ripper. Creepy Joe Biden's ass hole got obliterated, and so did the ass holes of every single member of his staff.
Their screams could be heard from as far away as Australia, as their poop chutes got ripped to bits. And blood and guts where splattered all over the entire state of Washington in the process. The clean up took months. And no pieces of creepy Joe Biden's body were ever found. So now the demented old fuck can never touch kids again.

Donald Trump was elated.
Snowflake was given a medal for his most triumphant victory.

And everyone lived happily ever after.


Lead vocals: The Bushman
Backup vocals: The Bushman
Lead guitar: The Bushman
Rhythm guitar: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

Greetings, to all you glorious and magnificent bastards, and bitches. And others.
Today, I bring to you, the most shocking and horrific news of how massive fat giant land whale hippo squatch a thot a moose hog beast bitches are rapidly sending the Walmart franchise into complete and utter bankruptcy at break neck speed.

But first, to Breaking news just in.
Scientists have just had a major breakthrough discovery in their relentless quest to work out why democrats, feminists, and other leftist lunatic lib tard shit stains are so backwards thinking in their ever worsening mental retardation.
At first, scientists thought that their brains were simply broken. But after years of scientific research and testing, it is now known that the democrats constantly shove food up their asses, all day, every day. And that is the reason that nothing but shit comes out of their mouths. Thus turning our once beautiful planet into a massive torrent of sewage. This is easily observed whenever you listen to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez speak, you can literally see the shit dribbling off of her big hairy puta shit lips. And it is especially obvious, when you watch creepy Joe Biden struggle to put a single sentence together, as he repeatedly chokes and gags, on his own demented shit. And as for feminists, well, they are nothing but big piles of the shittiest kind of shit. And they give everyone the shits, with all their ridiculous shit.

And now, back to our main story.
It is a well known fact that fat bitches are the cause of global warming, and climate change, caused by the gas that they expel as they burp fart and queef. Fat bitches in the western world have caused a massive imbalance to the earths axis, which has caused the earths natural rotation to get weighted down on one side thus causing the earths axis to tilt, and in turn has caused the ice caps to melt, killing all the polar bears in the process. Not only this, but when fat bitches attempt to walk, the friction caused by their thunderous thighs causes years worth of solidified cheese crusties, trapped beneath their fungal infested flaps, to heat up and melt, and then run down their legs, causing spot fires everywhere that they go, claiming the lives of hundreds of billions of innocent people in the process. But today I want to share with y'all how these giant hog beast bitches are destroying walmart with their big fat hairy elephant asses.

Fat bitches are rapidly sending the Walmart franchise into total bankruptcy.
A whistle blower from Walmart's board of executives has spoken out about how giant fat bitches are causing the Walmart franchise to spend 48 billion dollars on renovations to all their front doors. Walmart executives know that the doors to their stores are simply not wide enough for the biggest of bitches to fit through the doors. So they will now undergo renovations to make the entrances to each and every one of their store entrances, 80 feet wide, just so these mammoth fat bitches can fit through the doors.
Walmart has also decided to make the isles much wider to try and limit the possibility of these fat bitches bumping into each other as they frantically search for cheesecake. Because when two massive fat bitches collide, it not only causes an earthquake, but that earthquake causes whale gravy to spill out all over the floor, thus causing innocent customers to slip over and injure themselves which then in turn ends up in even more lawsuits which is also adding to Walmart's financial strain.

And just when you think that things cannot possibly get any worse. Massive fat bitches are demanding that Walmart provide much bigger and stronger shopping carts that are capable of carrying the weight of their huge asses so that their knees don't snap under the weight of all that lard. But can also bear the load of their groceries, which just so happens to be nothing but cheesecake. Which in my honest opinion, is fucked up beyond words. Try to keep in mind, that the amount of cheesecake that a hot sexy bitch consumes in her entire lifetime, is consumed by one of these giant fat bitches in just half an hour.
Now that my friends, is absolutely fucking disgusting.

I'm The Bushman, reporting for CNN - Complete Nonsense News.

I love you cunts.


Now fuck off.

What's up fuckers?

As a treadmill rights activist. I strongly object to this horrific, and undeserved strain, and abuse, put onto the structural integrity of these innocent treadmills by these mammoth hippo skwotch a thot a pottamoose hog beast land whale bitches.

And god help us all, if one of these massive fat bitches ever trips and falls. That my friends, would cause a massive tsunami of cheesy as fuck green fish smoothie, to gush out everywhere and engulf the entire planet. Thus causing the next mass extinction. Just the stentch alone, would knock every bird out of the sky. And cause them all to die, as the poor little feathery fuckers plummet to the ground whilst choking violently on their own vomit.

Science has proved, that when cheese escapes, from underneath the flabby folds of big fat hairy bitches crab canyons, after all those years, it's no laughing matter.

It would make our planet smell like a giant month old fish cheese melt
. Did I say fish? I meant Blue Whale, coated in cheese made from fish milk. All the plants would then wither, and dry out. Just like any vagina that's ever had the misfortune, of witnessing one of Coach E Lies live streams.

So for fucks sake. Stop milking the fish you ferociously hungry McSumo faggot swamp hog bitch beasts.
Stop eating you fat nasty fucks.
Anyone want some cheese spread?
How about a fish smoothie?


God help us all.
Oh well, I'm off to McDonald's now.
I love you cunts.
Now fuck off!

Shocking new bigfoot footage...

The title is self explanatory...

January 20 - 2002 My good friend Kathy came to see me, and said, "Get dressed, you're coming with me to The Big Day Out" - Parklands, Gold Coast Australia. So, I went with her. I didn't even know what bands were playing? I didn't even have money for a ticket.
Kathy paid for my ticket. And she also gave me the most amount of ecstasy that day that I have ever consumed at one time, ever! We were sitting in "The beer shed" having a few drinks, when suddenly some guy ran in, and shouted "System of a Down is about to go on stage". FUCK YES I thought to myself. So, without hesitation, Kathy and I, along with the help of this one guy who was a giant tank of a man, forced our way through the tightly packed crowd of thousands of people, until we made it to the front row and gripped onto the security rail, just in time to see SOAD walk out on stage, and begin their set.
It was an extremely hot Australian summer's day, and it was now the hottest part of the day, approximately 14:00 p.m. so the band had the afternoon sun, right in their faces. The heat from the sun was hot as fuck. And the heat coming from the thousands of people in the crowd all tightly packed together, made it even hotter.
This, turned out to be one of the greatest days of my life. Though I don't seem to remember anything from that day, Except from seeing System of a Down. And it was absolutely awesome.
Thank you so much Kathy...

I'm too emotional to type...


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