The lion enjoys the garden from high up

The lion is deep in meditation

It's been a cold wet winter but today was a little warm, the lion is taking it in

Watch for the motion, you can see a lions tail in the gap of the shed

The lion likes nasturtiums

The lion is enjoying himself under the sunflower

Had a few moments of sunshine during this cold winter. The lion got high on catnip and passed out in the nasturtiums

In southern C.A., winter is the most beautiful time of year. And it's even better with the lion.

We just ain't used to the cold here in S. C.A.

The lion showers before he sleeps and when he wakes up. It's a lot of work.

The lion was hiding in his cave, I saw these bees having a good time. They love sunflowers. Sunflowers grow all year round here.

It's been a cold 2 months. Finally it warned up for about an hour. And the lion soaked it up.

It's a cold winter's morning and the lion is hunting. I know, it didn't look cold, but it is.

The lion has a string on his head

The lion finds a ray of warmth after 10 days of cold weather

The lion got high on the nip

The lion enjoying a late summer morning

Lion chillin in his jungle

The lion trying to catch breakfast

The lion trying to catch breakfast

The lion taking a mid morning nap

The lion was sleeping when some noisy people outside woke him up

The lion has his daily shower

The lion enjoys his morning

The lion enjoying his Easter.


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I love cats and want to share that with all. I will share health tips for cats and lots of short videos of my best friend Timothy the cat. Enjoy.