The lion enjoys his morning

The lion enjoying his Easter.

The lion cleans himself while enjoying the last bit of sunshine the day has offered

Not much to do when it's cold outside

The lion and the wolf

The Lion warms himself during a brake in the winter cold.

The lion is cold, tired and hungry and his dad is ignoring his misery.

Timothy the Lion enjoys the 1st day of 2022

Halloween dinner

Summer time

Lion sleepy

It's been a cold late spring and the lion has decided to sleep through it

Sleepy time

Lion and the wolf

Looking for birds, or rats.

Watch as the lion creeps into the jungle

The crow has encroached on the lions territory

The lion is enjoying the afternoon in the garden

From atop the shed the lion watches all below

The lion is hunting at the bird bath

The lion enjoying his early morning grass breakfast

The lazy lion is considered the possibility of waking up.

The Lion enjoying the sights and sounds of spring.

Spring is here and the lion is happy

An unsuccessful hunt


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I love cats and want to share that with all. I will share health tips for cats and lots of short videos of my best friend Timothy the cat. Enjoy.