The Fatman56

So my first barn find my first rebuild,SO she's a keeper.

Well I know I'm new to automobile stuff but,i'll try most stuff once twice three times getting slapped by that lady.

Learning and story line I so love this game.Enjoy


Still trying to defeat the cyclops so here goes.

So let's explore this island.


Yup I have DQB 2 and here it is let's play.


Well pretty good day so let's play.

WOW,nothing says shut up like my stream ending not by my choice Sorry folks have a good day.

Well back in last vault so can we keep Lydia alive.

So I goofed oh well my VR still works just got it back so tonight mabye skyrim mabye something else so much VR stuff I got, See ya then

Well going to do some fishing

Now I'm John also I'm really tired so this stream will not be long.

Helping sick people building my base fighting critters this episode has it all.


Just had to change my base and do some missions enjoy my work.


Well we're helping the sick to get better and some remodeling.

Well found out what I did wrong.

Got an hour to play.

Sorry guy's and gals I don't feel like playing tonight,but during my grinding last night I tripped over some side quests so here they are.Good night and have a good weekend see yeah sunday.Or leave a comment I could make video's like this over the weekend if you ask. Have a good one and good night.



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Games are so much fun.