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This is a condensed version of the three hour phone call between survivor Maria Farmer & investigative journalist Whitney Webb. I’ve included all of their discussion relating to Mossad, Mega Group, Les Wexner, and Israel. These are the key pieces of information that the mainstream media won’t touch and is in fact complicit in keeping this decades long blackmail operation continuing. Jeffery Epstein was not the head of the snake, he was only mid management and was assigned by Israeli Intelligence to work for Ghislaine Maxwell in the 80’s, who reported to billionaire Zionist Les Wexner. The operation continues without him.

If you aren’t too familiar with the Jeff Epstein story and would like to understand more, the new (gatekeeping) Netflix docuseries ‘Filthy Rich’ is a decent start to catch you up with the information that the MSM is allowed to discuss. Unfortunately it’s meant to control the narrative and gives voices to victim harassers like Alan Dershowitz, Vicki Ward, & James Patterson, along with making Wexner out to be a victim of Epstein which is both insulting and ridiculous. But it’s a good way to get the basics of the story, and it’s good that the story isn’t fading from people’s interests in light of all the distractions going on around us (COVID-19 & the American Intifada). Anyways, I hope those of you that understand the importance of exposing this international sex trafficking blackmail operation will help get Maria Farmers story out by sharing or downloading & re-uploading this video to your social medias. She’s been all over the mainstream media being the first victim to ever come forward to the FBI, however she says they cut out about 85% of what she has to say. Hopefully this will spark your interest to listen to the full unedited phone call between Farmer & Webb, because there’s a lot I didn’t include in this video. You can listen to it here:

Part 1:
Part 2:

You can also read Whitney Webb’s investigative series here:

Too Big to Fail: the Epstein Investigation :


Trauma and Emergency Specialist
President, Victory Health Steamboat
Springs, CO

Kelly Victory, MD, is a board-certified trauma and emergency specialist with over 15 years of clinical experience. She served as CMO for Whole Health Management, delivering on-site healthcare services for Fortune 500 companies. She holds a BS from Duke University and her MD from the University of North Carolina.

Dr Victory is an expert in disaster preparedness and the medical management of mass casualties. She is a member of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, a combined effort of Harvard School of Public Health and the Kennedy School of Government to develop meta-leaders for national disaster preparedness and response. She has worked closely with officials from Homeland Security, the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and multiple branches of the military.

Dr Victory has been a guest lecturer at the Harvard Business School Healthcare Conference, and she is a member of the Leadership Council at Harvard School of Public Health. She is the former president of the Colorado chapter of Docs4PatientCare, a physician group dedicated to protecting the doctor-patient relationship and personal choice in healthcare. Dr Victory also served as an advisor to the Romney healthcare policy team and remains actively involved in the reform debate. Dr Victory currently teaches an “Active Shooter Rapid Response and Extraction” course and “Leadership in Times of Crisis” for first responders, community leaders, and organizations, aimed at limiting casualties, improving outcomes and enhancing resiliency. She makes frequent radio and television appearances to discuss issues related to healthcare policy, emergency and disaster, and public health.

G. Edward Griffith wrote The Creature From Jekyll Island about The Federal Reserve System. Here he speaks about the communist take over of the US

Listen closely. Learn who this man is. Do you really think he has YOUR best interest in mind. Nothing but double talk.

If this doesn't send a chill down your back, nothing will
G. Edward Griffin explains how, since at least the 1920s, communists have had plans to use racial agitation, violence, & socialism for communist revolution in America. They even wrote books about it!
Filmed April 3 1969
Full version here:

You want to be maimed or die? Get vaccinated. You want to be stupid? Be stupid. Don't expect me to follow you off that cliff.

When Youtube and Facebook jeep removing it, it must be worth watching.

Dr. Winnie is a wife, mother, author, advocate, and educator who was saved from an abortion after her mother viewed an ultrasound. She has a Ph.D. in political communication and has taught at the college-level for close to a decade.

Remember when frequency weapons were only scary if the enemy had them?
Think 5G

So you want to know more about the Jesuit Order.
Breaking 170 years of secrecy, this intriguing video takes a look at Yale's mysterious society, the Order of the Skull and Bones, and its prominent members, numbering among them Tafts, Rockefellers, Pillsburys, and Bushes. Explored is how Skull and Bones initiates have become senators, judges, cabinet secretaries, spies, titans of finance and industry, and even U.S. presidents, including George W. Bush. This book reveals that far from being a campus fraternity, the society is more concerned with the success of its members in the postcollegiate world. Included are a verified membership list, rare reprints of original Order materials revealing the interlocking power centers dominated by Bonesmen, and a peek inside the Tomb, their 140-year-old private clubhouse.


Watch and share before it gets banned.

Dr. Judy Mikovits Plandemic documentary removed from YouTube for violating “misinformation” rules

Enter Plandemic. A new documentary, part one being 26-minutes, that has this week burst onto the scenes and was becoming a viral hit before it was deleted by YouTube.

The documentary features Dr. Judy Mikovits who is a well-known anti-vaccine activist in the United States. Mikovits tries to expose what she says is multiple errors made by the big pharmaceutical companies that led to the current coronavirus pandemic. The doctor assures that COVID-19 is one of the “achievements” of modern medicine that she had anticipated years ago.


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