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tomorrow is my last day in the UK until November, praying I will be accepted.

Today I will show you what I use to create the texture maps for my character skin models.

there is so much creepy stuff at this school, it scares me more than the ghosts when it is something real.

This school has a creepy basement, like for real.

Just want to update people on what is happening, been busy sorting out my stuff for my trip.

In today's video, I will be showing how to make Pre-Bake lighting for your video games, adding in fake Raytracing shadows and Global Illumination

Today I will give my personal opinion on what I think about the Peggies. Are they a Far Left or Far Right Cult?

This School has essentially become a warzone between Armachan, Replicas and me.

This was the most scariest episode I recorded.

More Brain power haha.

Today I will be speaking my mind on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Open Beta.

Full guns blazing and taking a mech.

It looks as if I'm in a middle of a warzone.

Starting off with a major battle between the Spartans and the Romans, the true battle of the ages lies between John Wick and Nikola Tesla. Who will Win?

Another daily does of general knowledge, good to learn new things.

There will be no videos until September 19th.

So now there are Telepathic soldiers?

Apparently Alma now wants to kill me, fun

Today, Liz Truss officially becomes the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I'm just here to give my thoughts on the matter.

I swear these guys are everywhere now.

We're in an underground facility?

In this video, I will be showcasing a little of a Factions pack for Arma 3 called Arma 3: Kent Republican Forces.

I'm still waiting.

I don't know who but the day I return to my store is the day things went awry, problems everywhere.

It's been a long time but Evie has returned to us again.


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