The Explanation

The Explanation

This video was first uploaded to youtube on 28 June 2016, two weeks after the event in Orlando, Florida USA. The intention was to introduce truth seekers to the deeper mystery that is elementals. i.e. the unseen forces that seem to effect these crisis actors.

The video was removed from youtube on 22 February 2018, when they started their major purge of anything that slightly contradicts the official/main stream narrative. It is now reposted on this platform.

The second part of this video can be viewed here: (no, you're not going insane, just waking up!)

9/11 Documentary highlighting the discrepancies of the official narratives that were broadcast on main stream television. After watching this short video, even a simple intellect will be able to deduce that the hijacking on September 11 2001 is a conspiracy fact. For more in-depth knowledge and information visit:

This video was first uploaded to the internet in January 2013, one month after the Sandy Hook event. It has been re-posted on this platform as it seems it is no longer available on youtube. For more indepth knowledge and information visit:

Watch: We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook. First uploaded to the internet at the end of December 2014. For more indepth information and the big picture visit:


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