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The admonition of the scripture that women should not have authority is not misogyny, it is essential for our survival. The Illegal Christian explains the deadly consequences that come from allowing women to have positions of leadership as he explains Biblical Truths about women 3-5.

3. Women should never lead.
4. Women have no in-group loyalty.
5: Women kill their children.

Statistics about abortion:

"Why Women Destroy Civilizations" by Black Pigeon Speaks:

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Janet Bloomfield on why women should not vote
Part 1:

Part 2:

In this new series, the Illegal Christian will be shattering the illusions many Christians have about the character and psychology of women, using the Bible to demonstrate their true nature. Be warned: the truth about women isn't pretty.

In this video, we will discuss two of the Biblical Truths:

1: Women do not love the way men do.
2: Women can talk men into anything.


The Illegal Christian believes that God is judging our nation, and warns that if we don't change our attitudes, and stop tolerating evil, it's going to get a lot worse.

The Illegal Christian explains why ingratitude is one of the most dangerous sins of all, and how you can change your life by being more thankful.

What really is slavery? Is slavery unconditionally wrong? And how could your idolatry of your work cause you to take the mark of the beast? The Illegal Christian dives deep into some difficult questions.

Today, the Illegal Christian discusses what forms of criminal punishments are recommended by the Bible.

The Illegal Christian is pissed, so he goes off about these mandatory face mask and social distancing orders.

Not all sins comes from the same place. The Illegal Christian explains the difference between sins according to nature and sins against nature.

Most of your problems with doubt will be solved once you understand where doubt comes from. The Illegal Christian explains doubt, and how to get out of your head, and into your heart.

If you're concerned about your works, concentrate on what you believe. The Illegal Christian explains the importance of our beliefs, and how they determine our actions.

If you've made it this far in the series, you should be able to guess how the Illegal Christian advises you to deal with mortal enemies. He also addresses some of the most common pacifist objections.

The Illegal Christian explains some of the spiritual dangers of asceticism and self-denial.

There's no middle ground in dealing with spiritual enemies. The Illegal Christian breaks down the two ways one should deal with spiritual enemies, and explains how dangerous they really are.

The Illegal Christian explains how to avoid conflict in your personal life, especially the three major pitfalls.

Kicking off a new series, the Illegal Christian explains that enemies are unavoidable in life, and how to deal with them. And no, turning the other cheek does not mean bending over and grabbing your ankles!

Good times don't last forever; trials and tribulations will come. The Illegal Christian explains the importance of physical and spiritual preparedness. He also answers some of the common objections to "prepping".

In our quest to be thought well of by others, Christians have allowed themselves to be bullied by heathens. The Illegal Christian implores us to find our balls, and stop being nice.

In the final part of a series, the Illegal Christian examines two stories from the scriptures that demonstrate the final result of the toleration of degeneracy.

"Seattle is dying":

In part two of a series, the Illegal Christian describes the two favorite tools of degenerate subversives - the doctrine of Balaam, and the gainsaying of Korah.

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When perverts and degenerates are tolerated in society, and given an equal status, they will eventually run riot, plunging you society into anarchy.

In part one of a series, the Illegal Christian explains the progression from tolerance to anarchy, and why deviants and sodomites will always eventually rebel against lawful authority.

No good can come from mass migration. The Illegal Christian proves it using the story of Exodus.

There is one thing that God demands government must do. When the government ceases to do it, that government becomes illegitimate.

Christian love is easier than you think. The Illegal Christian explains, and warns about the three mistakes that most people make in Christian love.

The Illegal Christian outlines a plan for beginners to understand the Bible.


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