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Basically the workprint cut, but with as much HD footage possible substituting the poor video quality of the workprint.

Re-uploaded to address a minor sound sync issue.

Always thought this movie was just mediocre at best. Then I found out about a rough cut which contains more footage and an alternate (ie director's original intended) ending that the studios messed with. After watching that version, I thought it got more ridiculous. But at least that version stayed consistent with its ever-growing lunacy. So I decided to make a cut that combines the theatrical with the rough cut, primarily sticking to the rough cut story and pacing.

It's going to be rough around the edges, and be more of a "what could've been" type of deal, but for those who are curious...


aka The Spirit of Jeet Kun Do. A hidden gem from South Korea. Primarily a drama regarding friendship, a love triangle, school politics reflecting Korean society of the late 70s, and a nice fight scene near the end of the film to top it all off.

A few that aren't from those decades included.

Some of my favorite commercials I either grew up with or discovered from around the 1980s-2000s, though there might be one that's from none of those decades.

When feminism threatens men of all races, there is only one force humanity can turn to for eradicating the female threat...

Something I remember being on YouTube back in the day.

Old school > new school.

My blog:

Metaphorically speaking.

Edit (10-2-2021): Well... apparently not.

Action film starring Chow Yun Fat and Conan Lee. Has one of the greatest action finales of all time.

Music video I made. Used the music track Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, and the footage from the film Alien. Video image from GeeksOfDoom:

My website:

Fan cut of the film that combines scenes from all 3 editions of the movie.

Last time, I promise. Tried to even out the audio, and edited one scene where an addition from the Director's Definitive Edition seemed unnecessary (making that scene with Magua and the French military leader basically the same as the Expanded Edition).

Not literally 5 seconds. It's about a naive girl who witnesses horrific atrocities that drive her to suicide. It's funny damnit!

Biting satire in a similar vane as Wag the Dog. Directed by Joe Dante, distributed on HBO (briefly), and questions the melting pot and forced immigration that threatens to tear America apart.

I don't care. I think this shit is funny.

One of the first animated films to incorporate CG with hand-drawn animation.

Took footage from youtube user 0088, who had the original Harmony Gold audio (from a VHS recording, which as far as I know is the only way to get it, as it only aired on television), and mixed it with a slightly higher quality version of the movie (from other various sources), and edited them together to make this rendition of the film (to the best of my ability).

This film was originally released in Japan in 1984, got an American release in 1987-8, and had a made-for-TV version done by Harmony Gold in 1989. The Harmony Gold version edits out roughly 15 minutes of footage from the original cut (primarily from scenes that, honestly, did go on for too long; but also some more relevant bits in order to make it more kid-friendly, such as this scene where the dad punches his son in the gut, where the midget hippy is eating a rat, and toned down a few death scenes and speeches). Despite the cuts, despite some awkward edits (especially during the last minute with the "love confession"), the main selling point for this version of the movie is the glorious 80s synth music. Half of which is taken from Harmony Gold's other anime (Robotech), the other half is original music done by Peter Davison (who did some of the best tracks in the film, especially during these two chase scenes). The music by Peter Davison, unfortunately, had never been recovered or utilized in any source outside of this version of the movie. So we're stuck with voices and SFX going on alongside the music, likely never to hear an isolated score from his work.

This film has never gotten a DVD release (and only the non-Harmony Gold version got a VHS and Laserdisc release). This is primarily because it's caught up in copyright hell, largely due to the original creator of the Lensman universe/franchise (ie book writers) forbid it, and are doing everything in their power not to get this re-released. Because they hated the film adaptation, view as sacrilege with how far it deviated from the source material. Not often a work from a famous anime film director, Yoshiaki Kawajiri, who is also responsible for Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D, Wicked City, Demon City Shinjuku, Goku: Midnight Eye, and Cyber City Oedo 808 can get unofficially banned from official release. Then again, this was his first major film he worked on before moving onto those projects.

0088 youtube video:
alternate version of the movie (with original Japanese music):
video discussing the copyright controversy and its "Lost Media" status:
see above:

For a slightly better version where I made a couple tweaks, ho here:

So obvious.

Obviously meant to be a sick joke. That's what underage kids get for driving.

Footage from:
* Beethoven (obviously)
* Only the Lonely (1991)

Criminally overlooked boxing flick. Stars Klaus Maria Brandauer, Adrian Pasdar, and Wesley Snipes.

Ripped from original VHS. Has the original audio and effects unlike the remastered DVD version.

Something I remember from childhood.

Recreated from memory, from a youtube video I saw nearly a decade ago.

Cult horror flick with Seth Green duking it out with ticks on steroids.

aka Salute of the Jugger

Still waiting for this to get a proper remastered release that's in widescreen with decent audio. And no, the Japanese Blu-Ray edition doesn't qualify.


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