Film about the Deep State and UN doing an EMP attack on the electric grid to blackout the entire U.S., and begin an invasion disarming the populace.

It's silly in execution and low on budget. Cameo appearance by Alex Jones.

The greatest so-bad-it's-good movie ever made for mountain climbers.

Pulled this from Youtube before it got deleted a long while back. Figure I'd give it an upload here, as it's one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen in my life.

French animated film about a boy stranded on an alien planet, and the space travelers' journey to save him.

An indy film from 1990 that has some metaphors about Hong Kong and China.

This video is mirrored from the taken down YouTube channel of The Dishonoured Wolf (aka Word of Wolf). His review of the shitty dino movie.

There's the Japanese version, and the American version. Both are different in their own way, with different footage and edits (it's not just an audio difference). This is one of the very rare instances where I actually prefer the American version to the Japanese version. Better edited, better paced, and the Cold War thing made more sense here than the way the Japanese portrayed it.

Also includes Bambi Meets Godzilla.

The documentary on the why and how Disney banned the ABC miniseries The Path to 9/11.

There were no edits to this version when televised.

Part 1 of the 2 part miniseries that aired once, and only once, on Disney ABC on September 10-11, 2006 (albeit in an edited format) before Disney bowed to pressure from the Clintons and permanently pulled it off the air and has not released it since.

Link to part 2:

Link to the documentary Blocking the Path to 9/11:

Find out more in my 3-part review:

Starring Reb Brown and James Coburn. A largely unknown true story about a mentally ill U.S. soldier who became a serial killer in Australia during WWII, causing disruption among the U.S. and Australian troops before they get shipped off to go against Japan. And how this led to some a reform law over how they're to be tried and convicted.

Copy of the video originally on YouTuber The Word of Wolf's channel (aka The Dishonoured Wolf). He deleted his channel and all videos on it before deciding to try offing himself, believing him and his videos to be pointless and detrimental to society, and better off not existing at all. This is re-uploaded from one who believes otherwise.

The director's cut version of this hidden gem of a film. Also known as CatchFire.

Also made a review for it if you're interested in figuring out how to truly appreciate this film for what it is:

The conclusion of the Thai historical epic.

aka The Legend of Suriyothai. A historical epic about a significant event that shaped the future of Thailand. About a period of disease, political/civil turmoil, and then having to repel a large foreign army near the end of it all.

Made a review for it here:

The 2nd and final part.

Part 1 of this 4 1/2 hour epic polish film from the 70s that not many know about. IMHO, it's better than Ben-Hur.

0:00 My Name Is Nobody

3:34 Bram Stoker's Dracula

5:07 Rollerball

6:44 The Pagemaster

7:44 Patton

9:08 The Hudsucker Proxy

10:38 Dead Man

11:27 Blade Runner

14:04 You Can't Win 'em All

17:04 Lawrence of Arabia

The real reason Daenerys went apeshit wasn't because she didn't get laid in hot passionate incestuous sex. No, it was because Cercei and the others in King's Landing found a way to torture her via telepathy. Adam Sandler flicks have a habit of doing that.

White nationalism is not wrong, and here's why.

Drag Racing footage:

Klavan video "Why White Nationalism Is Wrong":

TheRedElephants video "Chicago Erases Database For Most Ridiculous Reason":


The American Experience DVD compared to the WGBH VHS edition. The DVD version has cut out much of the footage from the VHS edition.

Visit my website for a review of the series:

A selection of ASMR clips from 18 different movies (in no particular order).

You're ASMR tastes might be different from mine. I'll freely admit, I'm a bit on the strange side.

0:00 Beware! The Blob: The movie sucks loads of ass, but this scene and that barber's voice...

2:58 The Matrix: Again, the voice makes this scene.

5:33 Battle of the Sexes: Haven't seen the film, might never see it. But I have seen this sequence online, and from what I understand, it was intended to be an ASMR sequence. Well, it worked, even if that chick does the shittiest haircut job in the world. Seriously, did she even snip one strand of hair that entire time?

7:29 Mulholland Drive: It just works.

11:12 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: that dubbed voice works, and so does the sound of messing with gun parts.

13:14 Eyes Without A Face: ...

17:45 The Mummy: Ok, it's the film static.

20:52 Tightrope: The sound of that messager.

21:57 Star Trek-Nemesis: Those rubber suits.

23:19 The Birdcage: The sound of the suit and the couch.

24:53 Mousehunt: Christopher Walken, enough said.

25:41 Audition: Papers please.

27:11 Alien: Water drips.

29:00 The Philadelphia Experiment: Nails.

30:02 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2: It's going to sound weird (because it is), but that sizzling coat hanger.

32:27 Hellraiser II: various elements, from the smoking, bandage wrapping, sounds of the voices.

36:28 Dracula: Who doesn't love Bella Lugosi's voice?

38:24 Naked Lunch: It's personal. 3 different scenes

Just something I thought of randomly. Clips from Rush Hour and George Carlin's You are All Diseased.

Now we see how Milo is great at playing the sax in the TC, but terrible at it in the DC. This has thematic/metaphorical consequences with the alterations, being that Milo is supposed to be an abstract individual who is terrible at expressing himself.

Comparison between both versions of the film with the scene where Milo attempts to seduce Anne after kidnapping her.


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