I was curious what would happen if you plugged in a subwoofer so thats how this video was born. Then I plug in a hotdog, electrify a can of shaving cream, tickle a pickle (with 120 volts), and show you my new method of rapid plasma assisted material removal on a can of lighter fluid.

My friend & I collaborated in Dropbox Paper to build a collapsible glider for a potato cannon! Visit to learn more about this free tool. #DropboxAmbassador

You can find the 3D files on my website

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I was curious if molten aluminum is bulletproof, and now you are too!

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I was curious how bright a deadly dose of radiation would be after I watched Chernobyl. Hopefully this video helps you visualize what a dangerous dose of radiation would look like.

Ive got a few short videos like this coming up in the next few days!
Heres the cool water balloons i used in the video
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Hey guys, Backyard Scientist here! This is my first upload to BitChute. YouTube keeps demonetizing my videos so Im going to syndicate my channel over here!


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